Charlie (Velociraptor) (S/F)

Owens Raptors

Charlie with her pack siblings (far left).

Charlie was one of the four Velociraptors trained by park employee Owen Grady for the Jurassic World theme park. She was dark green with black, faded stripes running down her back. She, along with her three other packmates, lived in the Raptor Paddock.

Isla Nublar Incident (2015):

Earlier in the day, she (along with the other Raptors) attacked Leon when he fell into their paddock. Later on, she and her siblings were fitted with infra-red cameras and released into the wild to track down the Indominus rex. When the pack turned against Owen and the others, she attacked the troops, dragging and killing one of the ACU soldiers.

Shortly after, Owen stumbled upon her in tall grass (presumably feeding on something, likely a deceased trooper). She stared curiously at Owen for a few moments, but was then killed by a rocket launcher missile.

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Barry (II) (S/F)


Barry in the Raptor pen.

Barry was one of the Velociraptor handlers working at Jurassic World, and was a close friend of Owen Grady.

During the 2015 Isla Nublar Incident, Barry assisted Leon, a handler, after falling into the Raptor pen, and almost getting eaten by it’s occupants. When the Indominus rex escaped, he helped Owen and the others use the raptors to track it down. When the two were acting peacefully together, he noted that something was wrong, and that “they’re communicating”. After the Raptors go rogue, he is ambushed by Blue and is forced to take shelter in a tree log, which Blue is tearing apart to get at him. He was almost killed until Owen whistled at her, which lured her attention to chase him, saving his life.

After escaping the island, he was evacuated to a hangar on the mainland, along with the others.

Barry was played by actor Omar Sy.

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Sarah Harding’s Lucky Pack (S/F)

12540914_430333613842806_7174243301912805521_nBehavioral paleontologist Dr. Sarah Harding owned a sand beige Willis & Geiger rucksack, which she affectionately called her “lucky pack”. Well worn with many holes in its pockets and frayed around the edges, the rucksack was so worn that Chaotician, and Harding’s boyfriend, Dr. Ian Malcolm had believed that his girlfriend had been attacked due to the shape the pack was in.

The pack went with Dr. Harding during her trip to Isla Sorna, and stayed with her the entire time. She kept her water bottle, satellite phone, and other supplies in the rucksack. When the Tyrannosaurus male and female attacked the trailers looking for their baby, and Harding landed on the open faced glass 12573124_430333633842804_2491259957831551221_nat the back of the trailer. She and Malcolm immediately grabbed for the pack when Nick Van Owen failed to catch the trailer’s phone in time. The pack ripped slightly as Harding hung on to it for dear life. Malcolm pulled Harding up by the pack, and the two climbed up the rope that Eddie Carr provided them. Later, when the survivors made a temporary base camp, the male T. rex showed up while everyone was asleep, attracted to the scent of his infant’s blood on Harding’s shirt and jacket. Hearing the large male approach, Harding quickly stuffed several Crackle candy bars into her pack before turning off the lamp. Eventually the survivors reached the Worker Village, but a Velociraptor pounced on Harding, biting into her rucksack. The Raptor tore the pack from Harding’s shoulders and shredded it to pieces in his teeth, before he turned his attention to the humans.


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Remington 870 (S/F)

RemingtonThe Remington 870 is a pump-action shotgun that was first developed in 1950 by Remington Arms Company, LLC. The company was founded in 1816 and is currently based in Madison, North Carolina. The weapon is primarily used for Police and Military as well as being a preferred weapon for hunters. The Remington 870 is the world’s most popular shotgun with over 10 million units in production currently.

Jurassic World

During the attempted ambush of the Indominus Rex, Barry is armed with a Remington aim870. This weapon had been modified with a Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201) laser sight, Mossberg ghost ring sights and a Magpul MOE handguard. As Vic Hoskins gave the order to fire at the Indominus, Barry fired along with the others.

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Smith & Wesson Model 29 (S/F)

Smith & Wesson Model 29

Smith & Wesson Model 29

The Smith & Wesson Model 29 was first introduced in 1955 as a 6-round cylinder revolver chambered as a .44 caliber. The handgun is manufactured by the U.S. Company Smith & Wesson which maintains its headquarters in Springfield, Illinois.

