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News Archive
News Archive - March 2011

Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: The Game Video

Date: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 19:52 (Eastern)
Author: Veritas

Telltale released a new video for their Jurassic Park game covering the animals that will, at least, be in episode one!
You can watch the video here.

Jurassic Park Game Contest

Date: Monday, March 21, 2011 - 21:28 (Eastern)
Author: Icedhope

Jurassic Park: The Game contest!

Hey JP Fans, It's your good friend, Chaos_Theory here with an awesome contest for you!

Have you heard that next month, Telltale Games is debuting Jurassic Park the video game?

Well I just happen to have Five codes for Jurassic Park the video game. Provided by TellTaleGames For you artists,fimaker, and other people that re-create stuffs.

All you have to do win one of these awesome codes is either Illustrate, Re-inact, and or write something about your favorite moment in the film.

It can be any scene, any long as it has to do with the first movie.

Send your Submissions before April 5th 2011! We the staff will Judge the entries, and pick the top entry from the five Categories! For each Category, and we will notify the winners via email and PM.

Now for everyones favorite Part The Rules!

One entry person, and one winner for each category. Illustration, Video, Literary, arts. Arts will have two sections costuming, and Sculptures. All subjects must be PG to PG-13 with minimal to no swearing, Videos must have in the Title JP Game Contest, and made viewable by the staff, no downloadable videos. All property entered must fall in line with the first Jurassic Park Film. Winners will be notified Via PM on the Site and Via Email from Jurassic Park Legacy. Codes Were Provided By TellTaleGames, for promotional Consideration.

Paleontology Tuesday

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 15:18 (Eastern)
Author: darkraptor

Evening guys and girls,

I hope your all well and you all had good days and I hope you enjoyed yesterdays instalment of Paleontology Monday/Tuesday. Just a little note, I had a few PM’s saying the link for the Brontomerus came up as not found, I have now fixed the problem and I would like to thank those who informed me and I hope you all now get to enjoy the interesting article.

I shall stop rambling now and get the ball rolling:

Did Dinosaurs Die Out Because Males Couldn’t Find a Date?

A problem every guy tends to worry about at least once or twice in their life is ‘‘will they find I date’’ although as many guys have be told not finding a date ‘‘isn’t the end of the world’’ but for dinosaurs it may well of been.

Although the reason for this wasn’t that all the female dinosaurs were pre-occupied by washing their hair or having their skirts pulled up by Dr. Malcolm but in fact it may be a result of the climate change resulting from the asteroid impact. It has long been argued and more or less agreed in the world of paleontology - or if your English like my self Palaeontology - that the massive asteroid at least played some part in the extinction of the dinosaurs but to say it was the soul cause is a stretch. A paper written in 2004 suggests the theory of the effects the asteroid caused by increasing the climate while also suggesting that dinosaurs shared a reproductive strategy with crocodiles regarding the temperature of the eggs would determine the sex. Once the climate changed and got warmer David Miller and Jonathan Summers suggest the heat from both the mother who kept her clutch of eggs warm and the climate turned the more embryos male than female therefore as time moved on the males would be unable to mate and eventually die out.

Check out the full article here.

Tyrannosaurus: Hyena of the Cretaceous

The long and lengthy debate of Tyrannosaurus Rex being either a hunter or scavenger continues to rage in paleontology and both with hard evidence to back either case up. Since Jurassic Park hit our screens and our hearts in 1993 it has long be a common perception that Tyrannosaurus was a terrifying hunter which would stop at nothing to feast, but was that really the case or just half of it?

Jack Horner seems to think otherwise and suggests that the Rex was merely a scavenger who would feast upon carcasses it come across. Horner’s suggestion is one that some may think a little odd - the most famous dinosaur being dubbed a mere scavenger but Horner had evidence to back it up.

Thomas Holtz on the other hand suggests that Tyrannosaurus may well be a scavenger but there is nothing stopping it hunting for its next meal either - referring it to the spotted Hyena of the Cretaceous as Hyenas are also known to hunt their prey.

