Miller (S/F)

MillerMiller was a member of the Asset Containment Unit, an InGen security force that specialized in controlling prehistoric reptiles. Holding the rank of trooper, he worked at the Jurassic World theme park and was part of a squad led by Austin.

When the genetically-modified Indominus rex broke out of its enclosure, Miller was among the ACU personnel sent in to recapture it. Their mission turned catastrophic when the Indominus ambushed the team by first tearing out the implant they were tracking it with and then using its camouflaging abilities to launch a surprise attack, resulting in deaths of many of the guards. As the surviving personnel attempted to retreat, Miller covered them by firing at the dinosaur with his shotgun. This failed to have any effect on the Indominus, which promptly ate him in one bite. Nevertheless, his sacrifice bought the remaining ACU members enough time to escape.

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Lowery Cruthers (S/F)

Lowery Lowery Cruthers was a technician in Jurassic World‘s control room, with a crush on fellow worker Vivian, and a slightly antagonistic relationship with employer and park manager, Claire Dearing. Something of a hipster in regards to the original Jurassic Park, he is noteworthy for owning Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s book, “God Creates Dinosaurs” (even mentioning that his desk had ‘just enough stability to avoid falling into anarchy’ when called on its messy state by Claire), as well as an authentic, original Jurassic Park tee shirt recovered from the Visitor’s Center (which Claire called crass, given people died at the park). In addition, Lowery in this initial argument proved critical of the Indominus rex, particularly the sponsorship by Verizon Wireless, making several comments beneath his breath regarding “Pepsisaurus” and “Tostidodon”, and more loudly proclaiming that the original park was “legit” because it only needed “real dinosaurs”.

While working on many aspects of the park, such as keeping track of the gyrospheres and the chipped animals (a key example being the tranquilized Pachycephalosaurus ), and keeping the park in working order, Lowery generally did not keep his desk organized and tidy. Characterized by its messy, almost slobbish state, with a soft drink, food, Malcolm’s book, papers, and a line of toy dinosaurs (that he obsessively arranged just so) at all times, he nonetheless appeared to have no trouble working in these conditions, though a timely intervention by Claire did save his soft drink from spilling onto the floor at one point.

Later on, once the Indominus seemingly escaped her paddock, Claire frantically contacted Lowery in the control room to locate her chip- whereupon a stunned Lowery informed her that the Indominus was still very much in her pen, along with an investigating Owen Grady, Nick, and Ellis, leading to the latter two’s deaths and the actual escape of the Indominus.

As the park descended into chaos, Simon Masrani ordered the Indominus dealt with quietly by the Asset Containment Unit (ACU), led by Katashi Hamada, and that such an escape was an “inevitability”- a prospect which Lowery derisively met with his usual sarcastic wit, and was proven right when the Indominus killed the entire unit with ease.

The situation became even more dire when Claire’s nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell, had boarded the Gyrosphere ride minutes before it was quietly shut down in the face of these events, and Lowery discovered that the boys had gone ‘off-road’ into the Restricted Area, whereupon they were attacked by the Indominus, before Masrani took matters into his own hands.

The rogue hybrid proceeded to kill Masrani as well as let the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon loose from the Aviary, whereupon Claire finally called an evacuation of all civilians even as the pterosaurs descended upon Main Street, resulting in numerous casualties, both injuries and deaths, before the ACU was able to subdue the animals.

With Masrani’s demise, Masrani Global allowed Vic Hoskins, head of InGen security, to come in and take over the attempts to reestablish control of the island, and Lowery found his precious dinosaurs knocked clean off his desk by Hoskins’ men as they stormed the control room.

Even as Hoskins’ attempts to use Owen’s Velociraptor pack backfired spectacularly, the remaining Control Room staff began to evacuate- save Lowery, who opted to stay behind, in case Claire, Owen, and the kids returned. He even attempted to gather the nerve to kiss Vivian, only to be shot down as she reminded him of her boyfriend. A crestfallen Lowery nonetheless received the compensation of continued friendship (albeit awkward for the moment) as Vivian left him alone to ponder this turn of events.

Finally, when the Indominus cornered the survivors on Main Street, and Owen’s raptors proved unable to defeat it, Claire called Lowery in the Control Room and ordered him to open Paddock Nine: T. Rex Kingdom. Naturally, Lowery was aghast and refused to release the Tyrannosaurus rex– the very same Tyrannosaurus rex from the original Jurassic Park- but Claire insisted, telling him to “Make something of your life for once”.

Insulted, Lowery shot back that she didn’t need to make it “personal”, before opening the paddock, allowing Claire to lead the Tyrannosaur to the Indominus, where (with a timely distraction from Blue) she was able to succeed where so many others had failed, driving the Indominus back into the Mosasaur lagoon whereupon the Mosasaur dragged the by-now-mortally-wounded hybrid to its watery grave.

