Chaos Quarterly (C/N)

Chaos Quarterly was a fake company featured in The Lost World. It first and only mention was when Malcom returned back to his office after he observed the Velociraptor statue in the biology department, and Beverly had told Malcom that the photographers from Chaos Quarterly had finished up photographing his office.

She says that the organization has recieved a letter from him, saying it was okay with Malcom to photograph his office, although he had never sent a letter, nor had he heard of Chaos Quarterly.

It is thought that Chaos Quarterly was a distraction from BioSyn to break into Doctor Malcoms office to photograph what he knew about Isla Sorna. According to Beverly, the photographers were foregin Swiss, and they had photographed everything in Malcoms office, but didnt take anything out. After it’s mention, it is never heard from again in the rest of the book.

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