International Genetic Technologies (InGen) (S/F)

INGEN_Logo_Recolored_by_VincentConti85International Genetic Technologies, Inc., or “InGen,” was a genetics company founded by John Hammond, control of which was later taken by Peter Ludlow in 1997. InGen’s actual interests were very different from the ones it displayed in public: they were responsible for the creation of the cloned dinosaurs found on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. InGen at first purchased a location in San Diego in which it would showcase its creations, but later abandoned the site in favor of a more desirable location on Isla Nublar, though the dinosaurs had been cloned on Isla Sorna long before. Following the Incident at Isla Nublar, InGen struggled to keep itself from going bankrupt, even attempting to finish the San Diego project in 1997 after Peter Ludlow became CEO. Though its fate has not been explicitly stated, InGen likely went bankrupt following the San Diego Incident.

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