At this point, there was only one thing left to be done, and Lowery was the one to do it: with one last look around, and pausing only long enough to take just one of his precious toy dinosaurs, Lowery turned off the lights in the Control Room, signifying the final end of Jurassic World.


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Scott Mitchell (S/F)

Scott Mitchell was the father of Gray and Zachary Mitchell, as well as the husband of Karen Mitchell, although they had been undergoing divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had a rather dry sense of humor, remarking that his son wasn’t “going off to war” while Zack said Scotthis goodbyes to his girlfriend.

Scott, as well as his wife Karen, had been consulting an attorney to finalize his divorce, but had kept that secret from his sons, although Gray had already figured it out before being sent to Jurassic World. The couple had decided to send their children to Isla Nublar to be left under the care of their aunt, Claire Dearing, as they concluded their divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had driven his family to the airport, and soon after Zack and Gray were out of earshot remarked: “so much for our last family breakfast”, prompting his soon-to-be-ex-wife to reply with disdain at his comment. After the events that transpired at Jurassic World during the kids’ stay there, Scott and Karen both flew out to Costa Rica to be reunited with they children.

Scott Mitchell was played by Andrew P. Buckley, Jr.

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Karen Mitchell (S/F)


Karen and Scott Mitchell at the airport

Karen Mitchell was the mother of Zach and Gray Mitchell as well as the sister of Claire Dearing. Before the events of the Jurassic World incident, she was undergoing a process of divorce from her husband Scott Mitchell. The divorce proceedings were well underway, with the couple both consulting divorce lawyers and apparently going to settlement meetings. Karen was also estranged from her sister, their relationship contentious enough that she would get argumentative with her often.

Karen and Scott both drive their children from their home to the airport, acknowledging that her children don’t really want to go on the trip. The vacation was intended to distract the children from the impending divorce, as well as an attempt to reach out to her sister. As she says farewell to the boys at the airport, she directs Zach to look after his brother, being annoyed with him when he appears disinterested.

After the children have arrived at Jurassic World, Karen becomes distressed when Gray

Karen talking on the phone with Claire

Karen talking on the phone with Claire

telephones her to inform her that Claire is not escorting them through the park. Already distressed, Karen interrupts her business meeting to call Claire. Upset with Claire’s excuses, she breaks down in tears, prompting Claire to promise to spend more time with the children.

Karen and Scott traveled to Costa Rica the morning after the Jurassic World incident out of concern for their children. Seeing Claire, she hugged her sister, asking if she was all right before leaving with both of her children.

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Adrian Copper (IDW-JPR)

Adrian Copper was a news reporter working in New York City who had covered Alexa Murphy’s speech to the United Nations, and her subsequent rocky depaadrin-copper_20114304639_orture. Mr. Copper reported that demonstrators had gathered to protest Ms. Murphy’s organic produce corporation’s (Lexxcrops) recent implementation of “unique technical advances” that had cut costs but riled up union heads worldwide. He reported that as she was leaving, one of the activists present lunged a blood soaked head of lettuce at her limo’s windscreen, prompting Alexa Murphy to leave the vehicle and confront the man. Mr. Copper finished of his report by recounting that Ms. Murphy had succeeded in calming the protester down, and remarking that he was quite surprised that the two ended up shaking hands and departing amicably.

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Egg Spinner – Isla Nublar (S/F)

The Egg Spinner is a Tilt-A-Whirl/Waltzer style ride at Jurassic World. It is referred to by Gray as the “spinning dinosaur eggs”. It is also described as being modeled after a piece of machinery from the Hammond Creation Lab.

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Main Street – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Main Street was located at the center of Isla Nublar and served as the beating heart of the Jurassic World resort. Newly arrived visitors would be transported here directly after reaching the island, and wrsz_main_streetould be greeted by a wide range of restaurants, stores, and attractions. Main Street housed 20 restaurants, including, but not limited to: Winston’s Steakhouse, Ben & Jerry’s, and Margaritaville, and over 35 shops. Visitors could reach any attraction on the island, either by walking or taking a monorail, from this central location. Main Street had varied nightlife options for tourists of all kind; from an IMAX cinema showcasing documentaries on Jurassic World’s prehistoric animals to various bars and eateries where visitors could eat, drink, and mingle after a long day. In addition to all this, the grand Innovation Center served as a backdrop to all the action.

