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Jurassic Park Legacy - Novel-Canon Mod - Skins ReadMe
JPOG Novel-Canon Modifications

Welcome to the JPLegacy modding page for JPOG Novel-Canon Modifications. These are used with the PC version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.


JPOG Novel-Canon Mod version 2.0 - Download

Click here to Download the File

Description: Download this to make your JPOG dinosaurs look and sound just like the dinosaurs from Crichton's novels. This project aims to improve JPOG by making it the best JP canon game available. Create dinosaurs that look, sound and behave just like those seen in the novels.


JPOG Novel-Canon Mod - Screens
Apatosaurus   Brachiosaurus   Carnotaurus
Dilophosaurus   Euoplocephalus   Hadrosaurus
Hypsilophodon   Maiasaura   Microceratops
Othniela   Pachycephalosaurus   Parasaurolophus
Stegosaurus   Triceratops    Female Tyrannosaurus
Male Tyrannosaurus   Female Velociraptor   Male Velociraptor

JPOG Novel-Canon Mod - ReadMe


Project: Jurassic Park Legacy - Novel-Canon Modification, version 2.0
Author(s) & Role:
DinoDude65 - Project Leader & Programmer
Clonehunter - Vice Project Leader
super spino - Dinosaur Skin Artist
DPJWei - Dinosaur Skin Artist
DinosaurDigs - Dinosaur Skin Artist
Daspletosaurus 5000 - Dinosaur Skin Artist

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. What was modified?
III. Install
IV. Technical Issues
V. Credits
VI. Further Notes
VII. Legal
I. Introduction
Welcome to Jurassic Park Legacy's Novel Canon Modifications pack. The main focus of the Jurassic Park Legacy Novel Canon Modification program for Jurassic Park Operation Genesis was to adjust the game to be accurate to what was portrayed in the novels. We hope this modification will move JPOG into a universe that is unknown to some, and created by the literary genius that we know and love as Michael Crichton.


II. What was modified

Files Found in Data/:

Data/Constant.ini - Many things were changed in the Constant.INI, including: Budget changes ($250,000 set as opening amount), Land Cruiser, Ranger Helicopter, and Balloon prices changed (65,000; 2,500,000; 7,000 respectively), Mountain field of effect changes & Evilrex's Erode Mod (to produce realistic mountains), Max Safari and Balloon distance changed, Max Land Cruiser fuel limit, Land Cruisers can drive on higher ground as well as in deeper water, Max Dinosaur Population, Max fossil teams
Data/FslHunt.ini- All Digsites Unlocked (all become available at 5 Stars), New Dinosaurs Introduced
Data/Research.ini - Prices modified ** NOTE! If you have the Genesis Expansion Pack installed, do NOT install this file. It will overwrite the GEP Research mods.

Files found in Data/GUI:
Data/GUI/Locales/Eng.INI - Ceratosaurus changed to Carnotaurus, Ankylosaurus to Euoplocephalus, Homalocephale to Microceratops, Edmontosaurus to Maiasaura, Dryosaurus to Othnielia, Hypsilophodon added, Camarasaurus to Apatosaurus, Safari Lodge added, Rabies changed to DX Prion (in every reference), Changes to Jurassic Classic and The Lost World missions, a few Dinopedia changes in names and descriptions.
Data/GUI/BldMenu.INI - Hill option revived, Safari Lodge added
Data/GUI/Dinoped.INI - Star ratings changed

Files Found in Data/Units:
All dinosaurs lifespans were increased, as well as limit on number of buildings
Data/Units/Kiosk.inx - VisFNue model changed to Cleaner Model
Data/Units/shop.inx - VisFNue model changed to Cleaner Model
Data/Units/lodge.ini - New Safari Lodge feature!
Data/Units/lodge.inx - New Safari Lodge feature!

In Data/Matlibs:
Female Skins:
Data/matlibs/dinos_flamingcliffs.tml - Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Homalocephale
Data/matlibs/dinos_hellcreek_a.tml - Parasaurolophus
Data/matlibs/dinos_hellcreek_b.tml - Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Edmontosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_judithriver_a.tml - Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_judithriver_b.tml - Tyrannosaurus, Corythosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_morrison_a.tml - Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_morrison_b.tml - Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Dilophosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_tendaguru.tml - Brachiosaurus, Kentrosaurus

Male skins:
Data/matlibs/dinos_flamingcliffs16.tml - Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Homalocephale
Data/matlibs/dinos_hellcreek_a16.tml - Parasaurolophus
Data/matlibs/dinos_hellcreek_b16.tml - Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Edmontosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_judithriver_a16.tml - Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_judithriver_b16.tml - Tyrannosaurus, Corythosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_morrison_a16.tml - Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_morrison_b16.tml - Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Dilophosaurus
Data/matlibs/dinos_tendaguru16.tml - Brachiosaurus

Sounds found in Data/Sound:
Data/Sound/Sound.ini - This is needed so the sounds will play properly.