Jurassic World

Jimmy Fallon demonstrating the weapon

Jimmy Fallon demonstrating the weapon

Jimmy Fallon was equipped with a Smith & Wesson Model 29 handgun during one of the Gyrosphere ride videos. Jimmy Fallon utilized the weapon to demonstrate the strength of the Gyrosphere glass, claiming that the sphere’s protective bubble would stop a ‘fifty caliber bullet’. However as he fired the weapon, he was noticeably affected by the recoil, and the lab in the video was destroyed for humorous effect.

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Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol (S/F)

Pneu Dart X-2 Pistol

Pneu Dart X-2 Pistol

The Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol is a gas-based dart pistol designed to fire tranquilizers for animal control. Pneu Dart Inc. is based in Williamsport, PA and was founded in 1967. The company specializes in remote injection equipment for safely capturing or medicating animals.

Jurassic World

owenThe Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol was utilized by the ACU as part of their regular armory for animal control. During the Pteranadon breakout, several park rangers utilized the Tranquilizer pistol in an attempt to neutralize the animals.

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M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher (S/F)

weaponThe M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher is a Swedish-made single-shot 84mm unguided light anti-tank launcher. The company that designed this weapon, ‘Saab Bofors Dynamics’ is located in Karlskoga, Sweden and specializes in missile and anti-tank systems. The weapon was designed in 1984, and has an approximate length of 30 inches and weight of 15 lbs. It was adopted for use by the U.S. Army Corps as well as the Marine Corpse. The AT4 is designed to be single-use, and can not be reloaded due to its tube being specified to only be able to withstand one firing.

Jurassic World

ACU operative firing the rocket launcher

ACU operative firing the rocket launcher

During the ACU ambush, a ACU operative fired a M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher at the Indominus rex. The Indominus was knocked over by the concussive force of the blast but got up almost immediately and escaped. A Rocket launcher was also utilized by an ACU operative to kill Charlie the Velociraptor.

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CODA All Purpose Net Gun (S/F)

CODA All-Purpose Netgun

CODA All-Purpose Netgun

The CODA All Purpose Net Gun was produced by Coda Enterprises, Inc. which is a wildlife capture company based in Mesa, Arizona. The Netgun is classified by the ATF as a ‘tool’ and not a firearm. The netgun was originally manufactured as an experimental research and animal management too, utilized by professionals in animal management and wildlife research. Uses the Netgun was designed for include animal capture for studying, examination, tagging and relocation of animals.

Jurassic World

ACU member firing Netgun

ACU member firing Netgun

ACU commander Austin utilized the CODA All-Purpose net gun in the hunt for the Indominus Rex. He managed to fire the weapon at the animal, landing a direct hit on its face, however the Indominus shook the netting off.

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Dane County Airport (S/F)

Karen and Scott at the Airport

Karen and Scott at the Airport

Dane County Airport was a civil-military airport serving Madison, Wisconsin. The airport was created in 1936, originally as a military airfield. The Airport has at least three terminals, and serves four major airlines: Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines.

Jurassic World 

Karen and Scott Mitchell drove from their home to Dane County Airport to drop off their children for their flight. Once at the airport, Karen and Scott said goodbye to Gray and Zach, exhorting them to be safe.


The film depicts the airport as larger then in reality, as the movie shows at least three terminals, the real airport has three runways.  Additionally, the Mitchell brothers might have transferred to an another airport for their connecting flight, as none of the airlines at Dane County Airport offer direct service to Costa Rica.

Source:The Cap Times (Madison newspaper)

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Isla Nublar Veterinary Services (S/F)

imageThe Isla Nublar Veterinary Services were the animal keepers of Jurassic World, and would provide medical care to the dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles of Isla Nublar. The specialist veterinarians would be dispatched across Nublar, and would traverse the island on Mobile Veterinary Units to reach their targets on the field.

Four staff members of the Isla Nublar Veterinary Services can be seen on screen in the control room caring for a sedated Pachycepholosaurus as Claire Dearing and Vivian discussed the temporary closure of the West Plains.