After Victor Hoskins‘ failed attempt to utilize Owen Grady’s velociraptors to track and destroy the escaped Indominus Rex hybrid, Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach made their way to Main Street in an attempt to reach Lowery Cruthers in the Control Center. After entering the Innovation Center and finding Dr. Henry Wu’s secret lab being ransacked by InGen soldiers, they were interrupted by Victor Hoskins, who divulged his plans for future hybrids, before he was attacked and killed by Delta*. After this, the group ran outside where they we confronted by the three remaining raptors, Blue, Echo, and Delta. Owen was able to calm down Blue by removing the video-camera that had been attached to her head. Soon after, the Indominus Rex walked onto Main Street and attempted to test the loyalties of the raptors whom hadCIjylVAUEAARMEg seen her as their alpha moments prior, but they had already taken back Owen as the leader of their pack. The Indominus Rex swiped her arm and flung Blue into a column, where she collapsed, the two other raptors retaliated immediately. While the animals were attacking each other, the group hid within a Jurassic Traders gift kiosk; it is here where Gray suggests that to defeat the hybrid they would need “more teeth”. This prompts Claire to release the Tyrannosaurs Rex from to its paddock, but before she is able to complete this the Indominus Rex kills the two remaining raptors, Echo and Delta. Once the T. rex is released, the two animals fight each other to the point where the hybrid has the upper-hand. At that moment, Blue emerges from the rubble and mounts the Indominus, distracting the animal and providing an opening for a retaliatory strike by the Rex. The three creatures continue to fight until the Indominus Rex collapses near the Isla Nublar Lagoon. The mosasaur then emerges from the water and drags the hybrid to the depths, putting an end to the chaos.

Main Street was left in shambles: decorations shattered, kiosks destroyed, and building facades demolished.

*Tie-in media identify Echo as the raptor that attacked Vic Hoskins, but the coloration of the animal within the movie suggests Delta as the assailant.

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United Nations (IDW-JPR)

UN FlagThe United Nations was an international assembly, headquartered in New York City, designed to promote intergovernmental cooperation and resolve pressing global issues.

Alexa Murphy, granddaughter of John Parker Hammond, had been spearheading an international movement to prevent the exploitation of the Costa Rican islands: Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. However, continued participation in this endeavor had been draining to smaller nations, notably Albania, whose representative had protested verbally regarding his nation’s involvement in such a seemingly far removed problem. Ms. Murphy replied to the comments by reassuring the gathered ambassadors that their countries’ financial participation was crucial in protecting the planet’s ecosystem and humanity’s role within it.

Demonstrators had gathered near the U.N Headquarters to protest Lexxcrops’ recent implementation of automation that had cut staffing costs, but stirred up problems with union leaders worldwide.

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Zach’s Girlfriend (S/F)

ZachGirlfriendZach’s girlfriend is the alias given to an unidentified young woman who was in a relationship with Zach Mitchell.

She bid farewell to Zach before he went to Jurassic World, asking him to call her every day and send her pictures of him. Their goodbyes were cut short by Zach’s father, who wanted to leave for the airport as quickly as possible.

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Masrani Global Corporation (S/F)

MasraniLogoMasrani Global Corporation, often shortened to Masrani Global or simply Masrani, was first established in 1973 by Sanjay Masrani with the founding of Mascom Network in India, its retroactive first subsidiary. Mascom spent ten years honing their craft and were on air by 1983, providing 45 channels across the Indian subcontinent for the next nine years until Sanjay’s unfortunate passing in 1992.

Mascom was then passed down to Sanjay’s son, Simon Masrani, who expanded Mascom’s success, but also took the company further. In 1996, Masrani founded Masrani Oil (later renamed Masrani Energy in recent years)  in Abu Dhabi. Despite its status as the youngest oil company on the planet, it was the third largest source of revenue for the newly minted Masrani Global Corporation between 1997 and 2004 and put Masrani on the world business map, as well as supplying 21% of the world’s transportation industry today. As well as telecommunications and oil, Masrani Global also acquired among its subsidiaries Tatsuo Technology, acquired in 2011, Aerospace Dynamix, founded in France in 2007, Data Analysys, founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1996, Axis Boulder Engineering, founded in 2000, and lastly, Medixal Health, giving Masrani Global a wide range of products and careers available.

In 1997, with the passing of Dr. John Parker Hammond, Masrani began talks to acquire International Genetic Technologies, Inc of Palo Alto, California. By 1998 the talks had been completed and InGen was officially a Masrani subsidiary, and the years of 2002 to 2004 saw the efforts to construct a new park on Isla Nublar begin to be undertaken (including the foundation of subsidiary Timack Construction to handle the construction of the park itself) which was opened in 2005, christened Jurassic World. This park was open for the next ten years and saw great success, until an unfortunate incident which saw the death of Masrani Global’s visiting CEO among others and numerous injuries along with massive publicized destruction, leading to the company’s current financial crisis and uncertain future.

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Tatsuo Technology (S/F)

Tatsuo Technology was a tech firm founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1984 which was later acquired by Masrani Global Corporation in 2011. Since then, the company had been focusing on next generation processors. Tatsuo Technology collaborated with Mascom Network in 2014 to produce the processors for Mascom’s latest satellites. Tatsuo Technology generated 26.4 million dollars in profits in fiscal year 2014.

