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Jurassic World Toy Review
Just going to go over these fairly quickly of my latest purchases from my local ToysRUs about the new JW toys. This is to help you all to know what’s decent and what’s outright horrible and make some responsible financial … Continue reading
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All Podcasts are now uploaded to YouTube. You can download them Here in mp3. (Bottom of Page) Want to sit back, relax and listen to them all without clicking play more than once? Check out the playlist on YouTube. Be sure … Continue reading
Jurassic Park Encyclopedia Updates & More!
The Jurassic Park Encyclopedia and Jurassic Innards are now running on WordPress 4.1. New entries in the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia (Recent Entries on the right under Categories) will now show up on the JPLegacy Facebook and Twitter. Like, Follow, Share, … Continue reading

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The Lost World Series 1 & 2
Vehicles & Playsets
Glider Pack

Glider wings burst open! Launch rocket for aerial dogfight!
Comes with an exclusive Ian Malcolm figure
High Hide Dino Observation Stand

With Grappling Claw Winch and Firing Missle!
Comes with an exclusive Nick Van Owen figure
Ground Tracker (Electronic)

With electric lights and exploding Dino-Damage hood.
Dino Damage Medical Center

With Battle Ravaged Allosaurus & Rejuvination Lab.
Allosaurus ID Number: JP47 Site B
Mobile Command Center (Electronic)

With Electric sounds and lights, telescoping crane, Dino-Damage cab area, fold-out observation lab, 7 perimeter fence pieces.
Comes with an exclusive Kelly Malcolm figure
Dino-Snare Dirtbike

Snare Dinos in a high speed chase!
Dirt Bike has blast-apart Dino-Damage
Comes with an exclusive Carter figure
D.A.R.T. Dino Auto Restraint Transport

Trailer Converts to Dino Transport Cage
Comes with an exclusive Roland Tembo figure
Net Trapper

With High Speed Chase Net & Firing Stun Gun
Humvee Capture Vehicle

With Dino Pursuit Claw & Pivoting Stampede seats!
Capture Truck

This is an unreleased vehicle.
Dino Tracker Adventure Set (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

Set includes a Scutosaurus, Estemmenosuchus, Dino Tracker figure and accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
Young Tyrannosaurus Rex (Toys 'R' Us Exclusive)

With Dino Tracker figure & accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
Utahraptor (Target Exclusive)

With Dino Tracker figure & accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
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Zara Young (S/F)
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