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Costa Rican Environmental Society (S/F)

The Costa Rican Environmental Society, CRES, was Costa Rica’s environment protection department.*

In 2005, the year Jurassic World opened to the public, Masrani Global Corporation, alongside subsidiary InGen, signed an historic agreement with CRES to essure the protection of Isla Nublar’s indigenous fauna, which included the unique Nublar Tufted Deer, and their natural habitat.

*CRES is a fictionalized version of the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy (Ministro de Ambiente y Energía de Costa Rica) featured within Jurassic Park canon.

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Face One (C/N)

Face One (also known as F1) was a female hyena that was studied by Dr. Sarah Harding while in the fields of the African savannah. She was distinguished from the other hyenas by a white streak located between her eyes. She participated in a hunt along with her other packmates on a herd of African buffalo, which they managed to take a calf and eat it.

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I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair (C/N)

From the 1949 musical “South Pacific”, the song “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair” was sung by Nellie Forbush played by Mary Martin in the Broadway production. The character, fed up with a man, sings in the shower, claiming she will forget him.

While showering in the Challenger trailers, Dr. Sarah Harding was apparently humming the tune to the song, listened to by Kelly Curtis.

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Marlin 1895 SBL (S/F)

Marlin Firearms is a firearm manufacturer based in Madison, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1870. The company specializes in high power, center fire, lever action, bolt-action and .22 caliber rimfire rifles.

Marlin RifleThe Marlin Model 1895 was introduced in 1972, based on the Marlin Model 336 series. This rifle was offered in .45-70 caliber and is a lever-action firearm. The rifle also possesses a receiver design based on the earlier model 336SS, the barrel, lever and trigger being composed of stainless steel. The rifle possessed a six-round capacity, and a full length magazine tube.

Jurassic World

rifleOwen Grady own a Marlin 1895 SBL, and had retrofitted it with a Leopold Scout scope mounted with see-through rings. Owen Grady took this rifle with him when he went with Claire Dearing initially in an attempt to track down her nephews. During the initial phases of the tracking, Owen carried his rifle with him in case of attack. Owen utilized the rifle in the pteranodon attack, shooting down several before they could attack tourists.

Owen Grady carries this rifle with him as he follows the Velociraptor pack as they track down the Indominus Rex. As Owen and the ACU waited for further orders from Vic Hoskins, Owen kept the rifle trained on the Indominus. When the Velociraptors went rogue, Owen worked with the ACU team in an attempt to track down the Indominus on foot.

Owen shouldered the rifle as he escaped the initial velociraptor attack on his Motorcycle, as he followed the Mobile Veterinary Unit.After the group was cornered by the velociraptors, Owen initially aimed the rifle at Blue, but regained the trust of the velociraptors by lowering the weapon. As the Indominus Rex fought the Velociraptors, Owen attempted to assist by firing the weapon at the Indominus, but to little effect.

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Mobile Veterinary Unit (S/F)

The Mobile Veterinary Unit was a service vehicle in use by the Isla Nublar Veterinary Services of imageJurassic World. The vehicles, modified Mercedes Unimogs, carried medical supplies and non-lethal weapons, and could accommodate multiple personnel members, although there were no seats in the back. The Jurassic World vets would utilize these vehicles to delivery medical care in the field as they were well equipped to traverse the dirt and mud of Isla Nublar.

An MVU was seen on screen, alongside four vets treating a tranquilized Pachycepholosaurus, in the control room after Claire asked Vivian why the West Plains were closed. Claire herself took control of one of these vehicles during the failed InGen attack on the Indominus Rex hybrid, and had to endure, alongside her nephews, a vicious Velociraptor attack in the aftermath.

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Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe (S/F)

Mercedes Benz is a German car manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany. The Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe series was officially launched in 2015, and was part of the M-Class series. The M-Class series specializes in mid-size luxury sport utility vehicles. The GLE450 AMG model was to be released in 2016, and is the specific model utilized during the events of the incident at Jurassic World. This car possessed a 3.0L biturbo V-6 engine and 362 horsepower.

Jurassic World

Claire Dearing's staff vehicle as seen in Jurassic World

Claire Dearing’s staff vehicle as seen in Jurassic World

Claire Dearing owned a Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe for her official use as park manager of Jurassic World. She drove the car to reach Owen Grady’s Bungalow. Later, she drove with him to the Indominus rex Paddock. Afraid that the Indominus had broken out, Claire drove frantically to the control room, in an attempt to track the dinosaur from there.