Read up on the rest of this fascinating article here.

That brings us to an end of this weeks Paleo instalment but service will be back to normal from this Saturday onwards. Hope you enjoyed reading this as I have enjoyed writing it for you all. Until next time, take care.

Paleontology Monday

Date: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 17:00 (Eastern)
Author: darkraptor

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay on Paleontology Saturday this week, hope you all have had a wonderful week and weekend. I will be splitting this addition of Paleontology Saturday over both Monday and Tuesday to give you great people two days of Paleo news.

Kicking us off is:

Paleontologists Announce “Thunder Thighs”:

We are all aware of the name Brontosaurus, in fact it is a name almost everyone within the general public says when asked to think of a dinosaur name, it even comes up on Microsoft Word without the red squiggly line suggesting it is spelt wrong - I tried to see if Word was accustom to Becklespinax but its wasn’t - but alas Apatosaurus prevailed in the naming rights leaving the name Brontosaurus to become extinct within the Palaeontology world and for the rest becoming a legend within its self.

Although we may have lost Brontosaurus as a genus we have now gained something new and with a name which echoes the myth. Brontomerus or ‘‘thunder thighs’’ is the name given to the cousin of the better know Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus and lived in Utah over 112 million years ago.

Read up on Brontomerus and its discovery here.

Restoring Nedoceratops: Gored by a Horned Rival?

Nedoceratops, a dinosaur which many have never even heard of before and its no wonder why. Kept in the shadows for over a century due to being viewed as an ‘‘oddball’’ and was even regarded as a transitional growth stage between Triceratops and Torosaurus head shapes in a single species dinosaur which sparked a renewed interest in Nedoceratops. Nedoceratops has two unequally shaped holes squamosal bones on the sides of its frill which have provided a debate regarding the holes being natural or the result of an attack.

Read more on the mystery that is Nedoceratops here.

Tapeworms, Trematodes and Other Dinosaur Pests:

Parasites are something we all want to avoid if we can as we know the damage they cause, but did dinosaurs ever have to suffer the effects of a tapeworm for example. Tapeworms have been found in birds and crocodiles so it is a possibility a giant tapeworm could make its way through the body of a Brachiosaurus although it isn’t a rather pleasant image.

A extraordinary example of micro-organisms effecting dinosaurs is examining the skulls of theropod dinosaurs who had suffered facial bite marks and have healed over, a series of smooth edged holes which are inconsistent to the bite marks, these holes are argued to be similar to the micro-organism Trichomonas gallinae—a protozoan that causes throat ulcers and opens the same kinds of lesions in the jaws of modern birds.

Read the rest of this extraordinary article here.

That’s it for part one, guys. Make sure you come back tomorrow and check out part two.

Interview with Mark Darin

Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011 - 23:58 (Eastern)
Author: Icedhope

I know a lot of you, have been itching for some information about the new Jurassic park game from telltale games? Well I'm pleased to deliver this interview with one of the Designers Mr. Mark Darin.

Kurt:I am a big fan of the films, and a big question on my mind is why, just under 10 years from the release of the third and final film, have you decided to make a Jurassic Park game?

Mark:When we partnered with Universal, we we're interested in film franchises that have a universal lasting appeal. Back to the Future was having it's big Anniversary push and it seemed like a perfect fit for us. We saw that Jurassic Park was also nearing an anniversary milestone and recognized the opportunity to for Telltale to make a different kind of game, one that pushes our graphic and game play capabilities in new directions while keeping true to our character based story telling core.

Kurt:Another thing that Telltale has never done before, a definite non-comedy. Did you feel Jurassic Park was the Perfect license to revolutionize Telltale, much like the film did for CG back in the early 90's?

