Version 6 on its way!

One of the hardest parts of doing a new version to Jurassic Park Legacy is trying to find a way to top your own work and improve upon the faults you found in the previous designs. I started new work on version 6 to find myself constantly going through a load of ideas constantly before settling on what I am now finally working on. The original idea for version 6 was actually more of a JP3-esque look seeing how we have had a bit of JP and TLW look to the site. The time honored traditions of most of the JP sites out there has been to “honor thy film” as I say. I tried to break that manner of thinking a bit with my first two versions of the site. I tried to do Version 1 or 2 based off of an idea I had just randomly. There was a Version 0 at one point, but Version 0 was just a generic gradient red-black background and nothing too special there. Check these out below, these are all of our past versions.

So you see where the site has been and now as to where it’s going. Recently we’ve seen the launch of a new style logo for Jurassic Park, new comics, a new game coming, and lastly a new set of toys. The trick in this? Finding something that kind of marries the site to the products available to give Hasbro, Telltale, and IDW a bit of free press/promotional blitz and to bridge the fandom to meeting it.

Version 6 has been my back-breaking endeavor to working that out. What is Version 6 to include? Random Quote, Poll, and a Search for sites in the JP community. Well that’s stuff we already do, we’re actually going to go back to version 4 a bit with the random changing logo again and designing new header images for it. On top of this we’ve got a plan to go a bit further with Version 6 by actually creating horizontal hover link menus for easier navigation. The hardest part of the site is navigating so I want to clean that up for the next version. Next thing that’s being done is a new “intro page”. I would be lying if I said Version 6 isn’t our most image intensive version yet. Truth is also in that we’re also looking to keep load times down for performance reasons.

What about the Encyclopedia? It’s taking some time but we are planning a revamp of how the information is presented by scrapping together our own CMS. I personally hate Wikipedia software and the free “how-anyone-and-their-father’s brother’s cousin’s sisters roommate ” can edit the thing. This to me makes a Wiki-anything heavily unreliable because of this. To further add insult to Wiki? College courses really will fail you if you cite them. Something I agree with because of how it can be edited and changed by almost everybody. So JPL is making it’s own system based off a couple old designs and such a few other people have tried in the community’s past. It will take some time, but we’re hoping to even give the Encyclopedia it’s own sub-hosted domain; however, still keeping the Encyclopedia integrated on the site. The domain would be or something like down the line here.

So keep in mind with anything it takes a load of time to accomplish and to have up and running. I have teased version six already on our message board. As always keep with us and we’ll keep trying to keep things exciting.