Miss Enders (C/N)

Hall monitor that doesn’t pay attention at Woodside Junior High School, the school to where Kelly Curtis and Arby Benton attended.

She swept past the girls, ignoring them. Nearby she saw Miss Enders, the hall monitor, paying no attention as usual. Even though Mr. Canosa, the assistant principal, had recently made a special homeroom announcement about teasing kids.” Quote found in The Lost World novel: First Configuration – School (page 52 in the paperback edition)

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Emily Curtis (C/N)

Emily is Kelly‘s sister, who left to study nursing at the community college. Kelly even wore Emily’s old clothes from Kmart, even her old Reeboks shoes.

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Dieguito (Diego) (C/N)

Dieguito, also known as Diego, was Richard Levine‘s guide when he visited Isla Sorna, and was Gandoca‘s cousin. Diego seemed to be superstitious of the island, like most of the locals, and was unaware of the true nature of the island’s wildlife: he believed that only birds lived there, having visited the island a few times in the past, and did not know that InGen had left cloned dinosaurs behind on the island. He was also rather inattentive, ignoring Levine’s instructions about safety and nondisturbance on the island, trying to smoke a cigarette even after Levine had clearly instructed him not to. Shortly thereafter, Diego was killed by a Carnotaurus during an ambush by the riverbank while he and Levine were busy admiring a Mussaurus.

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Dr. Cruz (C/N)

Doctor at the Clinica Santa Maria Hospital in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, he trained at medical centers in London and Baltimore. He treated Tina Bowman after she was attacked by a Procompsognathus at a remote beach in the Cabo Blanco Biological Reserve.The treatment consisted of a plastic oxygen tent, steroids for breathing and the edema on her arm and antihistamines for her blood pressure. Dr. Cruz took photographs for reference, and also took three saliva samples from the bite wounds. One for analysis where he was, one was sent to labs in San José, and the third kept frozen in case it was needed. He took notice of how observant Tina was when she mentioned that he had on the same tie, but a different shirt than the day before. Though, he was unfamiliar with the “lizard” portrayed in her detailed sketch of the attacker. After the Bowmans had gone, Dr. Cruz decided to report his conversation with the family to Dr. Marty Guitierrez.

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Cindy (C/N)

Cindy was Malcolm’s physical therapist. She was present when Beverly escorted the man from DHL with the skin sample into his office.

“Even his physical therapist, a perpetually cheery woman named Cindy had commented on it. Gee after all these years, suddenly you’re motivated Dr. Malcolm,” she had said. “What’s going on?” Quote found in The Lost World Novel-First Configuration: Berkeley (page 39 in the paperback edition)

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Chang (C/N)

While Dr. Malcolm, Thorne, and Eddie were searching for Levine on Isla Sorna. They looked at some of the paperwork left there in the Laboratory Complex. Chang is a possible InGen scientist on Isla Sorna Site B.

“No” Malcolm said. He started shuffling through the papers. “No, the sequence should be a series of nucleotides…. Here.” He picked up another sheet of paper.



Distribution [DIS]

Wu  /HQ-Ops
Lori Ruso  /Prod
Venn  /LLv-1
Chang  /89 Pen


Sequence is final and approved.



Quote found in The Lost World Novel-Third Configuration: Laboratory (page 147-148 paperback edition)

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Benjamin’s Dog (S/F)

When the male Tyrannosaurus that had escaped containment on the S.S. Venture roamed about in the suburbs of San Diego, it sought out food and water due to it being dehydrated due to an overdose of tranquilizers. To quench its thirst, it drank from the swimming pool belonging to Benjamin‘s family. As it did, the family dog–ironically named “Rex,”–began barking at the Tyrannosaurus. Unfortunately for the dog, the Tyrannosaurus decided to satisfy its hunger as well and ate him.