Mark:Telltale HAS done non-comedy games in the CSI series, but we really wanted to push our engine even further. We were starting to get a reputation of producing wonderful “Cartoony” type games, which is great, but we wanted to prove that we could do so much more! Jurassic Park was the perfect opportunity to revolutionize ourselves creating more realistic (but still stylized) characters and environments, introducing motion capture into our animation suite, tackling more serious tones and incorporating cinematic action game play!

Kurt:Before you decided on the current storyline, were there any other ideas the creative team was tossing around regarding other characters, islands, or even entire plotlines that you can share?

Mark:Sure, the design team always tears through a series of wild ideas before settling on one that both suits the franchise and offers plenty of exciting story moments! One of the many ideas I pitched dealt with Modern Day pirates and the trading of Dinosaur commodities on the black market. Think “Blood Diamond” but with dinosaurs.

Kurt:Did you take Paleontology into account to help ensure the accuracy of the dinosaurs, or did you simply base everything off of the mythos of the films?

Mark:We did both! It was important for us to stick to the mythos of the films, to do otherwise would be quite disrespectful to the franchise. So our velociraptors look like the raptors in the movies. Our T-Rex still has a problem seeing things that aren't moving, despite the fact that modern paleontologists say there is no evidence to even suggest that.
But we didn't simply take what the movies had given us and run with it. The entire Jurassic Park team took a trip to UC Museum of Paleontology to speak with Dr. Kevin Padian.
We talked quite a bit about new scientific discoveries, such as the recent discovery that the Triceratops and Torosaurus are actually the same animal at different stages of maturity. Although not always accurate by today's standards, the science of Jurassic Park is an important part of the story. We are upholding that by keeping up to date on the latest theories and referencing them in the story we have written.

Kurt:I think people get confused by what Jurassic Park is about. It isn't about people getting killed or eaten, it's about survival, and overcoming challenges that man was never meant to encounter. After reading what Joel Dreskin said in the Game Informer preview, it seems the former is the focus of the game. Can we expect a lot of challenges?

Mark:Our game will be full of challenges. These challenges come not just out of the people surviving the dinosaurs, but also the environment and even each other!

Kurt:Jurassic Park looks to be a different kind of Video Game then both fans of the adventure genre and fans of the films seem to have expected. Have you had any hard lashings from the fanbase(s) over the game you're trying to create?

Mark:Generally the feedback has been really positive, but there are fans on both sides that have expressed their apprehension. This just speaks to the level of passion that adventure gamers and film fans have. People tend to tense up a bit when they don't know what to expect, and I'm no exception! But we took our Adventure Game design sensibilities and our love of the movies and spent a lot of time figuring out how we can best present the game in a way that showcases the cinematic tension of the movie, maintains the puzzle challenges of our other games, and integrates action in a way that is accessible and satisfying to all. I think we have come up with a system that is just right for this particular title. I am extremely pleased with how well it works!

Well thank you mark, for taking the time to answer some of these questions, and remember folks. Jurassic Park is due out April 2011. You can go to to pre-order, and gain access to the insider forum and a sleu of other goodies as well!

Redone Jurassic Park: The Game trailer

Date: Friday, March 11, 2011 - 20:35 (Eastern)
Author: Veritas

Special thanks to JurassicMedia and Dr.Dino for these tidbits. Telltale redid their trailer for their new Jurassic Park game to include the actual JP Tyrannosaur roar. Now, if I do say so myself, the trailer is even more epic. You can watch the trailer here.

Also, Telltale has promised more material for us fans who preorder the game. You'll get all five episodes as they are released, as well as a Collector's DVD after series is done, and special forum access that allows an inside look to the making of the game.Be sure to preorder your copy here.

Cretaceous Chaos: PaleoFest Revisited

Date: Monday, March 7, 2011 - 18:38 (Eastern)
Author: Veritas

Join Josh and Sam Saturday, March 12th from 4:00-6:00 P.M CST for their PaleoFest Revisited special on Cretaceous Chaos. We’ll recap the event as well as broadcast interviews with leading scientists such as Paul Sereno, Thomas Carr, and many others. All this and much more, only on WAUG. Be sure to listen in.
Also, watch our PaleoFest special trailer on Youtube.

