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The Lost World: Jurassic Park Playstation

Developer: DreamWorks Interactive
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Distributor: GTI, SVG, Electro Source
Origin: United States
Released: November 17, 1997
Genre: Action, Adventure
Type: 3D Sidescrolling
Platform: PlayStation
Control Elements: Joystick, Gamepad
ESRB Rating: Teen, for Animated Violence, Animated Blood, and Animated Gore.

The Lost World is a nice side scrolling game. You play the game with 5 different characters: Compy, Hunter, Raptor, T. rex and Sarah. The game starts with the Compy's world, where you fight your way through the jungle. Then follow the Hunter, Raptor, T-Rex missions and with Sarah you've to finish the game. The human characters (Hunter, Sarah) have their weapons to take the dinosaurs down: Tranquiliser Darts, Rapid Fire Tracer, Grenades, Nerve Gas, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Flame Thrower, and Emergency Rescue Flares. The dinosaur characters attack their enemys with their claws or just snap after them.

After each finished section you get a password, which allows you to continue the game another time with the new section, so you don't need to save it on a memory card. Often when you fight against your enemys you lose a lot of your health, however you can power it up by eating the oponents you have killed. Each character has it's own gameplay control - except for Raptor and Compy, it's nearly the same. The moves of the dinosaurs look very realistic, unlike the humans, which look like they'd walk on the moon.

A cool "feature" of the dino characters is that you can do their calls - they're taken from the movies and in good quality, sure something that makes this game a "must-have" ;). The game also features a cool soundtrack, which gives it a great "Jurassic Park atmosphere". The graphics of The Lost World are awesome, always considering when and for which console it was produced... (1997, PlayStation 1). The game lets your PS2 or PlayStation Emulator run at a high resolution, so it's still worth to play it today. The Lost World is a "must have" for every JP fan.

Note: This was relaunched in December 31, 1997 with an additional T.rex level for the game, the game was generally the same though.


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