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Jurassic Park Legacy - Costuming
Jurassic Park Costuming

The section here is designed to talk about a new innovative feature for the Jurassic Park Fan Community. It is a fact that the Jurassic Park Fan Community is not as large as it once was and this section is proposed in dealing with that issue. Costuming in fandom groups is not entirely unheard of as it used in SciFiHero.Net, a site that is dedicated to the costuming aspects of many popular Science-Fiction shows such as Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, and another site that does costuming is the The 501st Star Wars Costuming group.

Costuming is meant truly to be for anyone who likes dressing up and being a common place for gathering socially at Science Fiction or Comic Book Conventions. Now you're probably wondering what aspects of Jurassic Park could you genuinely costume. Here's a compilation I managed to gather below. The basis for the costuming information below is being a part of Jurassic Park's assorted staff.

More up-to-date costuming guides are located on our forums. You must be registered though to see them. We would love to interact with you if you can get a group together to do costuming so you can help promote this community!

The links provided are only for recommended items only. The costumer is encouraged to do his/her own research into the costume trying to be reproduced. Some may be more accurate or less expensive. Remember, this is YOUR costume.

Muldoon/Game Warden:

M1911 Holster-1912 Era Holster on right hip
Grey or light brown short sleeved button up Shirt.
Khaki Cargo Shorts (Matches Shirt)
Brown Vest w/ ability to hold Rifle slugs
Dark Brown Boots **
M1911 Pistol

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Park Ranger*:

Grey or Brown Vest
Ranger Patch or Red JP Patch mounted on vest
Yellow Jurassic Park patch on Left Sleeve
Black Leather Holster or Thigh Rig for Pistol
Grey, White, tan, or brown short sleeved button up Shirt
Khaki Cargo Shorts (Matches shirt)
Tan Work Boots
M1911 or Beretta M9

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Security Officer*:

Green Vest
Security Officer Patch mounted on vest
Yellow Jurassic Park patch on Left Sleeve
Black Leather Holster or Thigh Rig for Pistol
Grey, White, Tan, or brown button up shirt.
Black or Brown Work Boots
Khaki Cargo Shorts (Matches Shirt)
M1911 or Beretta M9

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Security Work Force C Class
(Raptor Push Team):

Red Hard Hat with Jurassic Park (Yellow) on it
Blue BDU 4-pocket Shirt
Blue BDU Pants
Blue BDU Belt
Jurassic Park Patch (Yellow) Mounted on Left Sleeve
Black Workboots **

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Security Work Force B Class
(Raptor Push Team Elite):

All of Class C Items
Black Tactical Vest **
Walkie-Talkie Attachment for Vest (Left or Right Side Mounting in the back)
Large Walkie Talkies

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Security Work Force A Class:

All of Class B Items
Black Elbow Pads
Black Knee Pads
Pistol Belt
Tactical Thigh Rig Holster for Pistols
Tactical Thigh Rig Mag Pouch (M-16)
M-16 A2 with flashlight attachment, Spas-12, Stun Guns with battery pack
Beretta M9 or M1911

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Light Green short-sleeved Button up Shirt
Dark Green hat with Brown brim
Jurassic Park Patch (yellow) on shirt and hat
Green Khaki Pants
Black Rubber Boots
Aviator Sunglasses

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Park Associates:

Grey Hat with Red brim
Pink Polo shirt
Jurassic Park Patch (yellow) on shirt and hat
Khaki Slacks
Pink Belt
Brown Work Shoes
Aviator Sunglasses

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Jurassic Park Raincoat:

Yellow Raincoat
Small JP logo on front left
JP logo on center back

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Note: The (*) you see next to the names of Ranger and Security Officer are ranks created to broaden the avaiablity for costumes for Jurassic Park. These costumes were developed to look as canon as possible. Now that there is an established list of costuming criteria for the Jurassic Park series we can find the gear possible to give us the look of being like we're one of Jurassic Park's staff.

The (**) you see next to some images is intended that the official styles are as of yet unknown and will be to the costumer's discretion.

Below is an example of me, the Webmaster of this site, sporting the Security Officer Jurassic Park costume.

The gun is actually not a real SPAS-12 it is instead an Airsoft BB Gun. Airsofts are modified to look like real world weaponry and fire small BBs. The whole plan of all of this is to form an organization based off of the interest generated by Jurassic Park costuming and hopefully develop ties with official sources as well as unite Jurassic Park fans together. Teams would be organized by region under a Command Structure with Game Warden as the Head of the Jurassic Park Costuming Organization, Rangers would be Team Leader and Security Officers as Assistant Team Leaders.

The Ranger would act as liasons for planning events, staying in contact with the Game Warden about events his team had planned. The Security Officer would have the responsibility of checking to make sure everyone's airsoft replica guns are safe to be used for Conventions or Official Jurassic Park Events. Team Members would wear Vetenarian Costumes, Park Associate Costumes, and of course the Security Work Force costumes.

Everyone would be encouraged to make costumes also based off popular characters in the film like Dr. Alan Grant or John Hammond for example. Organization of teams depends on who all would be interested in doing this. I will be testing my Jurassic Park costume with flyers to this site hopefully at an upcoming convention to generate interest. Please watch this section for updates and post on the forum in the Costuming board if you are interested in joining.

Some new progress to show off is the Jurassic Park ID Badge seen in the films:

Thomas Holtz?s Dinosaur Encyclopedia (S/F)
Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
Jurassic World (Movie)
Mosasaurus Feeding Show (S/F)
Barry (II) (S/F)

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