What IDW Could've Done to Make Jurassic Park:Redemption A Hit

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011 - 0:59 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

In a recent post on the message boards, JPL's very own Veritas has taken a step to identify the recent faults with the Jurassic Park Redemption series. Check out the five-things IDW should have clearly avoided.
5.)Better art/more care for the art
First and foremost, let’s get it out of the way. Dyke’s art in the series as a whole was pretty bad. But I’d told that he drew out a rather good unused cover for the series that can be seen in the graphic novel. If this is true I simply wonder why the care wasn’t put into the entire series. I wish it would have, because if the cover is as good as I’ve heard the comics would have been infinitely more fun to read.

4.) The Ludlow wanting revenge plot.
It doesn’t make sense, to me anyway. Ludlow was always out for money, and Hammond never had anything to do with him being attacked by the Tyrannosaurs. The whole “wanting to destroy the Hammond name” was just silly. The fact that Ludlow survived… is mildly bothersome, but something I could live with. But his motivations in the film were never to ruin Hammond, it was to take control of InGen and gain money. They could have simply made that his motivations here as well instead of making him the bad guy.

3.) Dialogue and actions of characters.
The dialogue between characters, and subsequently their actions related to the words that were coming from them were down right campy through the series (ESPECIALLY in the last two comics.) The last two comics made it feel as if the reader was watching an old 50’s style sci-fi/dinosaur film. “You’re insane!” “Oh no, not again!!” It got to the point of being just ridiculous, and it made it hard to get emotionally involved with the characters, as well as maintaining an interest in the story at all. And the inside jokes and references got real old, REAL fast. It would have been nice if it played a vital part to the story, because that would be keeping with canon. But most of the time it was just filler, and it was annoying. One small rant is the fact that Alan and Ellie showed up, which again just seemed to be a nice filler reference. They played no vital role to the story at all.

2.) Keep it canon.
If they had done a little research it would have made the series much better. I mean, referencing both islands is something I can live with, even though Nublar has been dismantled (see deleted board room scene from The Lost World.) But getting Lex’s name wrong (Alexa vs. Alexis) is just sloppy, and proves that not too much research was done. It really does seem like this was more of a reference to the early sci-fi dinosaur films, and not a Jurassic Park comic because there seemed to be no real research or knowledge of the source material showing through in the story. If they wanted to do that kind of a story, by all means it would have been welcomed I’m sure. But once you slap Jurassic Park’s name on it, despite it being imperfect, there is a certain level of expectations people have. Jurassic Park is the movie people think about when dinosaurs are mentioned, and was the highest grossing film (reaching nearly a billion dollars) for four years. And it still holds the record for highest amount spent on advertising (at $65 million.) And then two sequels, several prior comic series,’ and spin off books. Jurassic Park has prestige despite the fact that not everything that was released was good (I.E most of the comic spin-off series.)

1.)Dodgson should have been the main villain.
The story over all could have been saved if this minor adjustment had been made. The way I feel the story should have gone was that Ludlow was still returning from the dead, and helping Tim out (only because he wanted money.) But now Lewis Dodgson had gone “undercover” probably with another alias, and was hired to join the team of the new Jurassic Park. Because he and BioSyn was ruined (in theory) by not getting the embryos that Nedry was supposed to deliver, he holds a harsh grudge against InGen. Now he wants payback, and he starts to release dinosaurs on the town of Glen Rose, Texas.
The story we have now doesn’t make sense. Why would Lew work for InGen/Ludlow? He was not a saboteur in the films; he worked for BioSyn, a rival company that wanted to run InGen into to the ground.

Be sure to check out his post here.

Thomas Holtz?s Dinosaur Encyclopedia (S/F)
Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
Jurassic World (Movie)
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Barry (II) (S/F)

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