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Isla Sorna: Site B (C/N)

Disambiguation Links – Isla Sorna (S/F) / Isla Sorna (T/C) / Isla Sorna (CB-Topps)

Isla Sorna is an island off the western coast of Costa Rica, about 10-20 miles from the town of Puerto Cortes. It is on this island that the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park were first engineered. Ian Malcolm went to the island in order to find Richard Levine, accompanied by Eddie Carr, “Doc” Thorne, and (secretly) R. B. Benton and Kelly Curtis. Isla Sorna has many, if not all, of the dinosaurs that were seen in the first novel, and a few others besides. The island’s history indicates it once was a German mine. The mining operation ended and InGen (and subsequently the Hammond Foundation) took possession of it. Isla Sorna is one of five islands in the Five Deaths chain, which involved a local legend about a man who took all five deaths available to him, going from island to island. – It is unknown whether the dinosaur life will survive further after the encounter in 1995. The dinosaurs are infected by a disease known as DX, which has affected growth rates of animals, making them die without reaching adulthood.


This map serves as the “official” map of Isla Sorna in the Jurassic Park novels. This map is located on the inside cover of the novels in the hard back release of the novel. An alternate color version was design by this site in 2007.

This map, designed by T-PEKC, is identical to the official map, but presented in color.

Notable Locations

  1. Main Compound
    Conference Room
    East Wing
    West Wing
    Assembly Bay
    Holding Pens
    Loading Bay
  2. Worker Village
    Convenience Store
    Gas Station
    Managers House
    Swimming Pool
    Tennis Court
    Putting Greens
    Geothermal Power Station
  3. Roads
    Swamp Rd.
    Mounitain View Rd.
    Cliff Rd.
    River Rd.
    Ridge Rd.
  4. Nests
    Tyrannosaurus rex
  5. Miscellanous
    Where Dodgson Lands
    Helicopter Landing Area
    River Dock
    Jog Path
  6. Site B Radio Network points
    Zone 1 (River)
    Zone 2 (Coast)
    Zone 3 (Ridge)
    Zone 4 (Valley)

Isla Sorna Bestiary

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex
  2. Velociraptor “giganticus” (*)
  3. Carnotaurus sastrei
  4. Apatosaurus excelsus
  5. Parasaurolophus walkeri
  6. Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis “calvus” (*)
  7. Stegosaurus stenops
  8. Triceratops serratus (*)
  9. Procompsognathus triassicus “pentadactyl” (*)
  10. Maiasaura peeblesorum
  11. Hypsilophodon foxii
  12. Gallimimus bullatus
  13. Mussaurus patagonicus “vergrandis”
  14. Unknown Tree Herbivore: Possibly Othnielia or Microceratops
  15. Ornitholestes hermanni - (?) Levine examined a beached “aberrant form”. He was not able to make a precise identification, but his best guess is that it was an Ornitholestes; however, this is not a complete confirmation, but it is recognized as a species on Isla Sorna.

Native Inhabitants:

  1. Snakes

(x -Genus Name-) – Hybrid
(?) – Debatable or formerly a subject of debate
(*) – Modified Scientific Name only for the purposes of this project. Consult DinoData.Net for the scientifically correct name.

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Marksmann GPS (S/F)

A high-tech Global Positioning System, Eddie Carr uses this to locate a transmitter from Sara Harding’s satellite phone.  The visual display featured a 3D rendering of the surrounding area.

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Beechcraft Super King Air 200 (S/F)

JP3PlaneA twin-engine propeller aircraft, this plane was used by the Kirbys to fly over Isla Sorna during their rescue mission in 2001. This particular plane was numbered N622DC. General use allowed up to eight passengers, though some were modified to seat twelve.

The Model 200 Super King Air was developed from the Model 100; changes included a T-tail, more powerful engines, larger wings, and a greater fuel capacity. The plane first flew in 1972, and is still in production today. It serves as a twin-turboprop transport and utility aircraft, and is part of the King Air series. This series has been in continuous production since 1964, making it the longest-running of any civilian turboprop aircraft, having outlasted all previous competitors. As of 2006, it is one of only two twin-turboprop business airplanes still in production.

The Beech Model 200 Super King Air was developed from the Model 100 King Air.  Changes included a T-tail, more powerful engines, larger wings and greater fuel capacity.  The King Air 200 first flew in 1972 and are still in production today. The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is a twin-turboprop transport and utility aircraft. It is part of the King Air series, a family of aircraft that has been in continuous production since 1964, the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft. The King Air line has outlasted all of its previous competitors, and as of 2006 is one of only two twin-turboprop business airplanes in production.


