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Jurassic Park Legacy - News Archive
News Archive - April through September 2004

September 4th, 2004
Got a bit of site news today. We've updated our FAQ section of the site. Go ahead and take a look and tell us what you think and which questions you wish to add.

August 20th, 2004
Sorry for a lack of an update so long. I've been pretty busy offline with getting ready for college and everything. Got some news about JPIV. Oviraptor and several others have pointed that Aint-It-Cool News has posted out what is a review for the Jurassic Park IV script and let's just say I find the thing horrible and a disgrace to our fandom. Click here to see it yourself.

June 29th, 2004
JPMU Co-Webmaster, Oviraptor brings another new tid bit of information about Jurassic Park IV today this one from Coming Soon.Net!
An anonymous source checked in with the following info:

I thought I'd just give you a quick update on the fourth installment of 'Jurassic Park'.

First of all, for the fans worrying about it not making it for Summer 2005 - it won't. The plan now by the big execs is to release the film Winter 2005 or Spring 2005. Between December-April. The script is being rewritten by John Sayles, but is based on an earlier draft by a man called William Monahan.

I can't tell you much about the plot, in fact, I really can't tell you anything. You will be glad to hear a majority of the animals will be marine reptiles.

Sam Neill is not returning for this movie, but Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough are. The rumours that scenes have already been filmed are false. There is not even a director signed to the project yet. However, I hear one may be a man by the name of Alex Proyas. I think he made the Crow several years ago. He's still in discussion.

For some people the following news is very bad - the Spinosaurus is back! I know a lot of people weren't fond of her, but she'll be badder in this version. The raptors are also back, apparently.

Last thing - the Pinewood filming is true except that it is March 2005, not January. James Bond has booked most of the studios so it won't be able to film until then. They also need time to build a massive tank for the aquarium scenes.
As with every information pertaining to JPIV please take this as a rumor.

June 17th, 2004
It appears yesterday's report was false. Look at the thread here on our forums. Sorry all for this awful trick that was pulled.

June 16th, 2004
Oviraptor pointed out this interview with the legendary Sam Neill from CountingDown.Com. The interview speaks of Jurassic Park IV and here is a snippit from it:
June 16, 2004 'Jason' tells us:

Hi Fred Sam Neill was on the Australian 4BC radio breakfast show this morning (June 16) to plug his new TV movie 'Stiff', which premieres on the weekend. It was a fun interview, which delighted me no end when the topic turned to Jurassic Park IV! -

John: What's up next for you, Sam? You're doing another Jurassic Park, is that right?

Sam: Yeah. I couldn't say exactly when, though. They're still trying to nail the right script, so I don't know. The premise is there, it's just a matter of getting the script absolutely right, which is very important.

John: Now there's been three of these movies already. I was surprised they could even stretch it that far! What could possibly happen in a fourth one?

Sam: Well, uh, all I can say is there's lots of nasty dinosaurs in it, including me! (They all laugh)

Ross: Actually I read a report on the internet, when I was researching for this interview with you, that said Jurassic Park IV was going to feature dinosaurs being trained to, uh, carry military weapons, like rocket launchers or something?

Sam: (chuckling) Wow, that's the first time I've heard that one!

Ross: It's not true? Phew! Looks like Hollywood isn't as desperate as I thought! (laughs)

Sam: No, no. Don't worry. That's not the idea for the film. Not at all. Not from what I've been told, anyway. I believe there's alot of wacky stuff that one can read on the internet. Who knows where it all comes from?
That's actually sort of a relief we won't see any military-trained dinosaurs. That spares me from wanting to douse myself in battery acid upon seeing the film. Thanks to Jason and Oviraptor for the information.

June 11th, 2004
Today eleven years ago the movie, Jurassic Park, touched our imaginations and minds. Without it we wouldn't have this great site and great staff. Thank you to Michael Crichton for conceiving the idea for the novel and thank you Steven Spielberg for turning his vision into a wonderful movie.

June 10th, 2004
We've got a massive update for the site for the Dinosaur pages (Nublar, Sorna, InGen Cloned List, and Notes). Basically we all put on our technobabble hats and figured out the species name for every dinosaur from the movies. Please when you read the lists make sure you cross-reference with the notes page.

June 8th, 2004
According to a report from Dan's JP3 Page the Jurassic Park 4 script is undergoing a massive amount of rewrites. According to Jack Horner, The Dinosaur Consultant of the films, the fourth movie in the series probably isn't going to be in the 2005 release date plans anytime soon if this keeps going.

Got an update finally to the site. The Jurassic Park 3 Story page has been updated. This finished up the plot synopsis/cast sections of the site. Next we have plans to move to galleries and also allow you, the visitor, to send in a submission of a scene from the movie you want a screenshot taken of.

June 4th, 2004
We're still alive here. We relatively have nothing new to report about. Aside from the occassional rumor on JPIV, but there's hardly any of those. I haven't been working on the site much because I have been busy elsewhere in life. Thanks for sticking with us though. I'll be modifying the site some more with our dinosaur gallery pics section when I get a chance to sit on my butt for a few days and do it.

May 2nd, 2004
Finished uploading everything here to this server. Should be better, but I am going to shut down the GeoCities account now. Look for a notice to be placed on there if we lose this one.

April 3rd, 2004
Got another two updates to post about today. We have a new wallpaper made by Gigantsaur in our downloads section and work was recently just finished on the Jurassic Park Plot Synopsis and the Lost World Plot Synopsis section.

Recently just added the Jurassic Park 3 Musicial Queues section tonight. I'm already hard at work on the Synopsis Section for all three movies now. After that I am planning on doing the Dinosaur Gallery followed by movie photo gallery. We're still here, so we didn't disappear here. :)

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