A Fandom In Peril?

Being around the community for the last ten years I’ve noticed a fair majority of the older fans disappear from the community after getting older. It seems to be something people they just get tired of being here, and who can blame them in all honesty with the way things genuinely go for the film series. It’s been at least nearly ten-eleven years without a film and one is going to possibly occur in two to three years given Spielberg’s recent statements are Comic-con.

I can honestly say I’ve left two to three times I can offhand remember and still find myself back here in the community. I’ve often wondered if this just has something to do with “well, I got to get on with life” kind of thing that causes these disappearances for some or if it’s just a genuine “all abandon hope” sorts of disappearances. I’ve been a member of the community close to eleven years at this point. I found InGenNET (an old JP site) in about December of 1999 and didn’t began to post actively on it as of January of 2000. It wasn’t long after that I began interacting in a way I never thought I’d imagine as a Forum Moderator then eventually, as time went on, a Co-Webmaster rank on the site of trying to run it all in Neo_Maze’s absence. I loved inGenNET the truth is, but not everybody’s passion seemed to be in it. Due to a culminations of philosophical points, apathy on the webmaster’s behalf (I’ve presumed), and a poor web host inGenNET died officially in 2001. Many attempts have been made to revive it and all were unsuccessful because other greater – and better – sites filled the void.

I had a couple offers after my departure to come and work with JPAftermath.Net when it was ran by Steve before eventually settling down with JPDb for a long term 3 year tenure. Once again differences of opinion and direction left me just desiring to make my own website finally and thus JPLegacy was born. As you can tell though a lot of the people I used to speak to are relatively not here anymore because they’ve moved on to greater/bigger things. The community has this desire and sad tendency to bring notification – continually – of circumstances they could work on changing, but won’t either due to narrowed-viewpoints or just apathy itself. I say this to highlight the people that have made a positive change for the community. I can say at least a majority of the staff on the site, even the ones that have left for bigger, better things, made a positive contribution to other fans to inspire them. This ranges from the work with the Encyclopedia, which spawned not only this site but the Film Canon Mod Project, the Novel Canon mod project, Live the Legend RPG, on down to our growing costuming department. The thing with JPL is we hope to inspire others to do great things with their fandom here and maybe professionally some day in life when moving onto greater things. Unfortunately though we see a lot of people leaving Jurassic Park behind with that. The films are great, the novel is better, and the other stuff – let’s hope it gets better there.

So what can we do to keep us around after a fourth film has came and went? Undoubtedly people will leave again. It’s a point of fact in this community is the turn-over rate is sadly high, but there’s some possibility with that maybe JP fans will stay this time. Most websites themselves are not always an accurate representative of true counts of fandom though, but things are done on websites to bring attention to the fandom. The fact is if everybody cares about Jurassic Park and in order to keep the fandom from going extinct every one has to work to make the fandom known and contribute in some fashion.

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