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Aerospace Dynamix (S/F)

Aerospace Dynamix was a Masrani Global Corporation subsidInGen Droneiary founded in France in 2007. The company specialized in aeronautical engineering, research, and design and focused on wing-design and production. Aerospace Dynamix had been working with InGen Security and Mascom Network since the company’s founding in 2007 to produce state-of-the-art unmanned drones.

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Data Analysys (S/F)

Data Analysys was a Masrani Global Corporation subsidiary that specialized in providing advisory data solution for audit and assurance reports; they also cooperated with other Masrani subsidiaries, including Medixal Health. The company was founded, and continued to operate, in Johannesberg, South Africa since 1996.

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Medixal Health (S/F)

Medixal Health was a Masrani Global Corporation subsidiary headquartered in New York City. The company owned and operated over 32 teaching and research hospitals across North America. Data Analysys, another Masrani subsidiary, provided data that allowed Medixal Health to drive innovative healthcare in 2014.

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Axis Boulder Engineering (S/F)

Axis Boulder Engineering was an engineering firm founded in Dubai in 2000 designed to assist in the design processes of Masrani Global Corporation’s various projects. Axis Boulder Engineering was collaborating with Masrani Energy to produce revolutionary turbines that would significantly increase energy production in hydroelectric dams, and had generated 47.55 million dollars in profit in fiscal year 2014.

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Timack Construction (S/F)

Timack Construction was a Masrani Global Corporation subsidiary originally established in 2002 for the construction of the Jurassic World resort on Isla Nublar. After construction on the park concluded in 2005, Timack Construction began specializing in commercial building construction. Timack Construction generated 85.32 million dollars in profit in fiscal year 2014, and employed over 8,000 workers worldwide.

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Gray Mitchell (S/F)

Gray Mitchell was the younger brother of Zach Mitchell, and the youngest son of Scott and Karen Mitchell. Gray was highly intelligent, socially awkward, and obsessed with dinosaurs; his room littered with figures and Gray Mitchellposters of the prehistoric creatures. He and his brother were sent to Jurassic World to spend a week with their aunt, Claire Dearing, as their parents finalized their divorce.

Once the brothers reached Isla Nublar, they were entrusted under the care of Zara Young, Claire’s personal assistant, as Ms. Dearing was too busy with work. While visiting the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, Zach forcefully suggested they leave Zara behind while she was distracted by a phone call. The two brothers explored the park at their leisure; Gray spouting dinosaur facts along the way.

While riding on the monorail, Gray divulged to Zach that he suspected their parents were getting divorced as he had discovered letters from various lawyers. Zach initially brushed it of since it wouldn’t of affected him as he was moving out in two years, but upon noticing that his brother was struck with grief, he attempted to comfort Gray by remarking that he would be getting “two of everything” now. Gray simply replied, “I don’t want two of everything”.

Zach and Gray were later attacked by the Indominus Rex hybrid as they ventured into a restricted zone in one of the Gyrospheres. They managed to escape and ended up in the abandoned Visitor Center of the original Jurassic Park. There, they used their mechanical skill to repair a 1992 Jeep Wrangler, which they then drove back to the park.

Over the course of events that would follow, Gray and Zach began to bond and they both helped defend a Mobile Veterinary Unit from rogue Velociraptors after the failure of Victor Hoskins’ plan to utilize the animals to track and destroy the Indominus Rex.

During the chaos, Gray helped distract one of the Velociraptors by activating a Dilophosaurus hologram in the Innovation Center as the group was escaping. He would also go on to suggest that to destroy the Indominus they would require “more teeth”, which prompted Claire to release the Tyrannosaurus Rex from it’s paddock to assist in the fight. Following the destruction of the hybrid, and the evacuation of the island, Gray was reunited with his parents in Costa Rica.

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Helicopter Flight Instructor (S/F)

_20150714_184458The Flight Instructor was sat in the co-pilot’s seat next to Simon Masrani, teaching the Park owner how to fly a helicopter in order for him to obtain his flying licence. The Helicopter Flight Instructor was physically sick after Masrani landed the helicopter after a considerably bumpy flight.

The Flight Instructor was presumed to be caught up in the evacuation by Simon Masrani.

The Helicopter Flight Instructor was played by Patrick Crowley

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Zach Mitchell (S/F)


Zachary Mitchell was the eldest son of Karen and Scott Mitchell, and brother to Gray Mitchell. He was sent, alongside his brother, to Jurassic World while his parents attended to their divorce proceedings. Zach was distant with his family and would attempt to court women whenever the opportunity arose. Before the events that transpired during their stay on Isla Nublar, Zach had a rocky relationship with his younger brother and would often insult and berate him, leading to his mother remarking that “he can be so mean” when they are left alone.