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Stegoceratops (S/F)

STegoceratops_jwThe Stegoceratops was a hybrid dinosaur that appeared briefly on a computer screen in Dr. Henry Wu‘s private lab. It’s name means “roofed horned head”. Whether or not the animal was fully rendered is unknown, but it seems to have been one of the more fleshed-out hybrids, containing DNA from an unknown species of snake and beetle. Although “Jurassic World” merchandise suggests that the Stegoceratops is a hybrid of Triceratops and Stegosaurus, its head strongly resembles that of a Nasutoceratops. Stegoceratops was set to appear in the film, however it was removed so that it wouldn’t steal the spotlight of the Indominus rex.


Concept art for Stegoceratops listing the genome donors

The Stegoceratops genome was derived from a variety of different species, each of which was implemented to provide the animal with a specific ability. The specific species were classified with the marker ‘A75’ to illustrate that they would be utilized for the genome.




  1. Unknown Beetle species: Exo-skeleton
  2. Cuttlefish: Camoflauge
  3. Flounder: H2O-Oxygen Extraction (Ability to breathe in water)
  4. Jellyfish: Bio-Luminesence
  5. Unknown genome donor: Increased Vision

Physical Description
The version of Stegoceratops that was set to appear in the film was planned to be dark blue in color with secondary beige markings. Although this coloration can be seen on an early prototype of the toy, the released design was much different. The figure is a dull green color with beige markings on its belly, epioccipitals, and snout. Its beak, horns, and frill markings are gold. The alternate beige figure has similar qualities, but the beak, horns, frill, and legs are decorated with a more complex pattern, and certain stripes are outlined with orange. Both figures have yellow eyes. The Stegoceratops has the body of a Stegosaurus and the head of a Triceratops. It lacks the front horn of the latter, instead carrying two bull-like horns above its eyes. It has a sharp jawline, flat nostrils, and a tall upper beak. In total, sixteen epi-occipitals line its frill. The Stegoceratops has twelve triangular plates and four thagomizers. It has five toes on its front feet and three on its back feet, though there are extra toe-like structures inside of its heels.

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The Mitchell House (S/F)

The Front of the Mitchell Household

The Front of the Mitchell Household

The Mitchell House was located in Madison, Wisconsin and was the home of Scott, Karen, Gray, and Zach Mitchell. The house was two stories high, and appeared to utilize a separate driveway from the main body of the structure. The Mitchell house was painted bright yellow, and possessed a front balcony.

Jurassic World

The entire family except for Gray Mitchell was waiting outside of the house as Karen Mitchell finished packing for the boys’ trip. Zach was standing just outside of the house saying goodbye to his girlfriend.  Karen went inside in order to convince Gray to hurry up and get in the car.

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American Crow (S/F)

The American Crow is also known by the latin name, Corvus brachyrhynchos.  The latinCrow name of the animal means “Short-Billed Crow”. The species is present throughout all of North America, although predominately within the United States. The bird is roughly 16 to 21 inches in length, with a wingspan of 33 to 39 inches.  The Crow’s most distinctive feature is perhaps that the animal is entirely black.

Jurassic World

An American Crow was seen in front of the Mitchell house while Karen Mitchell was packing a trunk into the car. It crowed once, before flying away.

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Owen Grady’s Motorcycle (S/F)

The Triumph Scrambler is a motorcycle model developed by Triumph Motorcycles in pratt2006. The motorcycle possesses a 5-speed chain drive transmission and a 865 cc DOHC four-stroke twin engine. The Scrambler was designed as an off-road motorcycle, also taking influences from the earlier model ‘TR6C Trophy Special’, as it kept many of its key features including a twin exhausts and crossover exhaust headers.

Jurassic World.

Owen Grady owned a Triumph Scrambler, storing the vehicle at his bungalow in Isla Nublar. He was seen working on the motorcycle when Claire Dearing visited him at the Bungalow. When Vic Hoskins put his plan into action to utilize the Velociraptors in a field test to attempt to capture the Indominus rex, Owen Grady utilized the motorcycle to keep up with the ACU. As Owen rode alongside the Velociraptors, a gopro unit installed in the motorcycle enabled Claire Dearing and the ACU to observe him in real time.

