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Islands Of Adventure: Jurassic Park Island

Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride

Islands of Adventure Orlando, Florida
Opened: March 1999
Type: Water Ride (with a drop)
Ride Time: 6 Minutes 50 Seconds


You enter the "River Adventure" cue underneath a large, thatched roof. Here, the cue wraps around a 3D representation of "Jurassic Island," the island you are currently on. This 3D model shows the island and the rides located there–including rides cut from the final opening of the park. Following that walk way through to the next, you are now in another little thatch-roofed building. Televisions above have a video of two reporters sitting in front of the Discover Center located here at the park. They talk about the island and its history, speaking of Hammond, the incident on Isla Nublar, and then the eventual change of plan to create another park here in Orlando. Hammond is then seen inside the Visitor Center from the film talking about the park and welcoming you to it. This video has footage shot on the sound-stage in all the different sets, genetics lab, Visitor Center rotunda, and the Control room–all new footage. Then you go through another little area where you have a video talking about all the different dinosaurs. It gives an ominous warning: "Due to technical difficulties, the tour will not include the carnivore enclosure. Thank you and enjoy your stay." You see another video of a guy talking about the safety specs–don't lean forward to avoid the splash, don't put your hands up... and be warned "You will get wet! (boat splashes down behind him soaking everyone in camera) And possibly soaked!" As you board the boat, you can see the River Adventure Control room. They say enjoy the ride, and you depart. You go up a hill and then splash down in a little river surrounded by prehistoric trees with a small turn ahead.

The solo horn beginning the "Theme from Jurassic Park" plays: "Time. The Ever Flowing River. Come with us now to a time before man, when the river flowed through a new-born world, and giants walked the Earth--" The boat turns, and you see the gates. They begin to open. "Welcome... to Jurassic Park" You see a lagoon surrounded by trees. There is a large rock to your right and to your left, more rocks and some trees, but one isn't a tree! The mostly submerged body of an Ultrasoar comes to life, lifting its long neck out of the water, some food still stuck in its teeth, greeting you. "The Ultrasaurs in this lagoon are among the largest creatures ever to walk the Earth. Yet, dispite their awesome size, these gentle giants pose no threat to us." The boat continues on through the lagoon towards an overhang of rocks. Next to that, to your left is a little piece of earth with the large, exposed roots and partial trunk of a tree, with two animals moving in the shade. "Psittacoasaurs, with their curved, parrotlike beaks are the most primitive of the horned dinosaurs, a group of herbivores that includes Protoceratops and the mighty, Triceratops."

You continue underneath this rock overhang where there are little streams of water rushing down like a waterfall off the rocks to your left. To your right, there is a rock wall. You turn a corner, and sitting on a stoop above the water is a baby stegosaurus. "Heavy armored dinosaurs can often be found among the Geo-thermal formations of Stegosaurus Springs. Heavy armored plating and spiked tails protect these herbivores from savage predators of their native period." You begin to get closer and the baby rocks back and fourth, wailing. Then suddenly from your right, the head of the mother stegosaur roars into view. The boat turns left, circling the mother stegosaur. She moves around, moving her tail back and fourth, exposing her spikes, lifting it in and out of the water. "Jurassic Park Scientists provide our herbivores with plenty of vegetation from their native periods. Ensuring long healthy lives for these magnificent creatures."

You look to your right where, among tall bamboo shoots, there are tiny geysers that occasionally shoot water high into the air, raining down on you. You pass those and again, on your left, the face of a parasaur lifts out of the water, spraying you with water from her nostrils. The boat has finished making a complete U and continues on. To your right, a little area begins to bubble. Up ahead, you can see where the tour continues down the river, turning left. There is a sign that reads "Hadrosaur Cove." "Next up on our tour is Hadrosaur Cove. Here in Hadrosaur Cove..."

Suddenly, from the bubbling water bursts a Parasaur. Startled by the boat, it inadvertently pushes the boat off course. You see the Sign "Hadrosaur Cove" slowly fade from view as the boat turns left towards a wall where the river leads through an open gate, sirens wailing loudly. "This is Jurassic Park Animal Control. It looks like one of the Hadrosaurs has knocked your boat off course. You are entering the Raptor Containment area. Please, stay seated, we will grab your boat at the loading dock ahead. Do not get out of the boat, I repeat, do not get out of the boat!"