During the first day of their visit to Jurassic World, Zach found the opportunity to break free from the watch of Zara Young, Claire Dearing’s personal assistant tasked with taking care of the brothers, while she was distracted by a phone call as they were visiting the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo. Soon after, the two got on board a Gyrosphere minutes before the ride was shut down. Instead of returning as instructed, Zach convinced his brother that it would be fine for them to stay out for a while longer. They were attacked by the Indominus Rex soon after Zach piloted the Gyrosphere into a restricted area. The boys escaped and ended up in the abandoned Visitor Center of the original Jurassic Park where they found and repaired a 1992 Jeep Sahara that they then drove to Main Street.

During the ensuing chaos caused by the escape of the Indominus Rex, Zach began to bond with his younger brother and would offer words of comfort regularly. After the failure of Victor Hoskin’s plan to utilize Owen Grady’s Velociraptors to destroy the Indominus Rex, the two brothers worked together to protect a Mobile Veterinary Unit that they were riding on from the rouge Velociraptors.

Zach was present during the Indominus Rex’s attack on Main Street and aided Owen in saving Gray from the Indominus’ grasp as it tore through a gift kiosk. After the destruction of the hybrid, Zach, among the others, was evacuated to Costa Rica where he was reunited with his parents.

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The Mosasaurus Feeding Show Announcer (S/F)

_20150714_185112The Mosasaurus Feeding Show Announcer was a member of Jurassic World’s staff.  She interacted with the visitors of the Mosasaurus Feeding Show by announcing information of the Mosasaurus and also encouraged the visitors to applaud and cheer for the Mosasaurus when it appeared.

The Mosasaurus Feeding Show Announcer was played by Courtney James Clark.

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Delta (S/F)

Delta is one of the four Velociraptors that made up Owen Grady‘s raptor pack. The velociraptors were contained in a special behavioral facility on Isla Nublar, where Owen trained and researched the animals. Delta is the second oldest member of the pack and during her creation more avian DNA was infused into her genetic makeup, more so than with the other three Raptors, resulting in more birdlike movements and actions. Most notably were her erratic head-movements and assorted mannerisms. They really conveyed a sense of eagle or hawk-like thought-processes.


Delta, her amber eyes and green striping are clearly displayed

Delta is present when the Raptor pack are utilised by Vic Hoskins to hunt down the Indominus Rex before briefly joining forces with the hybrid after communicating with it. Delta joined her pack in hunting and killing members of the InGen task force before joining Blue in chasing Claire, Zach and Gray in the ”Mobile Veterinary Unit” truck.

Delta manages to sneak into the Lab before cornering Hoskins and killing him. She then chases Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray through the Innovation Center into the main hall where she is confronted by a hologram of a Dilophosaurus –  set up as a distraction by Grey – which she begins to fight briefly before seeming to discover it isn’t real and continues her pursuit of the humans.

Meeting up with Blue and Echo, after rekindling the bond they had shared with Owen prior to meeting the Indominus Delta took part in the Battle on Main Street after Blue was seemingly killed. Delta met her demise shortly after Echo’s death, being clamped in Indominus’ immense jaw and thrown to the side like a rag doll. However, whether she died is a dubious topic as Blue is seen sharply sprinting towards the direction Delta was thrown, where the two raptors are heard barking. Perhaps she survived the incident, albeit injured by the Indomius’ bite.

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Echo (S/F)



Echo is one of the four Velociraptors that made up Owen Grady’s raptor pack. The velociraptors were contained in a special behavioral facility on Isla Nublar, where Owen trained and performed research on the animals. Echo is the third youngest member of the pack. Echo expresses many similarities toward the originals Nublarensis Raptors within her colouration and overall look. When they were both young raptors, Echo once challenged Blue for command of the pack. Unfortunately for her, Blue was the stronger fighter, and Echo was left with the permanent scars of their encounter across her face. Because of her permanent sneer, some of the Jurassic World dinosaur handlers have nicknamed her “Elvis”.

Isla Nublar Incident

Echo and her packmates were used to stop the genetic hybrid Indominus rex’s rampage. However, Echo and her packmates were able to communicate with the hybrid, who orders them to attack the humans following them, due to the Raptor DNA secretly implanted within the Indominus. They comply and attack Owen, Barry and the members of the Ingen security team, killing a large amount of them. They caught up with Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Gray Mitchell, and Zach Mitchell, ready to attack until Owen retains the bond once shared between the Raptors by removing the camera from Blue’s head. The Indominus Rex returns to main street, sending an attack command to the remaining members of the Raptor Squad (Blue, Echo and Delta), to attack the surviving humans but they turn on the hybrid animal, causing it to attack Blue and seemingly kill her. Echo and Delta take on the Indominus the best they can until Echo unfortunately meets her demise by being thrown into a cooking grill, incinerating her almost instantly at the hands on Indominus.

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Nick (S/F)


Nick was the supervisor of the Indominus rex‘s paddock at Jurassic World. He monitored the dinosaur through security cameras located in her enclosure and operated the crane used to feed her.