After the velociraptors turn on the ACU, Owen Grady utilized a clicker to distract Blue from her attack on Barry. As Blue gave chase, Owen fled using his motorcycle. Owen eventually caught up to the ambulance, accompanying Claire to main street. Once Owen reached Main Street, he abandoned the motorcycle to attempt to flee to the control room with the rest of the group.

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Ferry Landing – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Ferry during filming

Ferry during filming

The Ferry Landing was located on the southern tip of Isla Nublar. This area consisted of a dock by which guests could be unloaded from the Isla Nublar Ferry. The Ferry Landing area also was the first stop on the Monorail, from where the guests would be taken to the hotel. Zach and Gray Mitchell arrived on Isla Nublar via the ferry landing, expecting their aunt, Claire Dearing to pick them up. However, Claire’s personal assistant, Zara Young greeted them instead, and escorted the boys to the Hilton.

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Romelia (C/N)

Romelia was a woman who was apparently hired under Richard Levine to cook meals for him. Whether she did other maid services such as cleaning is not specified. Her name is mentioned only once on a Post-it note attached to a piece of paper listing several food items, which are Lobster bisque, baby organic greens, and seared ahi tuna. The note read, “Hope your trip was good! Romelia.” Afterwards, she was not mentioned or seen again.

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Hal Osterly (S/F)

Hal Osterly-Vice President of Verizon Wireless

Hal Osterly-Vice President of Verizon Wireless

Hal Osterly was the Vice President of Verizon Wireless. In 2015, Hal traveled to the Jurassic World resort on Isla Nublar to discuss a corporate sponsorship for a Jurassic World attraction. Accompanying him were fellow representatives Erica Brand and Jim Strucker. Park operations manager Claire Dearing gave him and his fellow representatives a tour of the visitor’s center and its accompanying facilities. Although initially doubtful that his investment in the park would pay off due to declining attendance, Hal Osterly was convinced by Henry Wu and Claire Dearing to officially sponsor the Indominus Rex.. Hal Osterly was played by James Dumont

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Erica Brand (S/F)

Erica Brand was a representative of Verizon Wireless. She met with Claire Dearing to discuss her company’s sponsorship of the Indominus rex. According to Claire, she “deserves better”. She was portrayed by Anna Talakkottur.

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IBRIS Project and Subject V-2 (S/F)

Subject V-2.

Subject V-2.

“Subject V-2” is the name of a Velociraptor made for InGen Security Division’s IBRIS Project during its initiation phase. She was rejected by the project due aggressive and unpredictable behavior, and thus she was euthanized.

IBRIS (Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study) was a program to study the intelligence of Velociraptors that began development in 2012, with five to begin with named Subject V-2, Blue, Delta, Charlie, and Echo (with the latter four all appearing in Owen Grady‘s training program). Unfortunately, due to Subject V-2 experiencing high aggression and unpredictability, she had to be euthanized during the initiation phase.

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Raptor Paddock – Isla Nublar (S/F)

The Raptor Paddock was located in Isla Nublar’s restricted section. During the

Overhead shot of the raptor paddock and clearing

Overhead shot of the raptor paddock and clearing

Jurassic World incident there were four Velociraptors housed in the paddock. This paddock was specially built to contain and house Velociraptors as part of the secretive I.B.R.I.S. Project. The compound was on the eastern side of the island, located near steep cliffs. The paddock consisted of a titanium octagon in the middle of a large clearing.



The clearing around the paddock area had multiple shipping containers for storage as well as a small covered area to the side that could act as a makeshift office. There were two stairwells near the entrance of the paddock that provided access to the a walkway along the top of the octagon area. This walkway also included a cross sectional walkway bisecting the paddock so that guards could observe the animals from relative safety.

The paddock’s primary entrance was a large steel cage, which had safety doors on either end. First, a paddock worker would have to unlock the first cage, lock it behind them before they unlocked the second to gain access to the paddock. This second door could close via remote within the steel cage for safety reasons.