Music Found in Data/Music:
Data/Music/Bracsong.ogg - Edit from the Jurassic Park Album track 'My Friend the Brachiosaurus'
Data/Music/Breakout.ogg - Edit from Jurassic Park Album track 'T-rex Rescue and Finale'
Data/Music/Chase.ogg - Mix of Jurassic Park III tracks "Isla Sorna Sailing Situation", "Tiny Pecking Pteranodons", "The Raptor Room", and "Raptor Repartee"
Data/Music/Dusk.ogg - Cut of Jurassic Park Album track "Theme from Jurassic Park"
Data/Music/Endgame.ogg - Mix of Jurassic Park track "Remembering Petticoat Lane"
Data/Music/Flyby.ogg - Cut of The Lost World track "Finale and Jurassic Park Theme"
Data/Music/Hunt.ogg - Mix of The Lost World Album tracks "Visitor in San Diego" and "Ludlow's Demise"
Data/Music/Hunt02.ogg - The Lost World Album track "The Hunt"
Data/Music/Ludlow.ogg - Cut of Jurassic Park track "Eye to Eye"
Data/Music/New_life.ogg - Cut of Jurassic Park track "Hatching Baby Raptor"
Data/Music/Raptor.ogg - Edit from Jurassic Park Album track "The Raptor Attack"
Data/Music/Safari.ogg - Mix of Jurassic Park "Jurassic Park Gate" track and The Lost World's "Hammond's Plan"
Data/Music/Spino.ogg - Mix of Jurassic Park III track "Cooper's Last Stand"
Data/Music/Storm.ogg - Jurassic Park Album track "High-Wire Stunts"
Data/Music/Stormend.ogg - Segment of Jurassic Park III track "Raptor Repartee"
Data/Music/Stormfro.ogg - Jurassic Park track "Dennis Steals the Embryo"
Data/Music/Sunrise.ogg - Edit of King Kong track "Beautiful", by James Newton Howard
Data/Music/Tornado.ogg - Jurassic Park III album track "Billy Oblivion"
Data/Music/Trex.ogg - Segment of The Lost World Album track "Ludlow's Demise"
Data/Music/Twilight.ogg - Edit of The Lost World track "Malcolm's Journey"
Data/Music/Victory.ogg - Edit of Jurassic Park track "T-Rex Rescue and Finale"

Mission Modification:
Data/GUI/Locales/Eng.txt - Needed for updated objectives for JuraClsc.mis


III. Install

Unpack the .ZIP file. Windows allows you to open it like any other file, and "Extract". You could also use WinZip or WinRAR.

Step 1: Backup your files! This step is your choice before proceeding. If you wish to ignore this step, just go ahead and proceed to step 2. It's a simple matter of making a folder on your desktop and copying folders from your JPOG directory and putting your files in this backup location. Otherwise you'll have to reinstall the game if you want your original files back. Why do you want to do this? Just in case you want to switch back of course! Go to your Operation Genesis directory, usually found here: "C:\Program Files\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\" and start copying the files listed from above. 

Step 2: Once you are finished with that go ahead and install the mod pack by copying the "Data" folder to the "C:\Program Files\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\" directory. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the files. Select "Yes to All."

Step 3: Run the game! Load a level or start a new game, the choice is your's and Enjoy! 

It is that simple!


IV: Technical Issues

If you have a technical issue, please post in either the Novel-Canon section of the Jurassic Park Legacy forums, or the Help & FAQ section.

A bit of forewarning, you should read this documentation all the way through before asking a question or stating a problem in the listed above thread.

Known Bugs/Common Complaints:
- Please note in order to have male skins YOU MUST change to 16-bit mode.
- The person (Cleaner Model) for Kiosk and Shop look very bored - there is no way to fix this. I thought this was great for comedic value.
- In the "Jurassic Classic" exercise, the island is pretty small. It was the only way to have it canon to the novels.
- In "The Lost World" Exercise you will have to move some dinosaurs so they don't get collapse into a coma. There are a few hadrosaurs on the eastern mountains that will collapse soon after opening the mission. This is simply because the OpGen programmers made "Isla Sorna" a bland, square island, and the wonderful Novel-Canon team decided to make a lucious island to mimic the descriptions in The Lost World, which was smaller than the former island.
- In the Hatchery, Hypsilophodon will have the same skin as Othnielia; don't worry. Once hatched, it will have a different skin. We couldn't find someone who could MST.


V. Credits

Mission Modifications - THE DINOSAUR MAN & DinoDude65
Island Creation - THE DINOSAUR MAN & DinoDude65
Mission Modification Tutorial - Dark_Lord & the game modification team at Modding Genesis 
.Inx File Modifcations - Tyrannosaur, as a part of the Film-Canon Mod
.Ini File Modifications - Evilrex, as a part of the Film-Canon Mod
Skins Done By - super spino, DPJWei, DinosaurDigs, Daspletosaurus 5000
Skin Installation - DinoDude65
Sounds - Edited and compiled by Carcharodontosaurus, & dvrex, as a part of the Film-Canon Mod; Thunder sounds by DinoDude65
Music - New music was edited by DinoDude65
All files checked and tested by - JPL Novel-Canon Mod Team
Original Game Files used in modification and enhancement are by Blue Tounge Entertainment & Universal Studios

Thank you to anyone else who helped out that I did not mention due to my forgetfulness!


VI. Further Notes
Be sure to visit Modding Genesis for up-to-date JPOG Modding Information as they are the major resource for any JPOG modding out there! Without Modding Genesis this mod you have here would not be possible!

You can visit their site here:

And also be sure to check out Jurassic Park Legacy - The web's largest Jurassic Park Information resource along with the all comprehensive Jurassic Park Encyclopedia that helped in making this game canon to the novels!


VII. Legal

Don't use any part of this mod in yours in any form whatsoever without JPLegacy's expressed permission! We are big on giving due credit and so should you as it is only honorable! 

This mod was not intended to breach any copyright, in fact it was our hope this mod will bolster activity and interest for this great game! 

"Jurassic Park", "The Lost World" and "Jurassic Park ///" ™ © Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment We are by no way selling anything or admitting to any involvement with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment. 

"Jurassic Park Operation Genesis" © Blue Tounge Entertainment & Universal Studios ***We are absolutely making no sale off of this modifcation it is only meant to promote interest into the game and give something to the community!***


Thomas Holtz?s Dinosaur Encyclopedia (S/F)
Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
Jurassic World (Movie)
Mosasaurus Feeding Show (S/F)
Barry (II) (S/F)

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