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Jurassic Park Trilogy Movie Customizations
In this section we looked at the art by Mark 'Crash' McCreery and compared them to what Hasbro released as the dinosaurs we know that were on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna respectively in the films.
Tyrannosaurus rex Family

  Original Figure(s): Tyrannosaurus rex, JP - Series 1; Thrasher T-Rex, Lost World - Series 1; Bull T-Rex, Lost World - Series 1; T-Rex Hatchling from Ian Malcolm, Lost World - Series 1; Tyrannosaurus rex, Jurassic Park 3
Canon Rating:

Suggested Modifications:
While the T.rex from the original line is impressive it lacks the roar of Its movie counterpart as well as the coloration seen in the film. The red should be more of a brown like the later Thrasher T-Rex from TLW toyline. The Thrasher T-Rex's coloration matches patterns seen in the film as well as Crash's dinosaur coloration drawings. The Baby T.rex that came with Ian is actually the proper scale of the baby T.rex to the humans in TLW. We think the coloration is just a tid bit off though for this. The Jurassic Park 3 T-Rex's coloration scheme should match the Bull T.rex more. The Coloration on the Bull T-Rex is a bit too vibrant for the toy, but it does match the art done by Crash as well as the film counter part.
Velociraptor nublarensis Pack (JP/TLW)
  Original Figure(s): Electronic Velociraptor, JP - Series 1; Standard Velociraptors, JP - Series 1 & 2; Electronic Velociraptor, Lost World, Series 1; Electronic Velociraptor, JP: Dinosaurs, Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modficiations: Colors may seem a bit off in some instances, but overall they match as we have two males and three females in this along with an infant female. The coloration of the Raptors may be slightly more vibrant than most, also some may wish to consider the "Cyclops Raptor" canon, but simply put the final judgment was that Hasbro took creative license for this female Raptor and Its fight in the climatic fight seen in TLW as Sarah Harding makes her escape.
Velociraptor sornaensis Pack (JP3)
  Original Figure(s): Female Velociraptor, Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit; Pack Raptor; Alpha Raptor
Canon Rating:

Suggested Modficiations: Matches excellently. A minor complaint is the Male Velociraptor may be close to the coloration seen in the films, but it is not entirely exact. The same can be said for the Pack Raptor too, as it needs more brown and purple in it.
  Original Figure: Animatronic Spinosaurus
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: None
Triceratops Family
  Original Figure(s): Triceratops, Jurassic Park & Baby Triceratops, The Lost World
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: None
Stegosaurus Herd
  Original Figure(s): Stegosaurus Hatchling, Sarah Harding Lost World - Series 1, Stegosaurus (x2), Lost World; Stegosaurus, JP Dinosaurs - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Infant should match the one on screen.
  Original Figure: Pachycephalosaurus & Dinosaur Trainer, JP: Dinosaurs - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Coloration works better on this one instead of the smaller The Lost World's Pachycephalosaur's coloration. It should be noted the coloration on the larger TLW Pachycephalosaurus is correct, but the size is entirely wrong. This animal matches the size in comparison to the hunters in TLW, but it is not an exact match of the coloration seen in the movie.
  Original Figure: Gallimimus, JP - Series 2
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Coloration is a bit to bright, but matches what we see in the film.
Baryonyx Group
  Original Figures: Male Baryonyx, The Lost World - Series 2 & Female Baryonyx from Baryonyx and Dinosaur Trainer, JP: Dinosaurs Series 1
Canon Rating: (Cannot Rate)
Suggested Modifications: Baryonyx does exist in the JP film universe, but no one has presently seen what they look like. Its been hypothesized by us that the "Baryonyx" was in fact a Spinosaurus to explain the Spinosaur's sudden appearance in JP3 for further information on this visit our Notes section
Parasaurolophus Family
  Original Figure(s): Parasaurolophus (x2), The Lost World & Parasaurolophus Hatchling, Tim Murphy, JP - Series 2
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: A female Parasaurolophus would be nice, but this will have to do.
  Original Figure: Ankylosaurus Hatchling from Ellie Sattler, JP - Series 2
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Something closer to the film's version of the animal of a larger scale would be nice for in the future.
Compsognathus Flock
  Original Figure(s): Compies from Alan Grant, JP3 Wave 2 release
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: These guys could be a tid bit smaller; but still they look good.
Dilophosaurus Flock
  Original Figure(s): Dilophosaurus, Jurassic Park 3; Dilophosaurus Hatchling from Dennis Nedry, JP - Series 1; Standard Dilophosaurus, JP - Series 1 & 2;
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Basically these figures match the coloration seen on the Dilophosaurus in the first film. We think the Jurassic Park 3 version of the Dilophosaurus is close to the coloration of the male Dilophosaurs. Why the hatchling you may ask? Simply put we see a juvenile in the original JP and later, in TLW, Its shown to us from a prop that Dilophosaurs did reach their natural height.
Brachiosaurus Family
  Original Figure(s): Brachiosaurus Hatchling from Tim Murphy, JP Series 1 & Brachiosaurus from Nick Van Owen, Lost World - Series 2; Brachiosaurus, Jurassic Park 3
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: A male and female Brachiosaurus that was a lot larger would be nice. The coloration isn't an exact match for the Brachiosaurus in this line, but it comes close to the female Brachiosaurus in the first film; however, Its more of brown dark grey than a blue light grey. The infants match the coloration of the adults a bit more too except for TLW's which should have a bit of orange coloration on it instead. All in all they're close to being dead on movie twins.
Pteranodon longiceps
  Original Figure: Pteranodon, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Eliminate Capture Gear
Pteranodon hippocratesi Family
  Original Figures: Alpha Pteranodon, Jurassic Park 3; Female Pteranodon, Jurassic Park 3; Infants from Pteranodon: Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: We used the JP: Dinosaurs Series 1 Pteranodon infants for the infants instead of the Pteranodons Billy Brennan and Eric Kirby came with.

Thomas Holtz?s Dinosaur Encyclopedia (S/F)
Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
Jurassic World (Movie)
Mosasaurus Feeding Show (S/F)
Barry (II) (S/F)

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