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Mercedes Benz M-Class (S/F)

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class is a mid-size sport utility vehicle, which was used for travel by Dr. John Hammond‘s research team during their 1997 expedition to Isla Sorna. They were more mobile than the bulky mobile research laboratory. These particular vehicles were the 1997 Mercedes M-Class W163.

The M-Class was the first luxury SUV to feature stability control, a system designed to detect loss of control and instantaneously intervene with selective braking, bring the vehicle back it its intended course. Eddie Carr made use of this as well as the vehicle’s 4-wheel drive in his heroic efforts to try and save the lives of the rest of the research team after the Tyrannosaurus parents left them stranded over the edge of a cliff.

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Fleetwood RV/Mobile Lab (S/F)

011Not to be confused with Dr. Grant‘s Mobile Laboratory from the dig near Snakewater, Montana in 1993.

The mobile lab used by the research team commissioned by Dr. John Hammond in 1997 was a modified ’96-’97 Fleetwood Southwind Storm recreational vehicle, or RV. The living spaces of the vehicle were mostly removed in order to add additional equipment, and the exterior was further modified with additional lights and structural reinforcement to most of the windows to be able to stand up to the inhabitants of Isla Sorna. It was also given a camouflage coloration.

TrailersInsideThe rear of the trailers was fitted with an array of equipment, including many electronics, for research, among them communications equipment, microscopes, and an ultrasound machine. Though it is not seen very well, the living quarters would have been located in the front of the trailer, and included a stove, refrigerator, a sink, a lavatory, a small table with padded two-person benches, a map above this, a bookcase (the contents of which were secured via Velcro straps), and a two-person bunk.


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Dr. Roberta “Bobbie” Carter (C/N)

Dr. Roberta Carter, aka Bobbie, was a medical doctor that was working in the fishing village of Bahía Anasco, Costa Rica shortly before the “InGen Incident”. She had experience in emergency medicine due to two years of residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. At the clinic in Bahía Anasco, she was brought a patient, presumably from Isla Nublar, that needed immediate treatment. In this time, Dr. Carter had brief contact with Ed Regis, who would not tell her the truth about the patient’s supposed construction accident. She speculated that if the construction was using inexperienced local workman on the project, accidents like these must be frequent.

Her medical experience was enough for her to determine the young man had been mauled, and photographed the injuries with an Olympus camera. However, before she could begin operating, her patient expired, but not before saying ‘Lo Sa raptor’. Due to her limited understanding of the Spanish language or local superstition, she asked about the term “raptor” mentioned by the patient, which lead into discussion of the “hupia“, of which the people she asked refused to discuss for long.  Her assistant Manuel  claimed that ‘raptor’ was not  a spanish word. She also used her Spanish as well as English dictionaries to look up the meaning of the term “raptor”, which gave it also as ‘Bird of Prey’.

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Carlos (C/N)

Carlos was part of the Jurassic Park maintenance crew.

Muldoon heard the soft gurgle of the jungle river a few yards to the north. He turned back to the maintenance van and saw one of the workmen coming out with a big power saw.

“No, no,” he said. “Just the ropes, Carlos, we don’t need to cut it.” Quote found in The Jurassic Park Novel- Fourth Iteration: The Park (page 244 paperback edition)


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Cappy the Clown (C/N)

The stage name of a clown who entertained at children’s parties, and other possible festivities. In 1989, Elizabeth Gennaro hired Cappy to entertain at her daughter‘s birthday party, which would also feature twenty other children and a magician.

“Maybe you’re right.” Gennaro said. “I am missing my kid’s birthday.” Saturday was Amanda‘s birthday, and Elizabeth had invited twenty screaming four-year-olds to share it, as well as Cappy the the Clown and a magician.” Quote found in the Jurassic Park novel: The Second Iteration – Hammond (page  58 in the paperback edition)

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Mr. Canosa (C/N)

Mr. Canosa was the assistant principal at Woodside Junior High School, where Kelly Curtis and Arby Benton attended.