In the bushes to your right you can hear little snorts as the leaves shake and trees sway. You see ahead of you the raptor containment building from JP and the electric fence dangles, having been ripped apart, shooting off sparks. The boat turns left still, circling the building. To your right you see a boat: CP 25. It has crashed onto the cement walkway surrounding the river. It had been carrying a little cargo float where two compies now fight over a torn shirt. The name tag changes a lot so I enjoy looking to see the name. I've seen many (men and women) names. Last time it was "Jack." You hear over a radio from the boat "CP 25, there’s a tour boat off course in the raptor containment area. We've GOT to get those people out of there! Do you copy? CP 25! Grab the boat before they get too far! Come back CP25!" the radio fizzles into silence. You round a corner where you see the beginnings of the warehouse. There is a metal arch that takes raptor containment boxes over the river from the left to the right, putting them into the raptor containment building.

A box is stuck in place, hanging over the river. To your left are high walls with a gate from which the boxes connect and the raptors are extracted. To your right are two boxes and Timmy’s goggles, and sometimes guns next to a high wall where the raptors are caged. Looking at the crate, it begins to wobble and cry out loudly. There is a sign on it: "Danger! Live Raptor! Stand Clear!"

You go underneath the crate just as it drops, stopping just above your head, with a raptor scream ensuing. The boat enters the warehouse, and to your left is a little control center where behind glass windows you can see some TV sets. Some aren't working but one has the face of a man talking. "There's a boat off course. We need to catch those people." Another voice enters saying "Emergency, evacuate, catch that boat at the top of the hill." And the boat begins to climb.

To your left and right are crates and stacks of boxes. To your right are two fans--I love to go in the afternoon because the sun starts to enter through the fans, which spin in the wind, allowing the sun to catch the light smoke in the building. Really cool effect. The boat climbs up into a dark corridor. There are metal framed fences around you. To your right you see the silhouette of a raptor run by. To the left, you hear the cry of a raptor as it bursts out towards you, hitting the electrified fence, snarling and roaring.

You continue to climb, you can hear your heart beating, and you get to another control room where the glass is broken. A raptor jumps out from the darkness onto the console and reaches for you, snarling. There are roars, hisses, sirens all wailing. The boat continues into darkness and then drops down about 10 feet into another area... The siren ends... silence. You hear the familiar high pitched squeal and the purr of a dilophosaur. To your right you hear a roar and a crunch as three large gashes are ripped into the wall with a JP symbol in a circle printed on it. Through the hole you see woods. You continue forward and around a bend. There are all kinds of tanks around you.

Then, dilophosaurs pop out from the tanks, one form each side, shaking their frills and spitting at you. The boat continues on to a large area where, there are gas tanks around you. To your right there are two tanks, and to your left, there are tons of pipes all crushed and bursting with water. You continue on where ahead of you, you hear a pounding.

From the darkness you see the head of a T. rex pops out, roaring. It walks out to the brink and roars some more. The boat continues forward up to the rex. The rex roars once more, lifting its head, then lowering its head. The boat draws closer and closer. The rex rears its head back, and then reaches down at the boat just as it plunged nearly 90 degrees straight down into a full on splash into the lagoon. There is a flash here; which is when they take your picture. If you look around you can see the railing around the pond where people sit, staring at you and recording you. Your boat comes around and returns to the exit, right behind the loading dock, where you get out. Often they have people dressed like Hammond and Malcolm. There is sometimes one guy dressed like Alan Grant there before.

You walk out and there is a wall of TV's in the building you enter (gift shop) each showing different boats. If you find your picture appealing, to your left is the desk you go to to buy it. If not, continue on into the gift shop where they have all kinds of toys. They have DVDs of the movies, dinosaur documentaries, and dinosaur candy (some with insects in them). There are shirts, hats, jewelry. There are rocks, toys, and many other things. You exit... "and this completes your tranquil journey through the world of the dinosaurs."

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