A Tour of the Encyclopedia Process…

A lot of people don’t realize the due process of the Encyclopedia and how it actually works for the community. If you were to joined the community in the year 2000 and asked for a list of dinosaurs that were located on Isla Nublar you would have been simply given the novel list and said simply “Well, that’s all we have.” or some people would chime in saying the toys represented the accurate count of the animals on Isla Nublar, to this it was met with a face palm representing frustration as I was a mere aspiring Fan Fiction writer along with my friends.

The concept of canon, although clearly indicated by Rick Carter (Production Designer) and Michael Crichton (Author of the original works) were briefly elaborated with admittedly vague, but confirming quotes. The problem was, these quotes – like a lot of the information represented in the Jurassic Franchise were buried and forgotten. Out of a flowering ambition and a lack of a social life in High School I took it upon myself to organize a group of individuals to lead a research effort into determining what was canon and what was not in the Jurassic Franchise. The result, well, after ten years is what you see as the Jurassic Park Legacy website.

A lot of questions are asked about the due process involved in the Encyclopedia, a lot of accusations have been made in regards to the validity of our information. There is a lot of stuff we keep out of the public eye because, some of it, is boring and a lot of it gets into philosophical fights on occasion surrounding what is/was canon and what is just us getting into semantics regarding what we see. In other words, boring crap. The fact is we see ourselves like digital paleontologists in a way mulling over a trilogy of film, two novels, countless comics, numerous video games, and a couple lines of toys scraping every detail we can from them in order to establish the boundaries of continuity and lastly canon to make it easy for Fan Fiction writers and fans a nice something to read through. Fan Encyclopedias are quite popular, in fact there are very many people – with nothing to do at times, that love going over and reading them to “attain” knowledge. Jurassic Park is different in a way, we’ve had to stay up on current paleontology research in order to point out the interpretations in the dinosaurs concerning how “true” to science they are. Very recently, we indicated that even if InGen had cloned a feathered Velociraptor they would still – likely – modify it to match public perception of dinosaurs at the time to make it seem a real. A concept indicated in the novels, and can be inferred over to the films due to the appearance of the JP3 Velociraptors being different from the previous two film’s Velociraptor. We also indicated that the JP Velociraptor is not actually a Velociraptor, but a Deinonychus based on size and the ontological aspects of the animal’s skull that we see in the film. Ergo on the taxonomic aspect, it is a Deinonychus. Among this, we’ve made much progress, for one we now know there are varying species lists between the continuities that add up as, again, different media.

How about the maps? We have different methods with those, some of us look at the filming locations and how the topography seemingly blends in together on what we see with the film and the island layout provided by the Production Design department. The issue is, always with JP, continuity. Because of changes in filming or changes in perspective from concept to filming a lot of the maps involve our best educated guesses. The problem with this is that we are having to make inferences or educated guesses on scant information. A lot of our work recently has been involving map making and ergo, therefore, a lot of educated guesses and inferences from what we see on film, from the Making of Books, and other sources. The problem is, occasionally, we are wrong and we work hard to fix that in light of new evidence. The other issue is a lot of people go “Well I can do better.” to this I respond, atypically and maverick like “You are certainly welcome to try, but it’s going to be wrong.” Why do I tell them it’s going to be wrong? A lot of naysayers, hecklers I call them as well, come in without learning all the facts themselves and say “I feel it should be this because it just looks right. So you should change it.” this is honestly the worse thing anyone can say/do. We don’t simply put something because we *feel* it should be there. We put something to its location on the map because of educated guesses. If you want something changed, present evidence – strong evidence, to indicate it needs to be changed. Some people have unfortunately gone as far as presenting pictures with little to know evidence regarding a change. They accompanied dubious evidence which only confuses the argument.

