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Jurassic Park Legacy - Jurassic Park Toys
Jurassic Park 3
Human Figures
Dr. Alan Grant

Includes Velociraptor & "Grab-action" Dino-Tame weapon
Dr. Alan Grant

Includes Compies & Dino-Tame flamethrower
Billy Brennan

Includes Pteranodon & Hang-Glider backpack
Amanda Kirby

Includes Spinosaurus Dino-Tame Weapon
Eric Kirby

Includes Alpha Pteranodon
Paul Kirby

Includes Stegosaurus & Dino-Tame Net Launcher
Military General

Includes T-Rex & Dino-Tame Weapon
Military Diver

Includes Spinosaurus & Dino-Tame Missile Launcher
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?Basilisk Lizard? Fax Report (C/N)
West Indian Lilac (S/F)

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