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Jurassic Park Legacy - Welcome to Jurassic Park
News Archive - October 2005

Subject: News Rumblings
Date: 10/24/2005
Author: Tyrannosaur

There's not a lot going on in the news in the way of development of a Jurassic Park 4. So far it's late October and we haven't heard anything in the manner of an announcement blitz, but we're still optimistic about the prospect of a JP4. We've been updating and working on information a lot lately so we haven't had much time to be making updates to the news page here. Our new news system should be finished soon as well as our new forums. We're going the route of a PHPBB2 so the board is hosted right here on the site. Oviraptor and I today re-worked the maps for Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna after we noticed some inconsistancies that were out there. So please take a look at our maps section and see our newest incarnations ready for download.
We're going to attempt to bring the Production Information sections online sometime soon, Image collection has finished for the Rides and Exhibits, the toy section is going to be a while, Oviraptor is securing images of the vehicles and equipment in the JP films to get a similar format to what we have in the Dinosaur and Character Profiles sections online, I recently ordered the rest of the JP comics I needed from Ebay to start the comics database, the novel databases' progress is slowly but surely, and a new larger photo gallery is going to be brought online for the movie sections.
So even though you may not see something posted on the main page, we're still alive, we're just very, very busy trying to make this growing site even better.

Subject: JPLegacy New Version
Date: 10/08/2005
Author: Tyrannosaur

Today we have launched our new version of JPLegacy thanks to the handy work of Tyrannosaurus Matt. We've restructured the format of the site mostly. We altered pictures for the dinosaurs, found a new Dinosaur that's on Site B (Anatotitan), and added gender pictures of the dinosaurs that sexual dimorphism are known for.
We'll be adding other things eventually as time progresses, we're working hard on the Production Information sections and Cutscene sections for all three JP films currently. We'll be moving to Jurassic Gaming and Movie Canon JP Toys sections after that. The Jurassic Gaming is going to just give information about each and every single Jurassic Park game made from JP NES to JPOG. The Movie-Canon JP Toys will have pictures that show you what toys, and what alterations need to be made to make them identical to their movie-counterparts.
If you haven't noticed the name change by now for the JPMD we've finally broadened our horizons and renamed the project to the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia. The JPE will include "databases" of various other sources in the entire JP franchise. The Novel database is currently being worked on right now and will also include summaries of the books with it. Other databases planned are the Comics and the novelette series "Jurassic Park Adventures"
Also, we have plans to try to spread the word about Jurassic Fandom by attending conventions, but I would like to finish the site before we attend conventions to promote the site, movie series, and the fandom. Although this version is not entirely finished we couldn't wait to share with you our progress. So stay tuned as we work on more features and additions to this place and of course as always:

"Welcome to Jurassic Park Legacy"

Subject: 100 years for T.rex
Date: October 04, 2005
Author: Tyrannosaur
Credit: Oviraptor

Indian Television is celebrating the 100th "Birthday" of Tyrannosaurus rex. It's been a 100 years since T.rex has first stomped into our lives and became the world's most famous dinosaur icon. Celebrate the dinosaur's birthday on October 5th.

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