Jurassic Park Legacy Chat Room

Welcome to Jurassic Park Legacy's live chatroom. We suggest you download an IRC program, like HexChat (which is totally free and easy-to-use), for connection to the room. Another alternative is to use mibbit and you can do that here, just be sure to enter the server information that's found below for either of these options. Otherwise connect to the room using our applet below!



To access the room with an IRC client
Point the server to: irc.surrealchat.net
At port: 6667.
Change your nickname with /nick NAME (NAME=what you want your name to be)
Then type: /join #JPLegacy

To register your name:

/nickserv register password e-mail address
Be sure to supply your own information for your password and e-mail address.

To Identify with your name once you've registered:
/nickserv identify password

To perform an action:
/me action goes here.
All you have to do is type /me and then the action.