While at his post, park operations manager Claire Dearing noticed the Indominus rex was no longer visible and the security cameras did not detect any thermal signatures inside the paddock. This information, combined with the presence of newly-made claw marks on the paddock’s walls, made it seem as if the dinosaur escaped. Nick, fellow employee Ellis, and Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady promptly went inside the enclosure to investigate her apparent disappearance.

As Nick analyzed the claw marks, he received a panicked message from technician Vivian, who informed him the Indominus rex was still inside the enclosure. Nick attempted to flee towards the back door, but when he realized the carnivorous dinosaur was in front of it, he opened and retreated through the main door of the paddock. This enabled the Indominus rex to escape, despite park owner Simon Masrani‘s attempts to close the door.

With the dinosaur now out in the open, Nick tried to evade her by hiding behind a vehicle. His efforts were in vain and she promptly knocked aside his hiding place. Unable to run away, Nick could do nothing but contemplate his approaching demise before the Indominus rex devoured him in a single bite.

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Vivian (S/F)

still014Vivian was a technician at Jurassic World who worked in the park’s control room. Alongside fellow technician Lowery Cruthers, she helped monitor the park and its inhabitants.

When Jurassic World employees Owen Grady, Nick, and Ellis went inside the paddock of the genetically-modified Indominus rex to see if it had escaped, Vivian warned them that the reptile was still inside the cage with them. Only Owen managed to survive its subsequent attack and the Indominus broke out of its enclosure, which Vivian witnessed. She then attempted to alert the park that a dinosaur was on the loose, but was stopped by Jurassic World owner Simon Masrani, who believed the Indominus could be contained without causing a panic. However, the Indominus promptly slaughtered the Asset Containment Unit team sent in by Masrani, which Vivian also witnessed.

Upon learning that Masrani intended to personally stop the Indominus rex by piloting the park’s helicopter, Vivian unsuccessfully tried to talk him out of his plan. She informed Masrani of the dinosaur’s location near the Jurassic World Aviary, only for the helicopter to be attacked and brought down by Pteranodons that escaped when the Indominus opened a hole in the enclosure. Emotionally distraught by Masrani’s death, Vivian struggled to hold back tears as she warned the park that there was a breach in the aviary, caused by the helicopter crashing into it.

Jurassic World was then promptly taken over by InGen’s head of security Vic Hoskins, who relieved Vivian and the rest of the technicians of their duties, although she remained in the control room when Owen’s Velociraptors were released to hunt down the Indominus rex. After this plan to stop the genetically-modified dinosaur once again failed, Vivian was evacuated off the island with the rest of the InGen personnel. Before leaving, she bid farewell to Lowery, who chose to stay behind and continue operating the control room. Lowery attempted to kiss her, but Vivian revealed she had a boyfriend.

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Zara Young (S/F)

ZaraYoungZara was the personal assistant of Claire Dearing, the park operations manager of Jurassic World. Her job involved performing assignments she received from her boss.

When Claire’s nephews Zach and Gray came to visit the park, Zara was tasked with looking after them. She waited at the ferry landing for their boat to arrive and met with the boys once they set foot on Jurassic World. After bringing them to their hotel room, Zara accompanied the brothers as they visited the Innovation Center, where they encountered Claire, and the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo.

While at the Petting Zoo, she was distracted by a phone call regarding her upcoming wedding, which resulted in Zach and Gray escaping from her supervision. Zara was unable to find them and notified Claire about their disappearance when she was told her to bring the boys back to the hotel.

Eventually, Zara discovered Zach and Gray were headed towards Main Street and was ordered by Claire to remain with them. However, by the time she reached the brothers, the area was under attack from Pteranodons and Dimorphodons that had escaped when their aviary was destroyed. In the ensuing chaos, Zara was grabbed by a Pteranodon and wound up falling into the lagoon that housed Jurassic World’s Mosasaurus. As one of the Pteranodons struggled to fly off with her above the pool’s surface, the Mosasaurus emerged from the water and ate both of them.

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Charlie (S/F)

Blue is one of the four velociraptors that made up Owen Grady’s raptor pack. The velociraptors were contained in a special behavioral facility on Isla Nublar, where Owen trained and researched the animals. Charlie’s distinctive green striping comes from the DNA of the Green Iguana. Charlie is the youngest member of the pack, and considered to be the least-experienced of them in hunting. She was very unpredictable as she acted mostly on instinct, thus Owen kept a close watch on her. Charlie is subservient to Blue, often giving up her meat to her pack leader. In addition, she also looks to Blue for direction and guidance.

Charlie, her black striping and greenish sheen are displayed here

Charlie, her black striping and greenish sheen are displayed here

She is present when Hoskins utilised the four velociraptors in hunting down and neutralising the Indominus rex. However, through inter-specific communication the delicate bond between Owen and the velociraptors was temporarily severed. Charlie is seen killing an Asset Containment Unit worker, feasting on the remains. Owen soon comes across Charlie, who was feeding on the remains of her kill. Owen and Charlie share a somewhat short-lived moment. Suddenly, a rocket is launched by an ACU soldier, killing Charlie. Owen displays a look of absolute horror, but must keep moving.