The process behind the Encyclopedia is slow, if you have seen our current Sorna map some have realized the scale is off, this is true. We are currently re-working it and a lot of work involved in it is admittedly overwhelming, but this is our biggest project in a while. The aim of JPLegacy and it’s team is very simple. Provide accurate information to the fans of Jurassic Park. Give Jurassic Park the treatment and highlight that it should have always received from the beginning and not the negligence and “step child treatment” it has received by so much from Hollywood. In addition to this we provide a friendly community, as much as we can at least, for the fandom to come and discuss all things JP.

Where we find news…

The previous post addressed (very briefly) how Coranto was used to post news. This post is basically where we go for news.

We have two types of websites we visit daily for news. Firstly; film websites. We are a Jurassic Park website, after all. We have to be on the ball for breaking news. My personal recommendations for the latest news in Hollywood, JP or otherwise includes www.ropeofsilicon.com and www.aintitcool.com. Of course, we use a lot more than two websites for this. We search at least fourteen websites about news information. DVD/BluRay releases, and so on.

The second type of website we use are scientific websites. These range from National Geographic, to Nature, to even regular news such as the BBC. We try to cover paleontological finds (Generally dinosaurs, of course) to provide our more scientific curious fans with a steady stream of information. As the world of dinosaurs is rapidly changing, we have to keep on top of this. It allows us to keep our users in touch with the reality aspect!

Lastly… arguably our most useful source if news is from within the community. We’ve had a few stories recently uncovered by fans not working on the staff who have provided us with the scoop to put on the front page. The help from the community is undoubtedly a great asset for our website, however we’re not out of a job…

yet. If you have something newsworthy to post; please post it so it can make the site page!

How we post news: Coranto

Coranto is the tool used to post up news by the Jurassic Park Legacy staff. (http://www.coranto.org/) We use it in combination with the HTML language, which allows fancy graphics, bold, italicized, and underlined fonts for the eye-catching effect. These allow us to deliver news and emphasize certain points.
Formatting is done through various HTML codes which are entered into a “post”. These HTML codes are added similarly to how parenthesi and quotation marks are applied. However, we call these “tags”. Tags can do various things such as shrinking images down (“thumbnails”), marqueeing (moving) text, or centering text. For Jurassic Park Legacy, and other websites, however, a key element in the web journalist’s weapon is in the use of bold, italics, underlining, and colors. “Fancy fonts”.

Why the fancy fonts? Why the interesting colors? Well, basically its a bit of psychology. See what I did there? The use of bold and italicization is to draw the attention of the reader to specific words through emphasis. The eye naturally is drawn to these different words because they stand out from the crowd of dull 12 Times New Roman. This is a trick of advertising and journalism, particularly web journalism and advertising where you might not be able to use colorful font, or pictures. Naturally the strength of this effect can be lost when overused! Nobody wants to read something completely in bold. It hurts the eyes and it abuses the effect. Likewise, bolding every other line looks awful. Roadsigns DONT APPEAR IN ALL CAPS BOLD unless they’re warnings, and even then, notice that they don’t retain that format for the entire sign?

Its to keep the eye fixed on the important terms. That is why we recommend, and try to use these unique formats to their proper use and nothing more. We don’t want a blind audience, but we do want to hammer home our points. AND THIS IS REALLY ANNOYING!

IRC: What does it mean?IRC: Internet Relay Chat: What do these funny symbols mean!?

As you may or may not know, Jurassic Park Legacy hosts its own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the website. The chat room acts in a way that it allows members to communicate with each other live about pretty much anything. Since the chatroom is live, and it allows for a much better way of showing emotions, it is a little more of a free fire zone. Topics can bounce across the board, from Live The Legend, to project discussion, to just about anything!

However, it IS still a bit of an alien world for those not used to IRC. After getting onto the client, the user is greeted by a row of names with symbols next to them. Each of these symbols has different meaning. Traditionally they’re other key symbols such as the percentage sign, however they can be different if you are using another IRC cluent such as ChatZilla or HydraIRC. HydraIRC’s symbols are shown below. For further informaton about these, consult the ReadMe of your client.

This post will cover the symbols and their meaning.

