Be sure to enter your search terms to the right on your page in the search location. Alternatively one can also browse the category to find what they are looking for in terms of results. There is a new search bar. As you enter in your search there is a blue box that will start giving you results just below the bar, before you press ‘Enter’. After pressing ‘Enter’, the search results will show up, on a ‘search results page’. This software is an improvement all around.

The Encyclopedia is organized via categorical view separated within each canon by the following criteria: Character, Dinosaur, Location, Equipment (This includes vehicles, notable items and weapons), and Technical Commentary.

The Characters, Dinosaurs, Equipment, and Locations categories are pretty self-explanatory. You search for the name of the character, name of the dinosaur, name of the item, and name of the location to find what you are looking.

Technical Commentary deals with the interesting features we’ve created over the years of doing this project from size charts, to Timelines, on down to discussing the nuances of each franchise to better explain what is seen on screen through research through canon sources and scientific evidence and further educated thought via deductive reasoning. Some speculation does exist in the technical commentary area, but it is well-placed and it is our best guess on the holes that are present in the canon and a way to retcon the issues present.

Please also be sure to check out our most recent entries if you have an extra bit it does show you what we have currently added to the system.



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