Fuel Barrels (T/C)

The metal barrels dotted across Trespasser‘s virtual landscape serve no purpose except for decorations and obstacles. They cannot be picked up (very efficiently, anyway) or stacked, and the player cannot jump high enough to land on top of them. There are two color variants, blue and red. While the exteriors read “Fuel”, nothing will happen to the barrels when shot (explosions, fire, etc.), as one might expect in a shooter. One explanation is simply that they are empty- that, or it’s just an old game. Ironically, even if the barrels are full, the game is right in not having them explode. It has been proven that fuel barrels do not, in fact, explode when shot, unless by some kind of incendiary or explosive round perhaps, such as a tracer round. The circumstances would have to be correct- the tracer would have to be fired from great enough of a distance for air friction to ignite it. Even if this factor is applied, the tank would have to be intact enough for there to be sufficient pressure inside when heat is applied to explode. This would mean that if the tank was shot by normal rounds before being hit by the tracer, the bullet holes wouldn’t allow any pressure to build.

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