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Jurassic Park Legacy - News Archive
News Archive - August 2005

August 18, 2005

Remember that piece of news we reported from JP9k on August 12th? Well the claim is back again.
Now, most, if not all, people who read this will by now have seen the article on Dan's JP3 Page regarding Hawaii Movie Tour's "Bob" stringently denying Trike 10's article in regards to the impending filming of JP4 on Kaua'i.

But, some more, very interesting, news has arisen, again from Trike 10. Could it be that Bob is wrong this time?

"In Kaui on August 1st, my sister and I took a helicopter tour on an A-star helicopter toured by Will Sqyres Helicopter Agency. The pilot was giving a tour pointing out the sites where movies were made, He made a remark about how the last 3 JP were filmed here, and then he said "In fact Jp4 is close to filming". Now this isnt legit info but when we passed over a valley flying low and returning to the heliport I saw a whole motorcade of jeeps and SUV's with a trailer that had the JP logo on the roof as a mural. Now this could be a fanatic tour agency of JP, but that's unlikely. My hunch is that those vehicles were probably the production designer or movie geographer to scope the land for where to film."
So what's really going on? Some think it's likely a teaser trailer is only being filmed,'s to be taken with salt as the coined term goes.

August 14, 2005

We've added a new affiliate to our site, it's called Jurassic Park World and they just opened up today. So stop by their site and check 'em out!

August 13, 2005

Garfielosaurus_rex, a member from our forums tells us that the Quebec Channel, TVA, will be airing the French version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park tomorrow at 9 PM eastern.

Oviraptor tells us now that the previous news story appears to be fake because Bob from HMT had this to say to an e-mail with a Dan's JP3 Page member
Hey Chase,

At this point, take it with a half grain of salt. That is so goofy it could be a sitcom. a ' JP mural on the roof' ?? Ha!

Nothing is happening on this island right now regarding JP 4. I'll be the first to let Dan know when it does, if it does.


So apparently it looks like the previous news story about JP4 Filiming in Hawaii currently was fake. We'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Did you know Jurassic Park 3 director Joe Johnston was slated to direct Jurassic Park 4? That's what the latest report is saying, take a look:
According to Jon Rosengrant, a member of Stan Winston Studios who spoke at this week's QuakeCon, Joe was to direct the film at one point, but he left after major script re-writes. This comes via site reader Kyle Wade, who wasted no time quizzing Rosengrant about anything JP at the convention. According to Kyle, when first asked about JP4 Rosengrant responded that "you know just about as much as I do," admitting what he has is old news: "All the information I know about it is, well, prehistoric." He added that no animatronics have been requested for JP4 at Stan Winston Studios.
Amazing how much information appears over time, isn't it?

August 12, 2005

From JP9k comes word of some exciting JPIV news
"The past 10 days I have been vacationing in Kauai, a JP backdrop favorite. Then one day I decide to take a helicopter tour and see the whole island and also getting the scoop on some of the movies filmed here. Halfway through the tour we cross the Waimea Canyon near the range and the pilot mentions that JP 4 will be filming here in 1-2 months and in fact this past weekend some crew have toured the island to scope out the movies new backdrop. Then about 5 minutes later I look down near a mountain range and i see about a dozen figures with 2 jeeps and this huge trailer that had the JP logo as a mural on the roof. Now this isnt legit news, but it does point to the doors that this movie is a nearing filming"
This is definently exciting if it's true. The source is not one to make up news according to what people have said about him. (Thanks Oviraptor!)

August 10, 2005

Some little refinements in the way our research is done here has been going around. Various updates have transpired on the Alphabetical Site issue, you can read about it in our Frequent Questions section and the Time Line section has been getting a little bit of an overhaul when it comes to the time break down of when Isla Sorna was exactly abandoned. So we will keep working so we can solve some these new mysteries and debates. To share with us your opinion about them please don't be a stranger and join up to our Message Boards to share your views, and it's free!

August 12th, this Friday, is your chance to catch Jurassic Park 3 on TNT at 9 PM and again at 11 PM Eastern.

August 06, 2005

The Bravo channel will be airing Jurassic Park at 8 PM Eastern and again at 11:30 PM Eastern today. Check your cable or satellite provider for the channel number.

August 02, 2005

Well the forums are back online and with it a small bit of Jurassic Park 4 news and new information regarding the new Jurassic Park ride. Brettwalker37, webmaster of our affiliate JP9K, reports that Jurassic Park 4 may take place in a jungle setting.
There has been a leak from a Universal Studios staff member that the blueprints for the Jurassic Park IV ride at the park have been 100% completed, as was reported in our forum. The blueprints have said to dictate a heavily jungly-style theme for the ride, reflecting maybe the direction of the fourth movie? Interesting, as this goes against many reports which indicated a city theme for the fourth installment.
My verdict is only time will tell if JP4 takes this same theme as its own.

August 01, 2005

From our affiliate, Titosauro, the Jurassic Park DVD set that was to be released to Europe in Region 2 format is being released also in Region 4 format, the site is in Portuguese in case you want to have Google to translate it. Titosauro tells me that the box is like the European one, but as stated before just in Region 4 format and will be in Brizilian Shops.

A new paleontological find, according to Yahoo! News, reveals that certain dinosaurs that hatched from eggs had ridiculous proportions and required heavy parental care as they did not have any teeth.
An analysis of the embryos suggests they were born walking on four legs with short tails, long forelimbs and big heads. To morph into their adult shape -- walking on two legs with long tails, short forelimbs and small heads -- their various features must have grown at different rates.
The article mentions the embryo was belonging to a dinosaur known as Massospondylus, this is an extaordinary find as Massospondylus is a prosauropod from the Triassic period. Most dinosaur embryos are recovered from around the Early Cretaceous period, as the article states, and what makes this unique is how well preserved it is.

Also, I saw a message posted on the top of the message boards saying that Proboards was going to do another upgrade, this time to a new machine within the next 36 hours. Don't know if we'll notice anything aside from the board going offline and then back online or what, but if the forum is unaccessible this is why.

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