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Jurassic Park Legacy - Jurassic Park Toys
Jurassic Park Trilogy Movie Customizations
The vehicles and buildings were compared alongside their screen counterparts. All of the vehicles selected and modified required us to consult the original instructions of the toy in order to be sure of one-time assembly procedures as not to damage the toy.
Jurassic Park Ford Explorer

  Original Figure: Jungle Explorer, JP - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Eliminate the DNA/Tranq Gun and a few of the other over-sized weapons. Looks well enough on its own at that point it can look more movie canon. Also the addition of the night vision goggles as well as "JAWS" Jackson's video camera which would double for the flashlights used in the Jurassic Park films.
Jurassic Park Jeep
  Original Figure: Bush Devil Tracker, JP - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Eliminate Tranq Gun and take away the snare.
Gatherer's High Hide
  Original Figure: High Hide Dino Observation Stand, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Once the Tranq Gun is eliminated this toyset is rather dead on to its movie counterpart. For it to be canon, don't apply the "The Lost World" logo sticker.
Gatherer's Mobile RV Lab

  Original Figure: Mobile Command Center, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: While the fold down side gives the set some playability value it however was not like this in the movie. Some other suggested items to elimination would be the crane, the green antennae, and finally the grey satellite dish that sits up on the driver cabin of the RV. Don't apply the "The Lost World" logo sticker
Eddie Carr's Mercedes

  Original Figure: Ground Tracker, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifcations: Eliminate the Satellite Dish, Don't attach Yellow piece for the crane or the crane itself. Don't apply the "The Lost World" logo sticker. A make-shift "clear plastic" cover could be added for the "driver" area but it would be hard to do. This hit and misses on being identical to the car Eddie Carr drove in The Lost World.
Hunter's Humvee
  Original Figure: Hunter's Humvee, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifcations: Eliminate the "stun prods" for favor of Tim Murphy's snare from the first line and also the two hunters (Hunter #2 and #3) would be excellent if it were included originally in this production. Also don't put the TLW sticker in place on it. While not exact it does a good job of lining up with the film counterpart.
InGen Safari Vehicle
  Original Figure: Net Trapper, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: Remove the Net Trap portion and don't apply this toy, change the coloration, and this TLW vehicle is a near identical match to its film counterpart with some minor differences.
Hunter's Motorcycle
  Original Figure: Dino-Snare Dirtbike, Lost World - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: The elimination of the snare and the tranq-guns make these toys near perfect for use with the InGen Hunters from TLW. Also the Jurassic Park 3 Raptor Pursuit Cycle can work for this as well, but in order to get the Motorcycle Driver you have to get the Dino-Snare Dirtbike.
Jurassic Park Visitor's Center/Isla Nublar Playset

Original Figure:
Command Compound, JP - Series 1
Canon Rating:
Suggested Modifications: LOTS! Oh sorry, this toy required a lot of modifications in the sense that everything needs to be separated and made into basically its own individual paddocks for the dinosaurs. Also a suggested modification for the front gate is to use parts of the JP3 Raptor Attack Playset, doors and fire, for use in the original gate. Fencing also is suggested to be used from TLW Mobile Command Center, as well as fencing from the Raptor Attack Playset from JP3's line. The compound itself is more in line, similarity wise, with the Velociraptor Pen as seen in the film instead of the actual Visitor's Center from the film. With most of the toys the "Tranq-Guns" are a must go, as well as some additional things, a weapon storage, and cattle prods. To make the compound actually work as part of the Visitor's Center is to eliminate the cat walk and subsequently have the grass "top hat" cover the empty space and sit on top of the Compound directly. I was unable to do that with my model as the Catwalk is a one time-assembly procedure.
Other Uses: This can be "modified" to look like the run-down Operations Center in TLW, removal of the embryo storage unit and computers is suggested. This can be modified also in the JP3 Embryonics Administration by re-adding the Embryo Storage Unit to it with unhatched eggs in place, along with most or all of the Dino-Damage Points in use.

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Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
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