IRC: What does it mean?IRC: Internet Relay Chat: What do these funny symbols mean!?

As you may or may not know, Jurassic Park Legacy hosts its own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the website. The chat room acts in a way that it allows members to communicate with each other live about pretty much anything. Since the chatroom is live, and it allows for a much better way of showing emotions, it is a little more of a free fire zone. Topics can bounce across the board, from Live The Legend, to project discussion, to just about anything!

However, it IS still a bit of an alien world for those not used to IRC. After getting onto the client, the user is greeted by a row of names with symbols next to them. Each of these symbols has different meaning. Traditionally they’re other key symbols such as the percentage sign, however they can be different if you are using another IRC cluent such as ChatZilla or HydraIRC. HydraIRC’s symbols are shown below. For further informaton about these, consult the ReadMe of your client.

This post will cover the symbols and their meaning.

Operators ( @ OR ~) are the heads of the chat. These are generally administrators, or in other cases, bots. Our resident bot (JurassicBot) is not an actual member. Don’t bother talking to JurassicBot. It won’t respond.

Half Operators ( % ) are the moderators of the chat. There is often more half ops then operators. They have the power to keep order within the chat such as kicking or banning members, however they can not preform all of the duties of Operators.

Voiced people ( + ) are people with voice in the chat. This is traditionally done to ensure these people can talk in the event the chat has to enter moderated status. The only difference between them and regular users is that they can speak in the event of moderation. They have no powers such as kicking or banning.

Regular members are… you! These guys have no symbols and no special abilities. In the event of a chat room being put into moderated state (mode +m), these people will be unable to speak unless given voice.


What is the use of IRC?

IRC is used to allow communication live. It is from the old days of ARPAnet. Despite its old age, it is still a viable resource. IRC was briefly used as a news outlet during the Gulf War in 1991, where the breaking news of the war was reported over the internet as well as TV and radio.

Wow, thats neat! Why does JPL use it?

JPL uses IRC to allow live coordination of projects and discussion of future events, as well as just providing a place to discuss… anything! Our chatroom is a leisure room.

How do I join?

Click the chat link on the sidebar of the homepage and follow the instructions there. If you have your own chat client such as mIRC, follow the instructions to connect.

What the heck!? I joined and I was kicked/banned before I even got to say a word!

Odds are your IP address has been banned because of someone else from that IP using it for malicious things in the chat. Take this up with one of the chat staff and deal with it over the forums or through e-mail. They will help get you on the right path.

If I’m banned on the chat, am I banned from the forum? (Or visa versa)

It depends on the circumstances. If you’ve been banned from the board, you had better have a good reason for being on. If you’ve been banned from the chat, you likely aren’t banned from the forum. If you’re banned from both, you’re obviously a naughty individual.

Is the chat a free fire zone?

Not exactly. The chat is more liberal then the board, but that doesn’t mean you can be obscene or slander members because its ‘a free zone’. Actions are logged by JurassicBot. Bite your tongue if you have something to say about a member and don’t gossip. It will get out. It won’t be pretty. We’re not going to put up with drama. Yes you can be infracted or even banned for things done on the chat.