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News Archive
News Archive - June 2008
The Death of a Legend
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008 - 16:26 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Not since THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU have so many creatures been made by a single man.

Known for his expertise in bringing robotic creatures to life along with horrifying makeup and costume production, AICN and Wikipedia are reporting today from several independent sources that the sci-fi/horror film legend, Stan Winston, passed away last night.

Known for his excellent work in major films such as ALIEN, SMALL SOLDIERS, GALAXY QUEST, PREDATOR, TERMINATOR, and even our beloved JURASSIC PARK films, Winston was truly a legend and his expertise will be sorely missed.

His legend will love on in the creatures he's helped develop, without which, such memorable scenes as the ALIEN Queen leaning into Ripley, and it's mouth opening wide allowing its smaller mouth to come out, dripping acid, or the Tyrannosaurus roaring defiantly at Alan as he holds out a flare, or the Terminators walking through the desolate destroyed city of Los Angeles would not have been so real that we remember them to this day.

Even with the Advent of CG, his creatures stood the test, standing neck to neck against themselves as believable as ever.

He has truly raised the bar and will be remembered as a master.

We apologize now if this turns out to be a hoax, but in case it is not, we felt it important that we post this.

Dinosaur Mummy on Display
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008 - 16:12 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

One of the greatest finds in archeology is now on display in North Dakota's State Museum.

"Dakota," as the animal has been nicknamed, is an extremely rare find. One of only a few mummified dinosaurs ever found, Dakota lived in the last of the cretaceous period some 71-65 million years ago.

An Edmontosaur, one of the most prolific hadrosaurid (duck-billed) species, Dakota is both a lucky find and believed to be the most well preserved specimens ever found.

A full analysis of the mummy is underway but the majority of the corpse has yet to be removed from its rocky tomb. A full CT scan was performed on the massive cast has yet to be fully analyzed.

What is on display, however, is an arm and a tail of the find that has already been removed from the rock.

Funding is slowly becoming an issue, with National Geographic having already funded the majority of the research. Work is expected to continue on for the next few months with hope that more funding to fully remove the specimen to be made.

Jurassic Park 15th Anniversary
Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 - 17:38 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: TRexMaster

Today, June 11, 2008, marks the fifteenth anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie.

It certainly is a memorable occasion; 15 years since we first saw a tyrannosaurus destroy a land cruiser. 15 years since we saw raptors break into a kitchen. 15 years since a herd of brachiosaurus and parasaurolophus grazed by the edge of a lake.

Hopefully, everyone will take a moment to celebrate this day in their own way, whether small, such as through watching Jurassic Park; or large, in the form of a trip to Universal Studios and ride the ride.

This is also a good moment to acknowledge that little to no submissions have been made for the many contests being held in today's honor. Because of this, the deadlines have been pushed two weeks, to Wednesday, June 25. We implore members to please submit to these contests.

Prizes will be won; memorabilia directly from the JP Gift Store at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Florida. Prizes include a mug, binoculars, movie posters, and other merchandise.

Sounds good? We hope it is good enough to get people working.

Happy Anniversary, Jurassic Park.

Newsletter and Anniversary Contests Updates
Date: Friday, June 6, 2008 - 22:02 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: TRexMaster

Jurassic Park Legacy is now releasing a monthly newsletter! Named "Site B", issues will focus on a variety of topics, including JP-related news, member and site information, and fan articles.

The first issue was sent to all JPL members late at night on June 3rd. This is also the perfect time to issue an update. The newsletter told all members interested in receiving all subsequent issues to send an email with the subject "Site B Newsletter Subscription" to (this is so that only those people who want to subscribe to the newsletter will receive it). Now, however, we have established a new email address, (yes; it's the same except is replaced with

Please begin sending subscription emails to this new address. Subscription requests will still be accepted at the gmail address, at least until the next issue is released. Afterwards, only requests sent to the JPLegacy address will be accepted.

The first newsletter issue also revealed a number of contests JPL is hosting in celebration of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the first Jurassic Park film. The current contest list has been expanded:

Jurassic Park Quiz

The quiz will take place on Wednesday, June 11.

As for the other contests, submissions will only be accepted if they are posted in the corresponding threads. The Fan-Fiction Contest thread is located in the JP Fanfiction and Fanfilms section of the message boards. The Art and Photography contests are located in the Art Expo section, and the Dino-Rama Contest in the Toys & Other Memorabilia section.

We implore members to participate in these contests; prizes will be won if you are willing to provide our higher staff members with a secure mailing address.

This can be a great Anniversary; we just need the fans to help.

Universal Studios suffers large fire & Laura Dern asked about JP4
Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008 - 17:49 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: TyrannosaurusMatt

"A gigantic fire tore through a backlot at Universal Studios early Sunday, destroying a set from "Back to the Future," the King Kong exhibit and thousands of videos and reels in a vault.

The blaze broke out on a sound stage at the theme park in a set featuring New York brownstones facades just before 5 a.m. at the 400-acre property, Los Angeles County Fire Chief Michael Freeman said. The fire was contained to the lot but still burning several hours later.

A total of six firefighters were moderately injured in the blaze. Four of the firefighters were from LA County Fire and the other two from LA City Fire, according to Fire Inspector Ron Haralson.

There have been various reports as to the cause of the blaze, but currently, nothing has been confirmed. A commercial shoot was going on when the fire broke out, said Universal Studios spokesman Eliot Sekuler. "

Source: ABC News

Hopefully none of the sets used for any of the Jurassic Park films were effected but the King Kong set was a piece of movie history and shall be missed.

On to some JP4 news.. Laura Dern recently was said to have said "It's a while away but my understanding is it's happening and my character is very involved. I know [director] Steven Spielberg is looking forward to [getting it together] over the next year."


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