“…Nearby she saw Miss Enders, the hall monitor, paying no attention as usual. Even though Mr. Canosa, the assistant principal, had recently made a special homeroom announcement about teasing kids.” Quote found in The Lost World Novel-First Configuration: School (page 52 paperback edition)

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Mike Bowman (C/N)

Father of Tina, and husband of Ellen Bowman, Mike Bowman was thirty-five years old, and a real estate developer from Dallas, Texas. In 1989, Mike was angry to learn that his wifes’ insecurity regarding her appearance had led her to lie to her family about a two week vacation to Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica, Mike forbade his wife from getting plastic surgery, as he highly disagreed that his wife was losing her beauty. He also felt that Ellen was actually underweight for his liking, but knew better than to voice such opinions directly to Ellen.

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Ellen Bowman (C/N)

Mother of Tina, and wife of Mike Bowman. The senior Homecoming Queen at Rice,  Ellen was very insecure about her appearance. In 1989, at the age of thirty, Ellen took her family to Costa Rica so that she could partake in the countries’ excellent and cheap plastic surgery in San Jose, much to the disapproval from her husband. Mike instantly forbid Ellen from getting plastic surgery, and so the family of three instead took a two week vacation in the country, enjoying its natural beauty.

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Christina “Tina” Bowman (C/N)

American girl attacked on Cabo Blanco beach and daughter of Ellen and Mike Bowman. With an eye for detail, she described in detail the supposed lizard that attacked her.  While in the hospital, she drew a picture of the animal, which was later identified by Dr. Alan Grant as a Procompsognathus.

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Beverly (C/N)

Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s assistant.  She escorted the person from DHL Delivery who had a package containing a skin sample  from Richard Levine to Dr. Malcolm’s office. She  even unwrapped the package the specimen was contained in. Soon after Dr. Malcolm did a quick inspection, he asked Beverly to contact Elizabeth Gelman and Levine. She was unable to contact Levine, but left word for him at his office.

While Dr. Malcolm was away from his office, Beverly had let in people who identified themselves as Chaos Quarterly to take photographs of the office.

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Backes (C/N)

InGen Scientist on Isla Sorna Site B. This name is found on one of the memos discovered by Dr. Malcolm in a stack on a shelf in the Laboratory of Site B. The memo was as follows (italics):

From: Backes

To: Wu/Sup

Short protein fragments may be acting as prions. Sourcing doubtful but suggest halt all exogenous protein for carniv. orgs until origin is cleared up. Disease cannot continue!

Found in the Jurassic Park Novel-Third Configuration: Laboratory (page 149 paperback edition)

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Norman Atherton (C/N)

Norman Atherton was Stanford geneticist and one of the founding fathers of InGen. Norman was John Hammond’s partner and helped him gain financial backing for the company in 1983. His work on a dwarf elephant embryo helped ensure capital to make Hammond’s dream project, entitled Jurassic Park, a reality. Norman died of cancer in 1984 and was replaced by Dr. Henry Wu; his graduate student at the University of Stanford.

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Manuel Aragón (C/N)

Manuel was a paramedic stationed at the small fishing village of Bahía Anasco  on  the west coast of Costa Rica. As an assistant to Bobbie Carter, he was on hand at the start, just before the tour of Jurassic Park took place. When a boy from Isla NublarInGen‘s Biological Preserve – was brought to Puntarenas for treatment in a Sikorsky helicopter owned by InGen.  Manuel aided in starting an intravenous line in the injured boy and cleaning the wounds.

When the patient was able to speak out the words ‘Lo sa raptor’ and Manuel caught the scent of the patients wounds, he became superstitious and would no longer help. He even restrained Dr. “Bobbie” Carter from performing mouth-to-mouth on the patient. He claimed “raptor” meant “hupia“, a superstition of the local village.

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Winchester Model 70 (S/F)

The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt action sporting rifle, commonly used when hunting deer. It is one of the highest mass-produced guns on the market, and has made quite a name for itself as “the Rifleman’s Rifle;” it is held in high regard by most, if not all, of the world’s professional hunters.

The Winchester Model 70  holds many rounds for different models. The gun was first manufactured in 1936 and is manufactured to this day; new versions of it are still being made.

This model of the Winchester was used by Ajay at Isla Sorna, but he never fired it; he carried it with him until his death in the long grass.

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G3 (S/F)

The G3 is a 7.62mm battle rifle developed by the German arms company Heckler & Koch in collaboration with the Spanish-based gun company CETME. It was developed in the 195os and uses a 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. The G3 and its variants are still produced and in service to this day. It is arguably the most successful military weapon of the present day, perhaps second only to the AK-47.

