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Islands Of Adventure: Jurassic Park Island

Camp Jurassic
Opened: March 1999
Type: Playground
Ride Time: N/A

Camp Jurassic is the kid themed area of the island. There are slides, climbing ropes, and big footprints that, when stepped upon roar like a dinosaur (the very species represented by the footprint). Kids can wander through the amber mines, wage battles with the Dilophosaur water-spitting guns, or climb through Jurassic Park watch-towers.

The lower area reveals a trail around the area, following electrified fences and gates.

Pteranodon Flyers
Opened: March 1999
Type: Sky Ride
Ride Time: 80 Seconds

There is also a small attraction known as the Pterosaur Flyers. This is meant only for children. If you are an adult and not accompanying a child, you aren’t normally allowed on, so bring your kid or younger cousin if you want to fly.

This is like a fast-gondola ride over Camp Jurassic, where you are in the clutches of a pterosaur. Kids seem to love this ride, but the wait can be a monster.

Walking back into the main area, you have many other vender kiosks selling refreshments. There is also a "Fast Pass" machine. This allows you to put in your park ticket, and it gives you a time when you can go on the particular ride that the machine is for. You can skip the normal line and go into the fast pass line.

Having done that, we now go on to the "Jurassic Park River Adventure," the main attraction on the island. The wait varies greatly during times of day, week, and year. There are signs posted around the park stating the estimated wait times for rides, so you can look for those to gauge whether you want to wait or not.


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