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Blue (S/F)

In-film appearance of Blue

In-film appearance of Blue

Blue is one of the four Velociraptors that made up Owen Grady’s raptor pack. The Velociraptors were contained in a special behavioral facility on Isla Nublar, where Owen trained and researched the animals. Blue is the eldest member of the raptor pack and is considered to be larger, smarter and more cunning then the rest. She is described as insisting on eating first, although Owen Grady follows the procedure of feeding her last so as to reinforce his dominance as leader of the pack. Blue gained her distinctive striped pattern due to DNA infusion from the Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard.


Isla Nublar Incident 2015

Leading up to the major events of the incident occurred Blue and her pack mates, Delta, and Charlie, attempted to strike Leon, a newly hired Jurassic World employee, after he accidentally fell inside when he tried to capture a pig that managed escaped its holding pen.

Blue and her pack assisted Owen and Hoskin’s InGen team track down the Indominus rex. During the hunt, once the Raptor Squad had picked up the scent of the Indominus, oddly enough the humans learnt that the hybrid animal was part raptor allowing it to communicate with the squad. It took Owen’s place as the alpha, commanding Blue and her pack mates turned against the humans. Her pack attacked many of the humans that followed them, including Barry who took refuge in a log just before Blue jumped onto it and started to try and get at him. Barry yelled “Blue” causing her to stop and look inside. Owen intervenes and whistles to get Blue’s attention, stopping her from possibly resuming her attack on Barry.

Blue and the rest for her pack later caught up with Owen, Claire, Zac and Gray in Main Street where the bond that was once shared with Owen was renewed after he removed the video camera from her head. The Indominus rex arrived, where Blue and the remaining members of the pack challenged the Indominus, resulting in the seemingly killing of Blue along with Delta and Echo.

However, she seemingly was not killed and just as the Tyrannosaur of Nublar was about to be defeated at the jaws of the Hybrid, Blue charged into the battle, distracting it long enough for the Tyrannosaur to gain her feet back and team up to take down the Indominus. Blue assisted Rexy in her fight against the hybrid pushing her closer to the lagoon, where when it was close enough the Mosasaurus lunged from her enclosure and grabbed the Indominus, dragging her to the depths of the Lagoon. After the fight, the Tyrannosaur and Blue looked at each other. There was a brief moment which could have resulted in the two animals engaging in conflict however the Tyrannosaur too injured to do anything, walked back towards the forest, seeing no need for a fight.  Blue then turned towards Owen, a brief moment between the two as to what looked like a final goodbye, where then Blue ran up Main Street and seemingly into the wild.

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Owen Grady (S/F)

Owen Grady was employed at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar as a dinosaur
behavioral specialist.  His job description entailed his working with the park’s owen indominusVelociraptors, which are segregated from the rest of the park in the Raptor Den.

Before Jurassic World:

He served three years in the Navy as a first lieutenant, helping to train dolphins as part of a military program. However, he was court-martialed, resulting in his leaving the Navy.

Jurassic World:

At some point, Owen Grady was hired by Jurassic World to oversee the raptors. Owen hadOwen Grady maintained a level of mutual respect with the raptors to the point where Simon Masrani was impressed. He went on a single date with Claire Dearing at some undisclosed time, however it went poorly due to their incompatibility. Three weeks before the Indominus rex breakout,Owen Grady is approached at his lakeside Bungalow by Claire Dearing, who requests that he check the paddock security of the new dinosaur.

Owen Grady later went to inspect the paddock, witnessing the large claw marks left behind by the dinosaur, presuming that it had escaped. However, to his horror, the Indominus rex was still in the paddock, and he only barely managed to escape with his life although a construction worker assisting him was killed.

Later, Owen Grady worked with the Asset Containment Unit to attempt to recapture the animal. However, this attempt was unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of several other members of the ACU. He also drove Claire Dearing to the site of the damaged Gyrosphere in an attempt to rescue her nephews. However, they encountered also at least six dead Apatosaurus, victims of the Indominus rex.

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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (C/N)

Said to be one of the largest, most diverse and organizationally complex bases in the entire Air Force, Wright-Patterson ‘AFB’ is the headquarters of the Air Force Materiel Command, which is one of the major commands of the Air Force. Located five miles northeast of Dayton, the base was established in 1948 as a merger of Patterson and Wright fields, and in 1995, the negotiations to end the Bosnian War were held at the base resulting in the “Dayton Agreement”, which ended the war.