There was also a separate steel cage, wherein the handler’s could directly interact with the raptors without needing to enter the paddock. This area utilized steel muzzles to restrain

Trainer Barry Handling one of the raptors

Trainer Barry Handling one of the raptors

the animals so that they could be handled or tested by park staff if needed. There was an additional area of the paddock, ‘stables’ in which the velociraptors could be housed if a transfer between paddocks was needed. This could be opened remotely so that safe removal of a solitary animal could be attempted.



The Jurassic World Incident

During the Jurassic World incident, the four raptors housed in this paddock were Blue,

Velociraptors in containment

Velociraptors in containment

Charlie, Delta, and Echo. They were being trained to determine if they could successfully resist killing on command, the test subject being a pig. Owen Grady rewarded them with a snack for their success, while Vic Hoskins congratulated him.



As Owen headed towards the steel cage entrance, Vic Hoskins described his plans for military applications of the velociraptors in some detail, causing an argument. However, a newly hired staff member, Leon, fell into the paddock distracting the raptors. Owen was forced to enter the paddock, and was able to hold Blue, Delta, and Charlie at bay long enough for Leon to escape. Then at the behest of Barry, he narrowly escaped in time. Owen then gave Leon a lecture about the velociraptors, warning him not to underestimate them.

The paddock is seen again when Barry was attending to Delta during routine medical treatments. Vic Hoskins arrived and attempted to convince Barry about the military applications of the raptors. Further conversation was disrupted by the news about the Indominus Rex breakout, and while Barry went to attempt to resolve the issue, Vic Hoskins immediately informed an unknown party over the phone that his plans were coming to fruition.

Owen Grady returned to the paddock later that night, with Claire Dearing, Zach Mitchell, and Gray Mitchell. Initially attempting to stop Vic Hoskins from utilizing the raptors to track the hybrid, he compromised on the condition that he would lead the hunt. Owen Grady worked with Vic Hoskins and the ACU in the nearby shelter to devise a plan for how best to approach the Indominus.

Owen later introduced Zach, Gray, and Claire to the raptor paddock and the raptors. He reiterated to them that they were dangerous and untrained. As the Ingen soldiers made preparations for releasing the raptors, Claire Dearing and her nephews took shelter in a nearby ambulance. The velociraptors were released, and the InGen team proceeded to hunt the Indominus Rex.

A short while later, the Velociraptors returned, now allied with the Indominus Rex. They killed some of the InGen soldiers stationed at the paddock, including one who was attempting to hide in the ambulance. The vehicle sped away from the attack, leaving the raptor paddock behind.

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LexxCrop (CB-IDW)

Lex Murphy, CEO of LexxCrop

Lex Murphy, CEO of LexxCrop

LexxCrop is the company founded and owned by Lex Murphy in the comic series Jurassic Park: Redemption. Lex’ vegetarianism from the first film is elaborated on. LexxCrop focuses on providing organic crops for people.

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Dr. Ryan Crest (S/F)

Dr. Ryan Crest.

Dr. Ryan Crest.

Dr. Ryan Crest is a scientist in Jurassic World and  was one of Dr. Henry Wu’s geneticists.

Dr. Ryan Crest was one of Dr. Henry Wu’s scientists at the Hammond Creation Lab in 2015. Dr. Crest was seen working in the sequencing and assembly areas of the lab. His ID card shows that he is a geneticist. He was probably partially responsible in the creation of the Indominus rex. After, the Indominus rex broke out, Crest and all the other scientists were evacuated from the island by order of Vic Hoskins.

Ryan Crest is played by actor Brent Kappel.

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Katashi Hamada (JN)

Hamada during the hunt for the Indominus rex.

Hamada as he is played in the film by Brian Tee.

Katashi Hamada was a former SWAT team leader for the Tokyo police department, who later became the captain of the Asset Containment Unit, the security force present on Isla Nublar and Jurassic World. He and eight other men were assigned to go out and capture the Indominus rex quietly before it reached the main park.

During the hunt for the Indominus rex, Hamada came across the bloodied tracking device implanted on the hybrid, laying on a piece of rock. He mentions that the blood stuck to the flesh hadn’t clotted yet, meaning it was nearby. Shortly afterward, he noticed a warm drop of blood land on his hand, which reveals the Indominus rex, which was hiding in the canopy using camouflage. He screams and attempts to run away, but the hybrid picks him up and grips him tightly, before throwing him to the ground and stomping on him, killing him instantly.