Like many other weapons, the G3 has many variants, thus making it extremely difficult to identify what specific G3 model was used by Dieter Stark. A police officer, during the San Diego Incident, in a helicopter planned to use one to attempt to kill the male Tyrannosaurus.

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Jurassic Park: San Diego (S/F)

Long before John Hammond ever conceived the idea of placing Jurassic Park on an island, he planned to have the park situated in San Diego, California. For reasons unknown, the operations were shifted to Isla Nublar; all we can do is speculate about why Nublar was chosen over San Diego. It may have been that the location was simply more convenient, or may have helped to contain the animals, or it could have just been cheaper to build on an island in terms of labor costs. Whatever the reason, InGen only revisited the idea in 1997 when Peter Ludlow took charge of the company and decided to lead an expedition to Isla Sorna, from which he would take dinosaurs to be placed in the San Diego park. Whether InGen intended to capture carnivorous dinosaurs is entirely speculative at this point, though carnivores were included in the pamphlets that Ludlow’s team had on their persons while on the island.

This map is the result of an effort by the Jurassic Park Legacy Research staff to correct the mistakes made by the original version by Márcio Luiz Freire de Albuquerque. Originally, the map had the all too common fallacies of mixing film canon with novel canon, and has since been revised and modified for the purposes of accuracy in the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia.

Throughout the map project, we tried to remain loyal to the films whenever it came to speculation. Unfortunately, not much is known about the San Diego attraction aside from that it would feature a central arena with shows as well as security for an herbivore-oriented park. What little is known is taken from concept art, depicted in these four pieces to your left below the map.

Our speculation comes primarily from conceptual art seen in the film. Most of this speculation pertains to the placement of various paddocks as well as amenities such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and a playground, as well as the naming of these places based on known concept art.

The dinosaurs seen on this map are listed based on what InGen is known to have captured during their expedition to Isla Sorna in 1997; essentially, these are speculative projections for what InGen may have planned to include in the revitalized Jurassic Park: San Diego. Animal placement is, again, speculation based on conceptual art as seen in the film, with animal identifications made to the best of our ability. It is possible that InGen planned to capture juvenile sauropods such as Brachiosaurus or Mamenchisaurus, both of which are definitively known to exist at Site B, judging from the concept art, though this is by no means a confirmation.

The building placement and naming conventions, we admit, are the result of artistic licensing and based on some of the names from Universal’s Island of Adventure’s Jurassic Park ride. This is not an attempt to pass these off as “canon,” per se, but our attempt at identifying what the buildings could possibly have been used for, had the San Diego facility been successfully completed and opened to the public.

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Carter (CB-Topps)

Dieter Stark‘s driver in one of the Jeeps on Isla Sorna during the Hunter expedition. During the confusion that followed the parent tyrannosaurs‘ discovery of the Hunters’ temporary base camp in the southeastern section of the island, Carter fell and was killed when the female Tyrannosaurus stepped on him.

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Dr. Robert Burke (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links - Dr. Robert Burke (JN) / Dr. Robert Burke (S/F)

One of the most revered paleontologists in the world, Burke was made famous by his theories on the behavior patterns of Tyrannosaurus rex. Burke spent most of his time out on digs or giving lectures at universities. He spent hours at a time studying dinosaur bones and trying to recreate their habitats. InGen recruited him for his scientific genius, and his knowledge turned out to be extremely valuable (though he incorrectly identified a Compsognathus as Procompsognathus). After being chased behind a waterfall by the female Tyrannosaurus along with several others, Burke panicked when a couple centipedes slithered down his shirt collar and he ran out of the waterfall, only to be devoured by the waiting tyrannosaur.

