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Jurassic World Toy Review
Just going to go over these fairly quickly of my latest purchases from my local ToysRUs about the new JW toys. This is to help you all to know what’s decent and what’s outright horrible and make some responsible financial … Continue reading

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News Archive
News Archive - May 2006
Some downtimes and things on hold
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2006 - 18:50 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

If you've been to the site recently you'll have noticed things have in fact not been going well in regards to the main site itself, and unfortunately all this happened while I was out of town for two and a half weeks, go figure.

We had to disable two CGI scripts (commenting & our poll feature) to see if they are in fact overloading the server as believed. Also you may have to log back in again on the forums in order for them to work properly or clear the browser cache on your browser.

To clear your cookies for Internet Explorer:
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> General Tab

Under General Tab you should see a "Delete Cookiees" button. Please click this button (Unfortunately remember your password to all of your sites you frequent)

For Mozilla Firefox:

With the browser open go to Tools -> Click "Options" -> on the "Privacy" tab or button please click it. Then you should see something called "Cookies" click "Clear"

Please keep in mind this does delete all of your saved
passwords, but it saves you time from manually going into your cookie folders and deleting specific files.

Hopefully we won't have a repeat incident as before, unfortunately commenting and the poll has been disabled for now as we look into these problems. If you want to interact with us, please head on over to the boards.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 (S/F)
Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol (S/F)
M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher (S/F)
CODA All Purpose Net Gun (S/F)
Dane County Airport (S/F)

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