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Henry Poincaré (C/N)

Henri_Poincaré-2Henry Poincaré (April 29th, 1854 – July 17th, 1912) was a famous French theoretical physicist, mathematician, engineer and a philosopher of science, often described as a polymath, and was said to have excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his life. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of topology, and has won several awards and places named after him both in his lifetime and after his death.

During his meeting at the Chesperito Cantina, George Baselton was going to say a famous quote from Poincaré, but is interrupted by Lewis Dodgson
before he can say it.

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Daly City, California (C/N)

Named after businessman and landowner John Daly, Daly City is the largest city in the San Mateo County, located south of San Francisco. As of 2014, it has an estimated population of over 105,000 people. The city has a total area of 7.7 square miles, and is famous for having NFL coach and sportscaster John Madden graduating from one of it’s high schools, Jefferson High School, in 1954.

Eddie Carr is said to have been born in Daly City in 1971.

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Miller (S/F)

MillerMiller was a member of the Asset Containment Unit, an InGen security force that specialized in controlling prehistoric reptiles. Holding the rank of trooper, he worked at the Jurassic World theme park and was part of a squad led by Austin.

When the genetically-modified Indominus rex broke out of its enclosure, Miller was among the ACU personnel sent in to recapture it. Their mission turned catastrophic when the Indominus ambushed the team by first tearing out the implant they were tracking it with and then using its camouflaging abilities to launch a surprise attack, resulting in deaths of many of the guards. As the surviving personnel attempted to retreat, Miller covered them by firing at the dinosaur with his shotgun. This failed to have any effect on the Indominus, which promptly ate him in one bite. Nevertheless, his sacrifice bought the remaining ACU members enough time to escape.

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Lowery Cruthers (S/F)

Lowery Lowery Cruthers was a technician in Jurassic World‘s control room, with a crush on fellow worker Vivian, and a slightly antagonistic relationship with employer and park manager, Claire Dearing. Something of a hipster in regards to the original Jurassic Park, he is noteworthy for owning Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s book, “God Creates Dinosaurs” (even mentioning that his desk had ‘just enough stability to avoid falling into anarchy’ when called on its messy state by Claire), as well as an authentic, original Jurassic Park tee shirt recovered from the Visitor’s Center (which Claire called crass, given people died at the park). In addition, Lowery in this initial argument proved critical of the Indominus rex, particularly the sponsorship by Verizon Wireless, making several comments beneath his breath regarding “Pepsisaurus” and “Tostidodon”, and more loudly proclaiming that the original park was “legit” because it only needed “real dinosaurs”.

While working on many aspects of the park, such as keeping track of the gyrospheres and the chipped animals (a key example being the tranquilized Pachycephalosaurus ), and keeping the park in working order, Lowery generally did not keep his desk organized and tidy. Characterized by its messy, almost slobbish state, with a soft drink, food, Malcolm’s book, papers, and a line of toy dinosaurs (that he obsessively arranged just so) at all times, he nonetheless appeared to have no trouble working in these conditions, though a timely intervention by Claire did save his soft drink from spilling onto the floor at one point.

Later on, once the Indominus seemingly escaped her paddock, Claire frantically contacted Lowery in the control room to locate her chip- whereupon a stunned Lowery informed her that the Indominus was still very much in her pen, along with an investigating Owen Grady, Nick, and Ellis, leading to the latter two’s deaths and the actual escape of the Indominus.

As the park descended into chaos, Simon Masrani ordered the Indominus dealt with quietly by the Asset Containment Unit (ACU), led by Katashi Hamada, and that such an escape was an “inevitability”- a prospect which Lowery derisively met with his usual sarcastic wit, and was proven right when the Indominus killed the entire unit with ease.

The situation became even more dire when Claire’s nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell, had boarded the Gyrosphere ride minutes before it was quietly shut down in the face of these events, and Lowery discovered that the boys had gone ‘off-road’ into the Restricted Area, whereupon they were attacked by the Indominus, before Masrani took matters into his own hands.

