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News Archive
News Archive - April 2010

Primate Fossil More Than 11 Million Years Old Discovered

Date: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 13:49 (Eastern)
Author: darkraptor

An amazing discovery in a Catalonian rubbish dump lead to the discovery of new species of Pliopithecus primate.

The fossil was of a lower jaw from the primate was found in Can Mata in the Vallès-Penedès basin Catalonia and was named after the town it was discovered - Pliopithecus canmatensis

The primate is believed to belong to a group of primates which dispersed from Africa into Eurasia.

Read the full article here

Retracing the Tracks of Dinosaurs Reveals Ecosystem the Size of a Continent

Date: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 12:29 (Eastern)
Author: darkraptor

We have all heard of dinosaur groups, packs and herds but who has ever heard of Dinosaur Continents? Researchers at McGill University in Canada believe that dinosaur ecology could stretch as far as an entire continent.
"Researchers at McGill University are unlocking the mysteries of the little-known habits of dinosaurs in discovering that the entire western interior of North America was likely once populated by a single community of dinosaurs. According to a statistical analysis of the fossil record, dinosaurs were adept at coping with all sorts of environments, and not as restricted in their geographic ranges as previously thought."

Read the full article here

Jurassic Innards! The Jurassic Park Legacy Blog!

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 23:51 (Eastern)
Author: FRH

Yes. You read that right. We have our own blog, kids. The blog is hosted HERE and is currently just under my jurisdiction. In a few weeks; all members of the staff will be allowed to post on it, and it will act as a small peephole into the world behind the scenes.

Now, you're probably asking yourself “A Jurassic Park Legacy... blog?” Yes. The purpose of this blog however is nothing related to dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, or anything really. It is simply to show our users how we do stuff. How is news posted? What do those symbols in the chat mean? How did you figure that out? Basically, this blog is a look under the hood of Jurassic Park Legacy. It looks to see the guts, muscles, and skeleton that make up the website.

Our goal with this blog is Multifaceted:

1: Provide users with an understanding and respect of how we get things done around the website.
2: Familiarize members with functions, terms, and things that they might not understand outright, but would be beneficial to them, either on or off the site.
3: Act as a bit of a reference guide for new staff members so that they can familiarize themselves with the utilities we use.
4: Show how research is done; which will allow the members to appreciate research, and be able to help out with the process.

So, come check out Jurassic Innards and comment! Give us feedback on the processes that we use! Got something you're curious about? Ask in the forums and we'll give you the how-two on how it is done!

Jurassic Park: Graphic Novel 2010

Date: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 18:57 (Eastern)
Author: Veritas

Folks, the 1993 Topps comic book adaptation of our beloved film Jurassic Park is being re-released to book stores this November it seems.
It will probably be along with the graphic novel release of JP: Redemption, and one could only hope that this will sell good enough for them to re-release all of the old JP comics in graphic novel form (Raptor Hijack, Return to, and even the The Lost World adaptation.)

You can preorder your copy of the Jurassic Park graphic novel on the Barnes and Noble website.
Copies are slated to hit shelves on November 9th, 2010.

Live The Legend UPDATE

Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 18:09 (Eastern)
Author: JPTRex

Currently with the new Star System in place, we still have available slots. The slots include but are not limited to:

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Live The Legend is a popular text based RPG. To get more information on the RPG, you need to join the JPLegacy Forum.

What makes something Jurassic Park to you?

Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 18:46 (Eastern)
Author: FRH

Well, with projects winding to a close (we will have some treats available this June! ;)), we're coming closer and closer to having the staff with free hands. We will be closer to calling JPL 'complete'. You know what that means? The staff can go out into daylight!

More then likely we'd melt in the sun because of our lack of alpha and beta radiation doses from working on JPL. To avoid this travesty, we are looking for new ways to satisfy the JP community and provide new content and news while we wait for JP IV! However, in order to deliver the content that you want, rather then some crap with jurassic park glued onto the side, we need to know something...

What makes something Jurassic Park to you? What makes a game feel like its a Jurassic Park experience and not just some game with the title slapped on? What about books? Scores? Post your deepest, and most heartfelt feelings in this thread here, or email us, or just stop in the chat room!

Protoceratops fossil found with Velociraptor bites

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - 0:15 (Eastern)
Author: FRH

Fossils of dinosaurs fighting and feeding, or fossils showing evidence of feeding are arguably the rarest and most valuable finds to science. While many fossils of Tyrannosaurus victims have been found, this is the first time an animal has been found showing bite marks from a dromaeosaurid.

This remarkable fossil is the first time any animal that has been fed on by a dromaeosaur have been found in the fossil record. It is also more evidence that predatory dinosaurs would scavenge, as well as hunt, their meals down.

The article can be found and read in full here, thanks to the BBC.

Star System Implemented - Live The Legend News

Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 13:36 (Eastern)
Author: JPTRex

The popular RPG Live The Legend here on JPLegacy has a new Star System in place. You can join by first registering at the forum and applying a Writing Sample and Character Profile.

The Star System allows you to have 10 characters total. New slots for Tyrannosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor (both Sorna and Nublar), and Spinosaurus have been placed.

With the news of Sorna being 3 times bigger than originally thought and the progress of the Sorna Map, it has brought some exciting changes to the game. Get the character slots while they're there, folks!

The game also has new islands being implemented and the Jurassic Trackers plot, all of which will be set forth when the new maps are finished by our very own BrachioInGEN. Jurassic Trackers will allow for Human-Dinosaur interaction and Human character slots for people to take up as well as create their personality and biographies. Some people seen in the movies and novels will also be playable when JT is implemented.

Some of the islands that will arrive have been left unknown- Check back soon to see if they have been revealed. Cenozoic creatures and Paleozoic creatures are only two of the coming attractions. Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect will also be available to RP, with some of the popular (as well as unreleased) models to take as a character.

Come to the Dinosaur RPG that has more than just dinosaurs going for it!

Skull changes suggest different diets

Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 10:55 (Eastern)
Author: FRH

Like modern day animals, it is believed that dinosaurs skulls would change over their growth period to adapt, or their diets would change. Both have been proven now with a recent re-examination of a Diplodocus juvenile skull.

The skull suggests two things, one, that the shape of the skull changed during growth, and, that the diet changed as well. This should come as no surprise due to size differences, but it also poses an added advantage in preventing babies and adults from having to compete for food. The entire article can be read here.

Homocraptor Saylensis becomes Canon!

Date: Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 15:12 (Eastern)
Author: FRH


Thanks to close communication with Universal Studios which I share, I can confirm, after speaking with a Ms. Allison Yang that Homocraptor saylensis is, indeed, canon. An interview with Ms. Yang will be posted up later this evening.

This exciting news also confirms that Jurassic Park IV is in development. Ms. Yang has confirmed this as well. Instead of Joe Johnston or Steven Spielberg, a surprising choice of director has emerged. A Mr. Adrien Parker has been chosen to head up the project. Mr. Parker, who's real name is being withheld until the interview is published tonight, is said to be "very highly acclaimed and recommended" for this job.

No word has been recieved from Stan Winston Studios, ILM, or Lucas Sound has been brought to our attention. Keep it tuned to Jurassic Park Legacy for further on this breaking news!

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