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Jurassic Park Legacy - Welcome to Jurassic Park
News Archive - September 2005

September 26, 2005

The main site is obviously backup with our new domain! This version'll have a bit more shelf life until the new PHP fabuloso version is completed

September 24, 2005

The main site tomorrow is going to probably be taken offline. The message board will still be up for use. Hopefully enough of you guys'll see this and not freak. Our new address will be: (It's not up yet) I will have information on FTP available to Staff that require it. Just update your book marks to follow the message board as we'll have information available there if there is a problem.

September 19, 2005

Jurassic Park will be on the USA Television Network tonight at 9 PM Eastern and on again tomorrow at 4 PM Eastern. Check your local listings with your satellite or cable provider to see the exact channel.

September 13, 2005

Looks like everyone has been had about all this JPIV hub-bub that I personally have remained skeptical on. It seems the real "source" has made himself known as Carnotaur3, a member of Dan's JP3 Page, and is the culprit of this whole hoax. You can view the thread here. So yeah who else is royally ticked off that this stuff wasn't real? I know I am; however, it was a good hoax.

September 12, 2005

The FTP for the last week or so has been offline so for any possible Jurassic Park 4 updates please check this thread here there have been so many new postings with the script pages and I have had my FTP offline for so long that it'd be better to just check there. We might be switching hosts and getting our own domain name soon. I'll be posting more information about switching and all that good stuff as we draw closer to the end of this month.

September 03, 2005

Oviraptor brings forth information that another DVD pack will be made available for Jurassic Park, but this time in the North America region. Oviraptor found this on SpielbergFilms:
All three “Jurassic Park” films will be presented in a new package (a digipack with a slipcover), but at this date it appears as if nothing new has been added to the bonus features. Besides including all of the previously released bonus features from the individual discs of the films, the set will only include the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks on the first two Spielberg-directed films. “Jurassic Park III,” however, will include both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 tracks. So what’s in it for fans that have already purchased the titles? Not much, honestly. But if you have yet to pick up the trilogy, you’ll be able to pick all three discs up in the single set for a very reasonable $26.98 or less, plus you’ll get a free movie theater ticket to see Universal’s “King Kong” this December. There’s no Spielberg connection since “Kong’s” a Pete Jackson film, but dinosaur fans will certainly want to see their extinct heroes fighting an over-sized ape.
Even though there's not much new in the way of exclusives that probably won't stop some of us from getting it to add to our collections. The pack is supposed to hit shelves November 29th

September 01, 2005

Oviraptor tells us today that there might possibly be a JP4 logo out already! This is possibly fake, and should be taken with a bit of discretion on actually believing this is advised. Icebreaker from Dan's JP3 Page writes:
Okay for the people on here that were anticipating the Star Wars guys remember that I gave you some VERY VERY accurate stuff from a guy that said he was an 'insider' at TFN.

I just passed on what I got. Anyway this guy now claims that this is concept art for the logo from JPIV...he sent it to my E-mail cause he knew that I was a JP fan (He remembers my old Alan_Grant SN at TFN! LOL!)

I dunno...this is ridiculous. I am not sure about it...but he HAS been right so many times before...and there even looks like there is a script or SOMETHING off to the right!
So what's this logo look like? Click the thumbnail to take a look:
So is this true? Odds are it's likely to be a concept for the JP4 logo or a pretty good fake.

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