The rogue hybrid proceeded to kill Masrani as well as let the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon loose from the Aviary, whereupon Claire finally called an evacuation of all civilians even as the pterosaurs descended upon Main Street, resulting in numerous casualties, both injuries and deaths, before the ACU was able to subdue the animals.

With Masrani’s demise, Masrani Global allowed Vic Hoskins, head of InGen security, to come in and take over the attempts to reestablish control of the island, and Lowery found his precious dinosaurs knocked clean off his desk by Hoskins’ men as they stormed the control room.

Even as Hoskins’ attempts to use Owen’s Velociraptor pack backfired spectacularly, the remaining Control Room staff began to evacuate- save Lowery, who opted to stay behind, in case Claire, Owen, and the kids returned. He even attempted to gather the nerve to kiss Vivian, only to be shot down as she reminded him of her boyfriend. A crestfallen Lowery nonetheless received the compensation of continued friendship (albeit awkward for the moment) as Vivian left him alone to ponder this turn of events.

Finally, when the Indominus cornered the survivors on Main Street, and Owen’s raptors proved unable to defeat it, Claire called Lowery in the Control Room and ordered him to open Paddock Nine: T. Rex Kingdom. Naturally, Lowery was aghast and refused to release the Tyrannosaurus rex– the very same Tyrannosaurus rex from the original Jurassic Park- but Claire insisted, telling him to “Make something of your life for once”.

Insulted, Lowery shot back that she didn’t need to make it “personal”, before opening the paddock, allowing Claire to lead the Tyrannosaur to the Indominus, where (with a timely distraction from Blue) she was able to succeed where so many others had failed, driving the Indominus back into the Mosasaur lagoon whereupon the Mosasaur dragged the by-now-mortally-wounded hybrid to its watery grave.

At this point, there was only one thing left to be done, and Lowery was the one to do it: with one last look around, and pausing only long enough to take just one of his precious toy dinosaurs, Lowery turned off the lights in the Control Room, signifying the final end of Jurassic World.


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Scott Mitchell (S/F)

Scott Mitchell was the father of Gray and Zachary Mitchell, as well as the husband of Karen Mitchell, although they had been undergoing divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had a rather dry sense of humor, remarking that his son wasn’t “going off to war” while Zack said Scotthis goodbyes to his girlfriend.

Scott, as well as his wife Karen, had been consulting an attorney to finalize his divorce, but had kept that secret from his sons, although Gray had already figured it out before being sent to Jurassic World. The couple had decided to send their children to Isla Nublar to be left under the care of their aunt, Claire Dearing, as they concluded their divorce proceedings. Mr. Mitchell had driven his family to the airport, and soon after Zack and Gray were out of earshot remarked: “so much for our last family breakfast”, prompting his soon-to-be-ex-wife to reply with disdain at his comment. After the events that transpired at Jurassic World during the kids’ stay there, Scott and Karen both flew out to Costa Rica to be reunited with they children.

Scott Mitchell was played by Andrew P. Buckley, Jr.

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Karen Mitchell (S/F)


Karen and Scott Mitchell at the airport

Karen Mitchell was the mother of Zach and Gray Mitchell as well as the sister of Claire Dearing. Before the events of the Jurassic World incident, she was undergoing a process of divorce from her husband Scott Mitchell. The divorce proceedings were well underway, with the couple both consulting divorce lawyers and apparently going to settlement meetings. Karen was also estranged from her sister, their relationship contentious enough that she would get argumentative with her often.

Karen and Scott both drive their children from their home to the airport, acknowledging that her children don’t really want to go on the trip. The vacation was intended to distract the children from the impending divorce, as well as an attempt to reach out to her sister. As she says farewell to the boys at the airport, she directs Zach to look after his brother, being annoyed with him when he appears disinterested.

After the children have arrived at Jurassic World, Karen becomes distressed when Gray

Karen talking on the phone with Claire

Karen talking on the phone with Claire

telephones her to inform her that Claire is not escorting them through the park. Already distressed, Karen interrupts her business meeting to call Claire. Upset with Claire’s excuses, she breaks down in tears, prompting Claire to promise to spend more time with the children.

Karen and Scott traveled to Costa Rica the morning after the Jurassic World incident out of concern for their children. Seeing Claire, she hugged her sister, asking if she was all right before leaving with both of her children.

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