While discussing the ‘techno-myth’s with Dr. Richard Levine, Ian Malcolm mentions that one myth is that an alien is residing at a hanger located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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Owen’s Bungalow – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Owen Grady’s residence on Isla Nublar was a lakeside bungalow. The bungalow consisted

Facade of Owen's Bungalow

Facade of Owen’s Bungalow

of a small structure on top of a high platform. Attached to the bungalow was a trailer with solar panels on top of it. The bungalow had outdoor lighting in the form of two strings of lightbulbs that were attached to nearby trees. Owen maintained a table in front of the bungalow, where he kept his motorcycle cleaning equipment. Owen Grady also kept recreational equipment stacked against the bungalow, as fishing poles may be seen against the side wall. There were were also lawn chairs spread out in front of the bungalow as well as a picnic table. There is also a dock beside the bungalow, on which a lawn chair may be seen, it is implied Owen Grady utilizes the dock for fishing.

Dock at Owen's Bungalow

Dock at Owen’s Bungalow

Before the events of the Indominus rex breakout, Claire Dearing pays a visit to Owen’s Bungalow, in a request that he inspect the hybrid’s paddock.


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Wayne Knight

Wayne Elliot Knight is an American actor and comedian born 7th of August 1955. He is known for playing Newman in the TV sitcom Seinfeld and Officer Don Orville in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Knight’s other roles include Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park and Stan Podolak in Space Jam.


Wayne Knight was born and raised in New York City to William Edward Knight and Grace (Monti) Knight. After the family moved to Catersville, Georgia, Knight attended local schools eventually attending the University of Georgia not actually finishing his degree until 2008.

Knight was an honours student but fell one credit shy of finishing his degree to pursue his career in acting. He obtained an Internship with the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia which produced repertory works. After completing his internship, he joined the company gaining stature as an equity actor. Later moving to New York city and performing on the streets as a magic entertainer, he landed a spot in a play on Broadway  in the long-running comedy “Gemini” in 1979.

Knight is perhaps best known for his role in Seinfeld as the mailman “Newman”, where his presence in television acting was immortalised. Also known for his role in Jurassic Park as Dennis Nedry where he plays Jurassic Park’s chief computer programmer and co-antagonist of the film.

Wayne Knight has been married to his current wife ( Clare De Chenu ) since October 2006 from which they currently have one child born in 2010. He is currently playing a role in televison series New Partner as the character Frankie Coppola.

Selected Filmography

  • Dirty Dancing (Stan) 1987
  • JFK (Numa Bertel) 1991
  • Jurassic Park (Dennis Nedry) 1993
  • Space Jam (Stan Podolak) 1996
  • Hercules (Demetrius the Merchant) 1997
  • Tarzan (Tantor) 1999
  • Toy Story 2 (Al McWhiggin) 1999
  • Rat Race ( Zach Mallozzi) 2001
  • Kung Fu Panda ( Gang Boss) 2008
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Claire Dearing (S/F)

claireClaire is the Park Operations Manager of the Jurassic World Theme Park on Isla Nublar. She is also the sister of Karen Mitchell, and the aunt of Zach and Gray Mitchell. Claire and Owen Grady once went on a date prior to the events of the Jurassic World Incident, although it did not work out due to mutual incompatibility. Shortly before the events of the Indominus Rex breakout, she is sent by Simon Masrani in order to recruit Owen to inspect the new paddock for any security concerns. After the Indominus Rex breaks out and attacks the Gyrosphere, Claire and Owen drive out to the park and come upon the wrecked ruins of the ride. They later then come across the dead corpses of six Apatosaurs in the wake of the Indominus Rex rampage in the valley. Claire is the aunt of Zach and Gray, who visit the Jurassic World theme park

Claire Dearing is played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

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Innovation Center – Isla Nublar (S/F)

A display inside of the Innovation Center.

A display inside of the Innovation Center.

The Innovation Center was one of the many attractions available at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The Innovation Center had over 100 exhibits, all of them interactive in nature. The building was 20,000 square feet, and had at least two stories, connected by a spiral staircase. Interactive exhibits included displays, video monitors, and a children’s digging area simulating an excavation. They also included a holographic interface providing information about many of the park’s animals. Most notably, the Innovation Center was connected the the Creation Lab, a statue of John Hammond marking the border between the two buildings. The Innovation center is also a stop along the Jurassic World monorail.

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Baked by Melissa – Isla Nublar (S/F)


IMAX Theater, with a Baked by Melissa to the left.

Baked by Melissa is a popular bakery most notable for it’s bite-sized cupcakes. Founded in 2009 by a woman named Melissa, it now has several locations located in New York City, as well as other regions of the United States.

According to the Jurassic World website, there is one Baked by Melissa located on Isla Nublar, to the left of the IMAX Theater.

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Niels Bohr (C/N)

Niels Henrick David Bohr (October 7th, 1885 – November 18th, 1962) was a Danish physicist famous for making foundational contributions to understanding quantum theory and atomic structure, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in physics in 1922. He was also a promoter of scientific research and a philosopher.

While talking about Dr. Richard Levine‘s behavior when entering his apartment, Ian Malcolm mentions that not only was Niels Bohr “a great physicist but an Olympic athlete”.

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