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News Archive
News Archive - March 2010
New Comic Series! Jurassic Park: Redemption
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 23:49 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: FRH

With Jurassic Park IV back in the rumor back-alley, it seems all hope has been lost yet again for a revival of the franchise. However, the naysayers are wrong. Jurassic Park: Redemption, a comic book series has just been announced. Thanks to JPLegacy forum user cloverfan98 for dinding this. Redemption will be produced by the comic powerhouse IDW and is slated for a June 2010 debut.

More information about Jurassic Park: Redemption can be read here.

2000 Signatures on JPIV Petition!
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010 - 13:35 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: JackDeLaMare

The petition that I setup over a year ago has reached 2000 signatures! That's a lot of people who want JPIV, but I know there are many more people out there who haven't signed, so get signing!

Forum downtime FIXED
Date: Friday, March 12, 2010 - 14:28 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: FRH

The downtime issues have been resolved by our technical staff, and the JPL Board works fine. Thanks, Jack DeLaMare!

We're experiencing some forum downtime issues here at Jurassic Park Legacy. These are being worked on. A few cables were gnawed through by compies, so they have to be replaced.

Luckily, the chat room is intact. Please come to the Jurassic Park Legacy chat room in the meantime to chill and talk about anything. The news will be updated when the forums are fixed.

Moa DNA found in fossilized egg shells
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 3:50 AM (Eastern Time)
Author: FRH

Giant, extinct birds called Moas used to roam Australia. Like dinosaurs, they laid eggs. Unlike the eggs of their mesozoic grandfathers, DNA has been found in Moa eggs, according to an article posted up on The Daily Mail

Biologist Charlotte Oskam and colleagues at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, said eggshell is a resilient membrane that is frequently found in fossil deposits around the world.

But their study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences is the first to discover DNA can be extracted from the eggshells.

The researchers used a state-of-the-art laser technique to highlight DNA 'hotspots' under the microscope using fluorescent green dye.

Yes. DNA. The building block for building a living creature. As to whether the DNA will lead to a 'new' generation of Moa birds remains to be seen, but this certainly raises some interesting questions. If we can get DNA from fossilized Moa eggs, why not dinosaurs?

The full article can be found atThe Daily Mail's website.

Witte Museum's new dinosaur exhibit
Date: Friday, March 5, 2010 - 13:20 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: FRH

The Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas, is opening its brand new dinosaur exhibit Dinosaurs Unearthed March 6th, 2010. The museum exhibit features animatronic dinosaurs, full renditions of feathered dinosaurs, and of course skeletons. To kick off the new exhibit, the museum will be hosting a variety of events. The cornerstone of which being a visit by Dinosaur George.

Dinosaur George Blasing will be discussing some of the latest discoveries; including feathered dinosaurs, unveil some of the latest evidence discovered through CT scanning of the brain cases of dinosaurs and discuss some of the more unusual dinosaur discoveries in recent years.
Cost is $5 for museum members and students, and $10 for non members.

If you're in the San Antonio area, go give the exhibit some love this month, and pay George a visit.

67 Million Year Old Fossil of a Snake Eating Dinosaur Infants
Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 0:33 AM (Eastern Time)
Author: Veritas

You read correct folks. A new prehistoric snake species was found eating baby dinosaurs.

The 67 million-year-old fossil is of a snake coiled around dinosaur eggs and a hatchling. This is the first evidence of snakes eating dinosaurs.

“It’s a stunning, once-in-a-lifetime find,” said paleontologist Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago, who was not involved in the study. “We’ve caught one of the rarest moments in the fossil record, which is prey and predator, together.”

The newly discovered species of snake, Sanajeh indicus, measures about 11.5 feet long. The hatchlings, part of a group called titanosaurs, measured about a foot and a half long. Titanosaurs were the largest animal to ever walk on land, with adults that could reach up to 100 feet long.

Read more about this amazing find here.
For those who are attending the Burpee Museum's annual
, be sure to be there at 3:30 P.M. A talk will be give by Dr. Jason Head from the University of Toronto about this amazing find as well as other Prehistoric snakes!

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