Operators ( @ OR ~) are the heads of the chat. These are generally administrators, or in other cases, bots. Our resident bot (JurassicBot) is not an actual member. Don’t bother talking to JurassicBot. It won’t respond.

Half Operators ( % ) are the moderators of the chat. There is often more half ops then operators. They have the power to keep order within the chat such as kicking or banning members, however they can not preform all of the duties of Operators.

Voiced people ( + ) are people with voice in the chat. This is traditionally done to ensure these people can talk in the event the chat has to enter moderated status. The only difference between them and regular users is that they can speak in the event of moderation. They have no powers such as kicking or banning.

Regular members are… you! These guys have no symbols and no special abilities. In the event of a chat room being put into moderated state (mode +m), these people will be unable to speak unless given voice.


What is the use of IRC?

IRC is used to allow communication live. It is from the old days of ARPAnet. Despite its old age, it is still a viable resource. IRC was briefly used as a news outlet during the Gulf War in 1991, where the breaking news of the war was reported over the internet as well as TV and radio.

Wow, thats neat! Why does JPL use it?

JPL uses IRC to allow live coordination of projects and discussion of future events, as well as just providing a place to discuss… anything! Our chatroom is a leisure room.

How do I join?

Click the chat link on the sidebar of the homepage and follow the instructions there. If you have your own chat client such as mIRC, follow the instructions to connect.

What the heck!? I joined and I was kicked/banned before I even got to say a word!

Odds are your IP address has been banned because of someone else from that IP using it for malicious things in the chat. Take this up with one of the chat staff and deal with it over the forums or through e-mail. They will help get you on the right path.

If I’m banned on the chat, am I banned from the forum? (Or visa versa)

It depends on the circumstances. If you’ve been banned from the board, you had better have a good reason for being on. If you’ve been banned from the chat, you likely aren’t banned from the forum. If you’re banned from both, you’re obviously a naughty individual.

Is the chat a free fire zone?

Not exactly. The chat is more liberal then the board, but that doesn’t mean you can be obscene or slander members because its ‘a free zone’. Actions are logged by JurassicBot. Bite your tongue if you have something to say about a member and don’t gossip. It will get out. It won’t be pretty. We’re not going to put up with drama. Yes you can be infracted or even banned for things done on the chat.

Jurassic Innards Goes LIVE!

Good day! If you’re reading this, then you’ve stumbled upon Jurassic Innards. This blog is the official website of Jurassic Park Legacy. It is officially live. Go ahead and post comments on the already posted news, or suggest future topics on our forum!

Welcome to the official Jurassic Park Legacy Blog.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself “A Jurassic Park Legacy… blog?” Yes. The purpose of this blog however is nothing related to dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, or anything really. It is simply to show our users how we do stuff. How is news posted? What do those symbols in the chat mean? How did you figure that out? Basically, this blog is a look under the hood of Jurassic Park Legacy. It looks to see the guts, muscles, and skeleton that make up the website.

Our goal with this blog is Multifaceted:

1: Provide users with an understanding and respect of how we get things done around the website.
2: Familiarize members with functions, terms, and things that they might not understand outright, but would be beneficial to them, either on or off the site.
3: Act as a bit of a reference guide for new staff members so that they can familiarize themselves with the utilities we use.
4: Show how research is done; which will allow the members to appreciate research, and be able to help out with the process.

Basically, this blog will help all members hopefully. Users get to see the fancy workings under the hood and help us out better if we need it, or if they find useful information. New staff will have access to a tutorial which can be applied not only to Jurassic Park Legacy, but to other websites which employ the same utilities. Veteran staff get to showcase the work that they have put into the website.

The blog will span across the three ‘veins’ of Jurassic Park Legacy. Chat, Forum, and Homepage. It will go in-depth on certain projects and things (eg: Live the Legend), and will also, thanks to this vein-spanning, provide users with insight to something they might have not seen before that could be of interest to them.

This blog will be updated frequently over the summer, so be sure to check back often!