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Dieter Stark (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links - Dieter Stark (S/F) / Dieter Stark (JN)

A lazy-eyed man of German origin, Dieter Stark was Roland Tembo‘s second-in-command during the Hunter expedition to Isla Sorna, and was put in charge of their base camp while Roland and Ajay staked out the injured baby tyrannosaur. Dieter was a sadistic and cruel man, quick to start fights and delighting in zapping a tiny Compsognathus with a cattle prod unprovoked. This harsh act was eventually his downfall; while trekking towards the worker camp, Dieter split from the group to relieve himself. The only person he told where he was going was Carter , who, unknown to Dieter, could not hear him because he was listening to music with headphones. After wandering a fair distance, Dieter was startled by a compy and decided to enjoy himself by zapping it again. When he failed to do so, he found himself lost, and in his confusion fell down a hill and into a stream, where he was suddenly set upon by a horde of vicious compys. Though he briefly fought them off and managed to escape, he eventually succumbed to exhaustion and was chased down by the compys, who proceeded to tear him apart. Roland Tembo later remarked that all that was left of Dieter when they found him was “just the parts they didn’t like.”

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Kelly Malcolm (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links - Kelly Curtis (C/N) / Kelly Curtis (S/F) / Kelly Malcolm (CB-Topps) /

The daughter of Ian Malcolm. Malcolm was never home, meaning that Kelly was usually left with a babysitter or relative, occasionally her father’s girlfriend Sarah Harding. With no real father to take care of her, Kelly learned to take care of herself. She joined the gymnastics team at her school, but was cut when her attitude conflicted with the coach. Her gymnastics skills have not lessened, though, as she has practiced them all her life. Kelly decided to take some initiative, possibly misinterpreting some advice that Malcolm gave her, and stowed away in the trailer to get to Isla Sorna.

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Ajay Sidhu (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links - Ajay Sidhu (JN) / Ajay Sidhu (S/F)

An old friend of Roland Tembo from eastern India, who was Roland’s lifelong hunting companion. Ajay was the one who convinced Roland to join Peter Ludlow on his expedition
to Isla Sorna, and ended up tagging along as well. A quiet man, Ajay mostly kept to himself, usually speaking only to Roland. Ajay accompanied Roland when he first tried tracking down the male Tyrannosaurus, and stood watch over the temporary base camp until Roland returned from searching for the deceased Dieter Stark. When the tyrannosaurs attacked the camp, Ajay tried to stay behind and help Roland, but was grabbed by two other hunters–who surely thought they were helping him–and dragged him away. After outrunning the female tyrannosaur, the group ran into a field of tall grass. As Ajay knew tall grass was used for cover by predators, he tried to warn the other hunters, “Don’t go into the long grass!” However, the others were too panicked, and he followed, trying to stop them. Ajay, like all the other hunters who enters the long grass, was killed by a pack of Velociraptors which attacked them.

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Roland Tembo (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links – Roland Tembo (JN) / Roland Tembo (S/F)

A big game hunter from Mombasa, Kenya, Roland Tembo was widely regarded as the best of the best. He was chosen by Peter Ludlow to lead his expedition to Isla Sorna to capture dinosaurs, though he originally turned down the invitation. Bored with hunting because he was too successful, he believed that no quarry existed on Earth which could give him a challenge; he even purposefully picked a fight with some rowdy tourists after they harassed a waitress at his favorite bar, as well as interrupted his reading, out of boredom. It was his longtime friend and hunting companion Ajay Sidhu who ended up convincing him to go to Isla Sorna.

An extremely levelheaded and serious man, Roland took charge with an iron fist, even bossing Ludlow around. He made sure that the men under his command made no mistakes and performed only to the very best of their ability. Uninterested in any money that Ludlow could have offered him, Roland made certain that he was payment was the right to hunt a male Tyrannosaurus. To this end, he captured a baby tyrannosaur to use as bait. When the dinosaurs broke free, Ajay and Tembo barely escaped their tree stand after a flaming car flew at them.

Despite being an avid hunter, Roland was not bloodthirsty or cruel, unlike Dieter Stark, his second-in-command during the expedition. When Dieter was killed, he showed his rarely-seen compassionate side as he asked that no one tell Kelly about what had happened to him, and expressed concern over Sarah‘s bloody jacket, thinking she had been injured. When the Bull Tyrannosaur attacked the camp, Roland attempted to put it down with his Hunting Rifle. However, Nick van Owen stole the shells that Roland had planned to use to kill the bull tyrannosaur, forcing him to resort to tranquilizer darts in order to defeat it. After he learned that Ajay had been killed, he was deeply saddened, and turned down a job offered to him by Ludlow in San Diego, as he did not wish to spend any more time “in the company of death.”

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Dr. Sarah Harding (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links – Dr. Sarah Harding (S/F) / Dr. Sarah Harding (C/N) / Dr. Sarah Harding (JN)

Ian Malcolm‘s girlfriend, a paleontologist specializing in the parental behavior of dinosaurs, particularly Tyrannosaurus. Dr. Sarah Harding first met Ian when he’d heard rumors about the incident at Isla Nublar, and came down to the hospital in Costa Rica where he had been sent to recover from his injuries so that she could ask him if the rumors were true. After he fully recovered, they started dating. Sarah had theorized that tyrannosaurs were caring, attentive parents, as opposed to Robert Burke‘s theory that they would abandon their young at early ages. Sarah immediately volunteered when she heard that John Hammond needed a paleontologist for his research team to Isla Sorna, and even left before the rest of the team so that Ian couldn’t stop her from going. Knowing about his past experiences, she was surprised when Ian arrived on the island with Eddie Carr and Nick van Owen. While she was thankful that he had come to “rescue” her, she told him as politely as possible that she didn’t need rescuing and could handle herself. After an infant Tyrannosaurus was injured by Peter Ludlow, Sarah and Nick brought it back to the trailer, though it had been Nick’s idea to do so. They fixed its leg, but the infant’s parents showed up shortly thereafter looking for their offspring, confirming Sarah’s theory about their parenting behaviors. Later on, blood from the baby rex that had stained Sarah’s jacket attracted the parents once more, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of most of the hunters and nearly her own. When the bull tyrannosaur was brought back to San Diego by Ludlow, it was Sarah who finally tranquilized him so that he and the baby tyrannosaur could be safely returned to Isla Sorna.

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Nick Van Owen (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links – Nick Van Owen (S/F) / Nick Van Owen (JN)

A member of the team sent to Isla Sorna, Nick van Owen had been chosen by John Hammond to make video documentation of the dinosaurs, having done a considerable amount of work in combat situations. He often carried around his own camera equipment with him. He also owned a van, with wich he arrived at Eddie’s Garage with. He formerly did volunteer work with Greenpeace, though openly admitted that he only did so because Greenpeace is 80% female, at least according to him. Nick was also a notorious ecoterrorist and an active environmentalist, which was another reason Hammond had hired him.

Nick aided in freeing dinosaurs that the hunters with the use of a pair of bolt cutters and a crowbar. The animals the hunters had captured had captured were set free and destroyed most of their vehicles.After finding a badly injured baby Tyrannosaurus, he took it back to the mobile lab trailer where he and Sarah mended its leg.

After the group made camp, he personally stole the shells from Roland Tembo‘s gun so that he couldn’t kill the bull tyrannosaur. Nick later saved Sarah and Kelly’s lives by pulling them behind a waterfall to escape from the female tyrannosaur, and was also the first to make it to the abandoned communications center to call for help. He escapes the island with the rest of the group.

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Eddie Carr (CB-Topps)

Disambiguation Links - Eddie Carr (S/F) / Eddie Carr (JN) / Eddie Carr (C/N)

The field equipment expert sent to Isla Sorna by John Hammond, Eddie designed and provided most of the equipment and vehicles used by the team. He held nothing but contempt for Ian Malcolm’s attitude towards technology, and especially disliked his rough treatment of their equipment. Despite his meek, slow appearance, Eddie was quite intelligent and even knew a little about weaponry. He brought with him a Lindstradt air rifle loaded with a fast-acting and deadly cone snail neurotoxin as an extra precaution against dangerous animals. He described it as being so fast acting an accidental misfire could kill the person before they realized it.

He is also the inventor of a treehouse-like structure which he called a “high hide,” which was designed as a lookout post for the researchers. He designed a GPS system so that Ian and himself could track Sarah’s satellite phone to track down her location. When Ian, Sarah Harding, and Nick van Owen were attacked by the tyrannosaurs in the mobile command trailer, Eddie rushed to their aid, attempting to use the cable winch of his car to keep the trailer from going over the cliff so that the others could get out. Unfortunately, all this activity attracted the attention of the tyrannosaurs, who pulled him from the car and tore the poor man in two between themselves.

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